Stellar Performance from the Stern Star Trek Pinball Machine

Stern’s Star Trek Pinball Machine has been the best selling pinball machine of the last two years and, at Pinball Heaven, we can understand why. Designed by Steve Ritchie and based on the JJ Adams films, the Star Trek Pinball Machine has been a perennial favourite, standing the test of time for pinball fans in both the UK and worldwide.

Before we take a look at the pinball machines itself, let’s explore the Star Trek pinball machine story because the gameplay really is a classic in terms of good versus evil. Players are in the hot seat straight away, embarking on a journey to protect and defend the planets of the Federation. Your specific goal is to defeat the U.S.S Vengeance, rescuing Spock and other Starfleet colleagues in the process.

So, on to the gameplay. The Star Trek Pinball machine playfield features seven multicolored LED paths that lead gamers on easy-to-understand color-coded routes. There are six missions for casual players matched by 18 complex treks to immerse enthusiast players deeper in the game. As players attack an oncoming threat with three action-centered flippers, the all-LED playfield will captivate onlookers and enhance the player experience with features like phaser flashes and photon torpedoes.

With several different missions to choose from and superfast gameplay, the Star Trek Pinball Machine really does provide an immersive gaming experience including voice clips taken from 2 movies as well as custom speech by Karl Urban; Stern sent the actor a Star Trek Limited Edition as a thank you. In the opinion of everyone at Pinball Heaven, having custom speech from actors involved in the Star Trek films really adds to the game play and enjoyment.

The machine features a deep rule set, provides excellent flow and, should you wish, there are many modification options available that will allow you to customise your Star Trek pinball.

Of course, we couldn’t write a blog about Star Trek Pinball without a brief nod to Captain James T Kirk, so as an aside, does anyone know what the “T” stands for? Answers in the comments section if you do.

Does Pinball Heaven have Star Trek Pinball Machines for Sale?

Pinball Heaven currently has both the Pro Star Trek Pinball and Premium Star Trek Pinball  machines in stock and ready to grace the games’ rooms of pinball fans across the UK. Whether you want to look at pinball machines for sale or you simply want to talk to the most knowledgeable pinball machine experts in the UK, just get in touch as we are always happy to talk all things pinball!

Pinball Heaven Take a Look at the New KISS Pinball Machine by Stern Pinball

Our many loyal fans know that the team at Pinball Heaven love everything pinball machine related but even we aren’t sure we could beat Joe Scuderi and his appreciation for all things KISS. As a drummer in his own rock band, former professional cricketer Joe has been lucky enough to indulge his passion for rock music with a room dedicated to KISS as well as owning both the original KISS Pinball Machine and a brand new 2015 Stern KISS Pinball Machine from Pinball Heaven.

The first Kiss Pinball Machine was introduced in 1978 however it wasn’t until 2015 that Stern, in partnership with Epic Rights who are the global licensing agents for Kiss, announced a new line of Pro, Premium and Limited Edition Kiss Pinball Machines.

So, what’s new with Kiss Pinball in 2015?

First up is the high fidelity stereo sound effect using Stern’s new SPIKE platform with an upgraded 3-channel audio system. This is over 3 times as powerful as previous generation pinball audio systems and allows players of the 2015 KISS Pinball to hear 10 of the most famous KISS hit songs.

But the upgraded sound system is just the beginning; other features include:

  • Custom speech from Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons
  • Full-colour high-intensity animated LED music lights
  • High-fidelity stereo sound effects and music
  • Original Gene Simmons/Demon head moulded to
  • K-I-S-S spell-out Drop Targets
  • Blood-Spitting Demon Bass Solo player experience
  • Fire-Breathing Demon “God of Thunder” Multiball Event
  • Flying Starchild “Love Gun” Multiball Event

What do Stern Pinball Say?

“KISS pinball machines reflect the energy, excitement, and experience of a live KISS concert. Players will experience 10 famous KISS hits in the concert arena playfield and embark on an exhilarating experience ultimately becoming elite members of the KISS Army. Players score points and finish game objectives to fuel the audience’s energy and excitement. Higher scores amp the experience–the higher the energy level, the bigger and louder the show–resulting in a KISS concert experience like none other. Players are awarded for completing game goals with a variety of in-game front row seats, backstage VIP access and fun multi-ball modes that thrill players of all skill levels.”

