Whirlwind Total Chaos Upgrade Kit – Available Now

Whirlwind Total Chaos Upgrade Kit is now in stock and available from Pedretti’s Official UK Distributor – Pinball Heaven

Pedretti Gaming

Founded in 2007 Pedretti Gaming has slowly been making a name for itself, creating quality pinball toppers and more recently producing the remake of Alien for Pinball Brothers. Given their current rate of growth, it is not inconceivable they could soon become Europe’s largest pinball manufacturer.

Following months of speculation, and the release of its debut title, FunHouse 2.0 Rudy’s Nightmare, Pedretti’s eagerly awaited latest release is: Whirlwind 2.0 aka “Whirlwind Total Chaos.”

Whirlwind Total Chaos Upgrade Kit

Whirlwind Total Chaos

The original Whirlwind theme of a storm-blaster attempting to track the whirlwind and subdue its lethal power has been retained and extended, and a whole new Total Chaos storyline has been added which features multiple new modes, including two mini-wizard modes, full wizard mode and a video mode.

The upgrade kit includes a new speaker/display panel featuring a full-colour LCD monitor which will show the all-new custom animations along with scoring and gameplay information as well as new diagnostics screens. Running the new code and driving the LCD requires a whole new set of controller boards which are included. A new back glass is also included in the kit which compliments the all-new interior cabinet decals and completes the upgrade package.

As with the Funhouse upgrade, the player can choose to switch between the 2.0 version’s rules and the classic rules before starting the game by holding in the left flipper button.

Whirlwind Total Chaos – Gameplay Video

A Really Modern Look to Whirlwind

“Pedretti Gaming is a partner of Planetary Pinball for production of Williams/Bally licensed parts. Our company is focused on production of 2.0 Kits and assembly of pinball machines. In association with Planetary Pinball we present our second game KIT:  Whirlwind™ Total Chaos™. Our kit gives new life and a really modern look to Whirlwind™! With Whirlwind 2.0 Kit you can play the original and the new code Total Chaos™

Parts included in the kit:

–        Speaker Panel (wood and artwork)

–        New 14 inch LCD HD Display

–        New high quality Speakers

–        FAST Sys 11 MPU

–        Pinsound XL Audio PCB

–        Custom Side Blades

–        Custom Traslite (printed on 3mm acrylic)

–        Customized Packaging

Whirlwind Total Chaos Upgrade Kit
Whirlwind Total Chaos Upgrade Kit

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Retroids Arcade Bar Expanding

Pinball Heaven customer Retroids is planning on moving into bigger premises.

Based in Worcester city centre, Retroids is a nostalgic arcade bar straight out of the 80s, serving great beer and classic video arcade games, and holding regular tournaments.

Open 7 days a week, Retroids Arcade Bar has become that popular that it is now looking to move into bigger premises, just around the corner from its current site.

Larger College Street Site

According to Worcester News Retroids, which is currently based in New Street, Worcester, is looking to make the move to a larger site in nearby College Street.

If plans are given the green light, the bar, which is filled with classic arcade and retro gaming machines and offers a range of craft beers and ciders, would move to a space opposite Worcester Cathedral, in a unit previously home to Worcester Cycle Centre and roughly triple the size of its current space.

Retroids Party Spot

Retroids co-owner Dave Newey said, “hopefully we’re finally set on a new place now, obviously we still have to sort out the legal bits and bobs but we’re getting there. It will open the door to so many opportunities for us. We do so many private parties for all ages so there will be a designated party spot which is pretty exciting. We’ll have a bigger bar because obviously the one we have now is quite small so we can expand on the drinks we offer, there’ll be more pinball, more competitions and just building on what we have done so far.”

Pinball Heaven looks forward to continuing to work with Retroids Arcade Bar and we wish them all the best with their well-deserved expansion. We will let you know as soon as their new College Street premises are open and what additional pinball delights you will be able to experience there.

Pinball Hire for Your Venue

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Visit Retroids Arcade Bar

You can currently visit Retroids Arcade Bar at 2 New Street , Worcester, WR1 2DN, or why not check out their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/RetroidsWorcester/

Iron Maiden Pinball Machine Pro Edition

Iron Maiden Pinball Machine Pro Edition by Stern Pinball: available to order from Pinball Heaven

Interactive Iron Maiden Universe

Formed in 1975, Iron Maiden led the wave of British heavy metal music and became a global institution. Over the course of 40 years the band has come to embody a spirit of fearless creative independence, ferocious dedication to fans, and a cheerful indifference to critics. Iron Maiden has built a following that reaches every culture, generation, and time zone.