Is the KISS Pinball Machine in Stock?

Yes! Pinball Heaven currently have all three editions of the Stern KISS Pinball Machine in stock and ready to grace the games’ rooms of pinball fans across the UK. Whether you want to look at pinball machines for sale or you simply want to talk to the most knowledgeable pinball machine experts in the UK, just get in touch as we are always happy to talk all things pinball! 

Spider-Man Vault Edition Pinball Machine To Hit The UK Soon

Stern Pinball have recently announced the release of its brand new Spiderman Vault Edition pinball machine, an update to the classic pinball machine inspired by the Marvel Universe comics and, of course, Pinball Heaven will be bringing this exciting new pinball machine to the UK. However, before we let you know when you can get your hands on it, let’s hear a bit more about what you can expect.

With the original Spider Man pinball machine being one of the most popular pinball machines around, Stern’s challenge has been to keep the features that everyone loves yet bring a brand new interpretation to pinball fans around the world. Stern Pinball assure us that the new Spider-Man pinball machine retains the same amazing gameplay of the original but has several updates in two major areas.

The first is all about the look and sound of the new pinball machine and includes:

  • New art package, including: cabinet, back glass, decals, and playfield plastics, designed based on images from the actual Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man comics library
  • Custom-moulded toys specifically designed and decorated to capture the Ultimate Spider-Man art style (Doc Ock, Sandman, Venom and Green Goblin)
  • Exciting animation and dot matrix video art designed around the Ultimate Spider-Man comic art
  • All new custom speech and sound effects for all characters
  • New mode event themes based on the Ultimate Spider-Man Universe
  • Webslinger themed laser-cut side armour in black powder coat with contrasting colour inserts
  • Two new music tracks plus the original score

The second set of updates is all about improvements to durability, based on research of the original game’s field experience; these include:

  • Steel plastic protectors at the Sandman and in the pop bumper area
  • VUK opening playfield protectors at Doc Ock and the Sandman
  • Stainless steel playfield protector beneath the webslinger in the pops
  • All stainless steel webslinger ball guides
  • Improved ramp guards
  • Optimisations to the design of anti-ball trap plastics and ramp covers.
  • Improved wire form ramp mounting details
  • Anti-wear Doc Ock playfield magnet assembly
  • All LED playfield lighting

As a result of these brand new changes, the Spider-Man Vault Edition pinball machine looks set to be an exciting edition to the Stern stable.

Of course, as the UK’s largest and most trusted pinball dealer, Pinball Heaven will have the Spider-Man Vault Edition available in the UK from April 2016. If you want to pre-order, just call us on 01772 816 677 or just get in touch via the web. (Yes, alright, we just couldn’t resist getting that in somewhere!)

Whether you want to look at pinball machines for sale or you simply want to talk to the most knowledgeable pinball machine experts in the UK, just get in touch as we are always happy to talk all things pinball!

Will Stern Pinball launch a Ghostbusters Pinball Machine?

There has been a lot of recent speculation that Stern will launch a Ghostbusters Pinball Machine in 2016, to tie in with the release of the new movie Ghostbusters 3, but what the new pinball machine will look like is still anybody’s guess.

We already know that the cast for the new film has been confirmed as an all female one but those in the know suspect that the Stern Ghostbusters pinball machine will stick to the classic cast of Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson, from the original 1984 movie. We hope that this rumour at least is true considering most pinball collectors of today will have seen the original Ghostbusters as children and many will retain fond memories of the film.

Moving on from speculation about which edition of the film the Ghostbusters pinball machine might be based on, the next thing to think about is what editions will be released. When Stern Pinball release a machine, there are usually a couple of different variations so you can probably expect Ghostbusters Pro, Premium and Limited editions but what could those different editions involve?

Usually, the Pro version is seen as the original with the Premium often involving a change of artwork as well as some extra complexity to the game. It brings on thoughts of whether there might be a “Slimer Limited Edition” or “Stay Puft Limited Edition”.

Obviously, everyone involved with pinball machines in the UK, will be hoping that Stern will preview the new Ghostbusters Pinball Machine at EAG 2016 in London ready for sale during March. You can be sure, however, that Pinball Heaven will be keeping a sharp eye out for further information and, if the rumours are true and you are looking for a Ghostbusters Pinball Machine for sale in the UK, we will be getting this iconic pinball machine in stock as soon as it’s available.