With over 90 million album sales, more than 2,000 live performances in 63 countries, tens of millions of fans and 16 studio albums of unerring quality, Iron Maiden has more than earned its proudly held status as one of the most influential and revered bands of all time.

The Iron Maiden pinball machines aim to reflect the same excitement, energy, and experience of a live Iron Maiden concert. Players will immerse themselves in an interactive Iron Maiden universe transforming into various forms of Eddie, the band’s legendary mascot.

Players, as Eddie, will embark on a quest to defeat the Beast and his minions across the Legacy of the Beast mobile game and comic book world. Iron Maiden pinball entertains with an amazing array of modern and classic features, making it suitable for all skill levels.

Iron Maiden Pinball Machine Pro Edition Cabinet

Iron Maiden Pinball Machine Pro Edition Trailer

Pro Edition Features Include:

  • Newton ball Sarcophagus
  • Dual intersecting loop feature
  • Dual up-post ball diverters to hold or deflect pinballs
  • Clairvoyant Mystery Orb standup target
  • Two Eddie spinners featuring custom artwork by Zombie Yeti
  • Metal and chrome wire ramps
  • Stainless steel flipper return lanes
  • Pro model original themed translite
  • Pro model exclusive themed full color high-definition decal material cabinet art
  • Snap-latch front moulding
  • Playfield support bracket (Pro included) for smooth and easy playfield access
  • Powered speaker sound system with 3 channel amplifier Separate treble and bass adjustment
  • New CPU mounted line-out audio connector for external amplification
  • New fade adjustment to control front and bottom speaker outputs
Iron Maiden Pinball Machine Pro Edition
Iron Maiden Pinball Machine Pro Edition
Iron Maiden Pinball Machine Pro Edition

Classic Soundtrack

The classic Iron Maiden soundtrack features twelve selectable hit songs including: Aces High, Number of the Beast, Fear of the Dark, Flight of Icarus, Powerslave, The Trooper, 2 Minutes to Midnight, Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Can I Play with Madness, Run to the Hills, and Wasted Years.

Reserve Your Iron Maiden Pinball Machine Pro Edition

To reserve your Iron Maiden Pinball Machine Pro Edition by Stern, visit our online pinball shop or call Pinball Heaven on 01772 816 677.

Big Bang Bar Pinball Machine – Pinball Rumour Mill

Big Bang Bar Pinball Machine: Rumours are starting to circulate that a remake of the legendary 1990’s pinball machine, Capcom’s Big Bang Bar, is in pre-production and set be released this summer.

“Welcome to the Big Bang Bar, the rowdiest late-night alien dive in the cosmos! Check your carapice at the door, slither up to a table, and the waitress will be with you shortly. Get your groove on with the techno-thumpin’ tunes and strobing neon lights, and feast your eyes on the gorgeous gyrations of the Tube Dancer at centre stage. Or you can Tour the Bar, play some Cosmic Dartz, then try to score a drink award with Ray’s Ball Busters. For more excitement, stuff the Loopy Martians until they get Looped In Space, fire up the Babescanner and the Lunapalooza, or just wait for a Multibrawl Multiball to break out. Complete all fourteen tasks for a shot at the Big Bang, and see how much you can really score.”

1996 Pinball Expo

Capcom revealed Big Bang Bar at the 1996 Pinball Expo in Chicago to critical acclaim. Hailed as Capcom’s best pinball machine to date, Big Bang Bar featured game design by Rob Morrison and superb artwork by Stan Fukuoka, stand-out animations, quality sound, and a well thought-out and flowing playfield enhanced with electro-luminiscent lights on plastic ramps, along with playfield backlighting which complimented Fukuoka’s artwork.

But just weeks after the launch Capcom decided to quit manufacturing pinball machines, and with just 14 prototypes having been produced, Big Bang Bar never made it into full production.

So, Big Bang Bar quickly became a pinball machine that for collectors was an unreachable dream, and it rapidly achieved cult status. This, no doubt enhanced by the game’s quality, plus its adult theme which featured a half-nude tube dancer along with her complimentary soundtrack!

Big Bang Bar
Big Bang Bar
Big Bang Bar

Big Bang Bar: the 2006 Remake

With its cult status still in full flow, in 2000 Gene Cunningham of Illinois Pin Ball bought the remaining stock of parts and rights to create Capcom’s pinball machines and from 2006, ten years after BBB was first shown in Chicago, a limited run of BBB pinball machines were delivered to their eagerly waiting customers.