So, if there’s something new in the Pinball ‘hood, who you gonna call? Whether you want to look at pinball machines for sale or you simply want to talk to the most knowledgeable pinball machine experts in the UK, just get in touch as we are always happy to talk all things pinball! 

A “leaked” image of the potential backglass or a fan mock up?  You decide!

Update 4 March 2016.  Stern advertisement showing Ghostbusters as the next pinball in USA trade papers – its real!

Update 11th March 2016.  Stern confirm latest model as Ghostbusters pinball machine available for sale in 3 models, Pro, Premium & Limited Edition.  Limited Edition is limited to just 500 units worldwide.

Ready to order? Click here!

The Voice of Game of Thrones Pinball Machine

At Pinball Heaven, we are lucky enough to know the lovely Kate Morris and she, in turn, is fortunate to be a friend of Steve Richie, designer of the Game of Thrones Pinball Machine. When Steve asked Kate to feature as the female voice on the new Stern game, Kate jumped at the chance.

“I’ve known Steve Richie for a number of years and was flattered to be asked to be the main female voice on the Game of Thrones pinball machine. I’m a big pinball fan so it was great to be able to borrow the pinball machine from Pinball Heaven for my big day.”

So when Kate recently got married and asked to borrow a Game of Thrones Pinball Machine from Pinball Heaven, we were happy to oblige. After all, it’s every girl’s prerogative to be the star on her wedding day.

We asked Kate to send us some photos of her Game of Thrones Pinball wedding and we hope you can join us in wishing her all the very best for the future.

Whether you want to look at pinball machines for sale or you simply want to talk to the most knowledgeable pinball machine experts in the UK, just get in touch as we are always happy to talk all things pinball!

Game of Thrones Features Matrix

What will a features’ matrix do for you?

Well, with so many features available on the 3 fantastic models of the Game of Thrones Pinball Machine to choose from, it can be confusing to choose which model might be best for you. To help  please find below the features matrix so you can easily see which edition has which features making it that bit easier for you to choose.

As ever if you have any questions regarding this impressive release, please just get in touch either by contacting us or via one of our social media platforms.


Play Expo Pinball Machine show returns to Manchester

Pinball Machines for sale aplenty at the annual Play Expo show in Manchester UK!

October 10-11th 2016 Manchester sees the return of the annual PLAY EXPO retro gaming event, there’s vintage gaming, consoles, the latest in digital gaming plus, oh yes, over 120 pinball machines!

Our stand featured some of the latest pinball machines for sale from Stern pinball, Jersey Jack Pinball, Day One Pinball and Planetary Pinball, we have such games as Stern Pinball Game of Thrones, Medieval Madness pinball machine, Jersey Jack Pinball Wizard of Oz, Stern KISS, Stern Walking Dead and a unique machine in the form of a retake on 1930’s pinball by Day One Pinball.  For those unable to come to the show, have a look what you missed!

We had pinball parts for sale including Novus Plastic Polish, Millwax, Jersey Jack T Shirts and promo items along with our fabulous new range of XPin replacement pinball displays and PCB’s along with all the latest pinball machines on display on free play, apart from the latest Stern Pinball release, Game of Thrones which we put on £1 per play with the entire cashbox being donated to Teenage Cancer Trust, the whole pinball show has a charity foundation, with past years raising over thousands of pounds for the TCT.  This year with the help of Jersey Jack Pinball we were able to be part of the charity raffle to win a brand new The Hobbit Pinball Machine.

There were games from the 1960’s vintage era of pinball machines upto the latest games.  Plus some classics such as, Addams Family pinball machine, Indiana Jones, Dracula, Star Trek, Scared Stiff, Circus Voltaire, AC/DC pinball, Lord of the Rings, Whirlwind, Pirates of the Caribbean, Terminator 2, The Simpsons Pinball Party, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Tales of the Arabian Nights and Twilight Zone pinball machine.

Some of these games belonged to loving collectors who would never part with their pride and joy yet some were brought to the show either for sale or to exchange with fellow collectors, there are always pinball machines to buy at these shows, either from traders like us or from private collectors, plus its a great way to meet people with the same interest at you.