16 years on from Gene Cunningham’s remake the pinball market has developed at a remarkable rate, along with the technology that supports it. So, a new Big Bang Bar pinball machine with a modern twist could be just the ticket. But who will produce it and what would it look like?

Big Bang Bar: the 2023 Remake

Chicago Gaming Company has been linked with BBB in the recent past, but their current roll-out of machines makes this tie-up unlikely. However, Stern Pinball would be well placed to recreate Capcom’s cult machine and the title would very sit well alongside their current portfolio of Foo Fighters, Elvira, James Bond 007, Rush, The Mandalorian, Godzilla, Avengers, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Deadpool and Iron Maiden.

Keith Elwin who designed James Bond 007 for Stern could perform an excellent job developing Capcom’s original Big Bang Bar design to deliver Pro, Premium and LE versions. And artwork by Zombie Yeti would very much pay homage to Stan Fukuoka’s original, not to mention state of the art toys, lighting and sound – all the things that Garry Stern takes great pride in. Plus, Insider Connected™ would bring it all to life.

So Stern Pinball gets our vote, and we think sometime soon. But what do you think? We’ll bring you the latest BBB news as soon as we have it…


Images: www.flippers.be

Latest Pinball Machine Arrivals

There has been a healthy number of pinball machine arrivals at our pinball warehouse this week, with pinball machines arriving to fulfil reserve sales orders, and go out on hire, and with a good number of machines still available. Our latest arrivals include:

James Bond Pro and Premium Edition

James Bond by Stern Pinball features film footage and iconic music from the films that built the 007 legend: Dr. No, From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, Thunderball, You Only Live Twice and Diamonds Are Forever.  Players are immersed into the world of espionage in this action-packed pinball experience, tackling assignments, teaming up with key allies, and stopping SPECTRE’s villainous schemes. Find Out More

Toy Story Collector’s Edition

Toy Story Collector’s Edition by Jersey Jack Pinball launches you into the world of Toy Story, with the voices of Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Bo Peep, Duke Caboom, and more. Custom call-outs from Buzz and Woody can be heard throughout the game. The journey is accompanied by an original soundtrack that includes a special rendition of Randy Newman’s “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”. Find Out More

Total Nuclear Annihilation 2.0

Total Nuclear Annihilation 2.0 comes to you fully loaded with all the options offered by Spooky Pinball! The first game from Scott Danesi. This is the fastest, most fun, most addictive, original game in decades. Find Out More

Scooby Doo Collector’s Edition

Scooby Doo Collector’s Edition by Spooky Pinball benefits from a wide-body design and detailed cabinet art package and exclusive playfield sculptured models. There is also a controlled drop target between the flippers to help save the ball, while on the right-hand side the shooter lane is moved away from the playfield edge to allow for a long plastic with indicators colour-coded to Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby, with the Collector’s Edition wire-forms being colour coded to match the characters. Find Out More

Foo Fighters Pro and Limited Edition

Foo Fighters by Stern Pinball brings the Foo Fighters concert experience home as players are immersed in an epic pinball adventure featuring 15 iconic songs spanning the band’s expansive catalog, including All My Life, Best of You, Breakout, Everlong, Holding Poison, I’ll Stick Around, Learn to Fly, Monkey Wrench, My Hero, Run, Something from Nothing, The Pretender, This is a Call, Times Like These, and Walk. Find Out More

Elvira’s House of Horrors Premium Edition

Elvira’s House of Horrors Premium Edition by Stern Pinball features Elvira’s “House of Horrors”, a frightening Victorian fixer-upper, full of creepy charm and supernatural surprises.  Players can gain access to the mansion through the front door, the cellar, or through the garage which is guarded by a gravestone drop-target.  An orchestra of color changing RGB lights accentuates the house in sync with the different “House Haunts” featured throughout the game.  Lighted windows and a spinning attic turret track players’ progression on their pinball journey. Find Out More

Halloween Blood Sucker’s Edition

Halloween Blood Sucker’s Edition by Spooky Pinball features original movie clips, including Michael Myer’s gruesome murder scenes, accompanied by the suspenseful original film soundtrack, with new compositions inspired by the classic film produced by Matt “Count D” Montgomery. Find Out More

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Pinball, Ping Pong, Football Hire and More!

Pinball, Ping Pong, Football Hire and More!

Pinball Heaven has installed a pinball machine, table tennis table, and desktop football game into the common room of Gallagher’s London headquarters on long-term hire.

Gallagher: since 1927

Established in 1927 Gallagher is a global business insurance, risk management and consulting services company offering clients and customers innovation and tenacity across 130 countries. they use their 90 plus years of intelligence and insight to protect what matters most: your business. Gallagher forms lifelong partnerships with their clients and underwriters which, when combined with their world class data and analytics, helps their customers face their futures with confidence.

Pinball Heaven: bespoke games hire

Pinball Heaven offer a bespoke games hire service to businesses and organisations across the UK to accommodate common rooms, rest rooms, games rooms and other social spaces. Well known for supplying pinball machines on short, medium and long term hire, Pinball Heaven now offers a wide choice of games machines to fulfil your needs including: table tennis tables, desktop football, and classic desktop arcade games such as Atari Pong, Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong and Frogger.

Pinball Hire
Pinball Hire
Pinball Hire

Theme your event

Retro is Cool! Pinball machines are the perfect way to theme your corporate or private event. If you wish to theme and event, Pinball Heaven will work with you to help create the right atmosphere and deliver an engaging and immersive experience.

Pinball Heaven has a wide array of pinball machines for you to choose from, and can compliment those machines with a selection of interactive retro-themed games for you to choose from.

Professional delivery and installation

We  offer a professional delivery and installation service, to minimise any downtime, and to ensure your games are professionally and correctly installed, then removed to fit in with your timeframe.

Pinball machine and games hire enquiries

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Foo Fighters Pro Edition Pinball Machine

Foo Fighters Pro Edition by Stern Pinball

Join Foo Fighters in their trusty, battle-tested van on a crucial mission to save the world from the mysterious alien Overlord! Help the Foos bring rock back to the people and battle the Overlord’s evil bots before they reformat rock ‘n’ roll.

Stern Pinball’s Foo Fighters Pro Edition boasts artwork by Zombie Yeti and custom animations themed around the fictional hit TV series “Foo Fighters Saturday Morning Action Time!” featuring their adventures to save rock ‘n’ roll and the future of humanity!

With 10 studio albums,15 Grammy Awards, and over 32 million records sold worldwide, Foo Fighters are one of the best-selling rock bands of all time!

Foo Fighters Pinball Soundtrack

Stern’s Foo Fighters pinball machine features 15 iconic songs including This is a Call, Walk, Learn to Fly, All My Life, Run, Breakout, Something From Nothing, Best of You, My Hero, I’ll Stick Around, The Pretender, Everlong, Times Like These, Monkey Wrench, and Holding Poison.

Foo Fighters Pro Edition also features a stereo sound system with 3-channel amplifier, 10-band Graphic Equalizer with separate control for backbox and cabinet speakers, CPU mounted line-out audio connector for external amplification, fade adjustment to control front and bottom speaker outputs, plus a 10-band Graphic Equalizer with separate control for backbox and cabinet speakers.

Foo Fighters Logo
Foo Fighters Pro Edition

Insider Connected

Foo Fighters Pro Edition pinball machine is also equipped with the award-winning Insider Connected™ system that enables players to track progress, discover new ways to play, and connect with friends all over the world. What could be better!

Foo Fighters Pro Edition Game Features

  • 3 Flippers with 6 pinballs
  • Custom “Overlord” plastic structure toy
  • “Overlord Arena” with 3 stand-up targets
  • “Overlord Gate” captures a ball to create a dynamic Newton ball play arena
  • Custom “Foo Fighters Tour Van” decorated plastic, holds the ball and allows the player to select the next destination city
  • “KA-FOOM!” Kicking Target
  • “Mod-ulator” themed drop targets with hidden target allow the player to upgrade Van Modes
  • “UFO” captive ball loop arena enables Action Button features
  • Inlane “Ray Gun” targets
  • “Overlord” spinning target
  • 2 “Sonic Radio” stand-up targets light “Radio Mystery” and “Overdrive Ball Save”
  • 4 “Bot” stand-up targets light “Bot Awards” and lead to “Bot Frenzy”
  • Stainless steel left “Rami” crossover ramp directs the ball to the upper right flipper
  • Stainless steel left “Pat” ramp featuring a chrome wireform return path
  • “Nate” upper loop, capable of fast repeatable looping shots from upper right flipper
  • Stainless steel upper left “Taylor” ramp featuring chrome wireform return path
  • Stainless steel right “Dave” ramp featuring chrome wireform return path leading to “Area 51” upper playfield
  • Stainless steel right “Dave” ramp featuring chrome wireform return path
  • “Chris” right orbit ball path feeds unique figure 8 style “Rock-O-Meter” shot for playfield multiplier
  • Activate the “Combotron” by making a series of combination shots
  • Multiballs include: “Overlord”, “Area 51”, and “FooBot”, plus two Mini-Wizard Multiballs and Overlord Final Battle Wizard Multiball
  • Collect all “FooBot” parts to start “FooBot Multiball”
  • General illumination features red and white LED lighting
  • Custom animations themed to represent the Foo Fighters fictional hit TV series “Foo Fighters Saturday Morning Action Time!”
  • 15 iconic full length Foo Fighters songs
  • Player-selectable music experience; select music at start of ball
  • Award-winning Insider Connected™ platform tracks your progress, let’s you discover new ways to play, and connects you with friends all over the world