Pinball high score competitions can get quite competitive and are always an interesting part of these shows with many different stages in which you can enter.

Did you come and say hello to us at the show?!  We were rammed out ALL day from the second we arrived until we finished!


Game of Thrones Premium Pinball Machine

Today Stern Pinball released the much awaited artwork for the Premium edition of Game of Thrones pinball machine that will be for sale from Pinball Heaven in the UK with immediate effect.

After a somewhat lukewarm reception to the artwork for the Game of Thrones Pro and Limited Edition versions many customers were putting their hopes on a different artwork package for the premium edition of this much awaited pinball machine and it looks like Stern Pinball have got it right this time.

With a cool mini playfield with moving dragon and designed by legendary designer Steve Richie then it looks like it could be a hit for Stern Pinball.

We will have this game in stock in December 2015 ready for Christmas delivery and we will be showing the PRO version in Manchester, Event City on 10-11 October 2015.

Enter a whole new realm with Game of Thrones Premium and Limited Edition Pinball models. Vastly different from the Pro model, both Premium and Limited Editions feature a massive and challenging Castle upper playfield with a second set of full size flippers, shots and an animated Dragon. Both models feature dazzling, full-playfield, color-changing LED’s throughout the game. An Elevator serving two “floors” brings the ball up to the Castle where the players battle against Houses and Dragons. The second Elevator floor delivers the ball to the Iron Throne, where victories great and small can be celebrated. Amazing light shows and effects are a visual celebration of players’ victories.

got_premium-backglass750 got_premium_pf750 got_pinball_premium750 game-of-thrones_premium_pinball750

Medieval Madness pinball machine lands in UK!

We finally got our hands on the first production Medieval Madness remake pinball machine today, its been 2 years in the making so we were naturally excited to see this game after all this time!  Was it worth the wait?  Sure was!

We were hoping to have the full container of MMr’s (Medieval Madness Remakes) by now but unfortunately the full container of our Limited Edition Pinball Machines is not ready to ship so for now we had to fly a Medieval Madness Pinball Machine over from the USA, hot off the production run!



So enough of looking at the box, lets get it open!


Its looking like a day I remember back in 1997 when the first Medieval Madness Pinball Machines from Williams came over.


So time to get it into position and set this beauty up!

medieval_madness_pinball_6 medieval_madness_pinball_machine

A quick check nothing has come loose during its long journey from Chicago, the home of Pinball for decades.  Yep, good to go, side down the glass, put the balls in and boom!  Its time to smack those trolls!

This is such a great pinball machine and what a credit to Planetary Pinball & Chicago Gaming.  The quality is fantastic and it plays exactly like the original Medieval Madness despite many technology changes, the only noticeable difference to the player is the colour display replacing the traditional orange dot matrix display.  Chicago Gaming have a massive software update for the display which will fully colourise it with resolution change also, due to the flexibility of a standard LCD display vs a traditional 32 x 128 array of orange dots!

This pinball machine will be on our stand at Play Expo, Manchester, 10-11 October 2015 along with many other pinball machines for sale from the UK’s number 1 pinball specialist – Pinball Heaven.  We are the sole distributor for Medieval Madness and other subsequent “remake” games from Planetary Pinball.  I can’t wait to see more classic Williams Pinball Machines rolling off the production like – such classics as Attack From Mars, Monster Bash, is a new Addams Family too much to hope for I wonder?

Have a look at the product page for all the pictures.

Medieval Madness Pinball Machine for sale

Stern LORD OF THE RINGS pinball machine balrog wiring harnesses

Today we are busy making looms to replace the frequently broken BALROG wiring harness.  Easy to install part and available for sale on our UK website now.

If you have problems with intermittent operation of your BALROG switch/lamp then this is probably the problem, due to the 1/4 turn motion back and forth, the wires just break in half, this in itself can cause switch problems if the voltage from the flash lamp touches the switch matrix wires.




Stern The Walking Dead Pinball Machine software update released

Stern release the latest (1.24) version of software for The Walking Dead pinball machine, this release addresses many missing features long awaited by TWD buyers and would-be buyers, there will be more to come and of course we wish Stern would release software in a more timely manner.  Meanwhile, enjoy this video with some of the latest added animations on.