Stern Pinball Presents Foo Fighters Pinball

Pro Edition Backglass, Hardware & Trim

The Foo Fighters Pro Edition cabinet includes a full color translite featuring Foo Fighters in their iconic Tour Van; illustrated by Zombie Yeti, powder-coated black wrinkle finish side armour, hinges, front lockdown moulding and legs, plastic moulded bottom arch, multifunction action button located on the lockdown bar, and a snap-Latch front moulding.

Foo Fighters Pro Edition Enquiries

To enquire about Foo Fighters Pro Edition pinball machine, or to reserve yours, visit the Pinball Heaven online shop, or call us on 01772 816 677.

Pulp Fiction Special Edition

Pulp Fiction Special Edition by Chicago Gaming Company is a retro-inspired full-featured modern pinball machine. Developed at the request of Quentin Tarantino, who wanted a 1980’s style Pulp Fiction themed pinball machine for his home.

Quentin Tarantino

Released in 1994, Pulp Fiction was Quentin Tarantino’s second film. The dark comedy crime thriller was a major success with critics and audiences alike, winning numerous awards including the Palme d’Or.

Pulp Fiction was nominated for seven awards at the 67th Academy Awards, including Best Picture, and won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. It also earned John Travolta, Samuel L Jackson, and Uma Thurman Academy Award nominations.

It is also widely accepted that the film’s development, marketing, distribution, and profitability had a sweeping effect on independent cinema.

Quentin Tarantino rarely licenses his intellectual property, so it was a unique privilege for Chicago Gaming to produce a game which pays tribute to his 1994 masterpiece, and Tarantino’s continued involvement throughout the project shaped the final game.

Pulp Fiction Special Edition Cabinet

Williams Mechanisms & Chicago Gaming Electronics

Pulp Fiction Special Edition features original time-tested Williams standard pinball mechanisms, coupled with highly reliable Chicago Gaming Company electronics.

The game uses alpha-numeric LED displays rather than a dot-matrix display or an LCD panel, meaning there will be no clips from the movie displayed. However, the game does feature more than 250 sound samples from 19 different characters. It also includes five music tracks featured in the film – Comanche, Jungle Boogie, Misirlou, Son of a Preacher Man and You Never Can Tell.

Much like the film, the Pulp Fiction Special Edition pinball machine has a true retro feel and is a throwback to an age before ramps were mandatory, with most of the action taking place at playfield level. Adding to the appeal the cabinet artwork is also retro-looking, with a three-colour design giving a stencilled appearance.

Pulp Fiction Special Edition
Pulp Fiction Special Edition
Pulp Fiction Special Edition

Pulp Fiction Special Edition Features

  • 250+ Iconic Lines of Pulp Fiction Dialogue Featuring 19 Movie Characters
  • 5 Licensed Songs from the Pulp Fiction Soundtrack – Comanche, Jungle Boogie, Misirlou, Son of a Preacher Man & You Never Can Tell
  • Custom Sound & Music Audio Package Designed By David Thiel
  • Mirrored Backglass with Custom Hand-Drawn Artwork from Pulp Fiction’s Legendary Jack Rabbit Slim’s Dance Scene
  • Playfield w/ Custom Artwork Featuring Vincent Vega, Jules Winnfield, Mia Wallace, Winston Wolf & Jimmie Dimmick
  • Classic Pinball-Inspired Cabinet & Backbox with Custom Hand-Drawn Pulp Fiction Artwork
  • Retro 13-Segment Alphanumeric LED Scoring Displays
  • Knocker Assembly
  • RGB LED General Illumination Lighting
  • Fully-Integrated, Built-In RGB LED Lighting System on Lower Arch
  • 15 RGB LED Software-Controlled Featured Inserts
  • Gun Magnet Capable of Catching & Throwing Pinballs
  • Custom Sculpted Vincent Vega & Jules Winnfield Figures, “Royale With Cheese” Burger, Illuminated Gold Watch, and Interactive Briefcase
  • Playfield Plastics with Custom Hand-Drawn Artwork Featuring Vincent Vega, Jules Winnfield, Butch Coolidge, Captain Koons, Pumpkin & Honey Bunny
  • Pawn Shop with 3-Ball Subway Locking Assembly
  • 3-Ball Briefcase Locking Assembly
  • 4 Memory Drop Targets & 3-Bank Drop Targets
  • 2 Adrenaline Heart Hall Effect Spinning Targets
  • 5 Multiball Modes Including “Briefcase Boogie” & “Pawn Shop Panic”
  • 5 Roll Scene Modes – “Twist Contest”, “BMF Wallet”, “Gold Watch”, “Clean The Car” & “The Shot”
  • 3 Mini-Wizard Modes – “Cast Chaos”, “Pulp Fiction Frenzy” & “The Shot”
  • “Divine Intervention” Wizard Mode
  • Vintage Stainless Steel Coin Door with LED Pulp Fiction Logo & Start Button on Door
  • CoinUp Online Connectivity

Reserve Your Pulp Fiction Special Edition

Pinball Heaven is the official UK Distributor for Chicago Gaming Company.

To reserve your Pulp Fiction Special Edition pinball machine, visit the Pinball Heaven online shop, or call us on 01772 816 677.

Pulp Fiction Special Edition

Galactic Tank Force Pinball Machine Unleashed!

Galactic Tank Force Pinball Machine Unleashed by American Pinball

Get ready for an out-of-this-world Adventure as American Pinball unleashes “Galactic Tank Force”! With live actors, cutting-edge graphics and gripping gameplay, these cosmic exploits guarantee non-stop laughs, thrills, and excitement for pinball fans everywhere!

Galactic Tank Force Story & Setting

Travel to the distant moon of Luminar in the far-off Namdron Galaxy as the newest member of the Galactic Tank Force. Tasked with patrolling and protecting the recently established lunar research base, your mission is to defend it from the ruthless Empress Annoya and her invading forces. Experience challenges and close calls from far, far away as you embark on this incredible journey through space and time!

Features & Gameplay

Take control of the Model 375A Battle Tank and fend off massive enemy tanks, robots, and UFOs, all sent by the evil Empress Annoya to destroy you. Feel the rumble of approaching enemy tanks and prepare to face them head-on with Major Duke Moonwalker guiding and supporting you from the orbiting space station.

The next level of pinball entertainment

Experience the next level of pinball entertainment with Galactic Tank Force! This revolutionary game takes the industry by storm with its groundbreaking live-action performances from four talented actors: Kerri Hoskins, Jeff Hoover, Mitchell Politt, and Clementine Morfoot. Witness the characters come to life on the machine’s display, adding a whole new level of immersion to your gameplay experience.

As an American Pinball original theme, we have the freedom to create our own characters and story, making Galactic Tank Force a truly one-of-a-kind adventure. Get ready to dive into the action and enjoy an unforgettable pinball experience like no other!

Galactic Tank Force Playfield features

  • The Following Features are standard on all models.
  • Space Station Air Lock Fighter Pilot’s assemble here
  • Plotniks Lab
  • L-A-B Lanes Complete these lanes to open the Lab
  • 3 Reactor Bumpers, beware of meltdowns!
  • Accelerator Targets supercharge your scoring
  • A-I-R Lock Targets Spell AIR to light the locks
  • AIR Spinner, Adds time to your Mission!
  • Alpha Flank Targets, hit to advance features and increase left side shot values
  • Mission Lanes, complete these to qualify for an Ice Cream Mission
  • Tank Battles, Destroy all tanks to reach Tank Zulu
  • Atomic Shield, protects you from danger when active
  • Planet Spinner, adds even more mission time when its running out
  • Controlled Diverter, use the third flipper button to divert ramp shots
  • Advance Rank Lanes, complete these lanes to earn a promotion
  • Mission Control, Shoot this saucer when lit to accept Ice Cream Mission
  • UFO Moving Target, stop cows from being abducted
  • Enemy Tank, defeat the enemy force! Watch out for its attacks and defenses
  • Bravo Flank Targets, hit these to advance features and increase right side shot

Interactive Updates

Invite your friends to join in on the action and receive interactive updates from your fellow squad members. Together, with the encouragement of the brave and beautiful Captain Kyan, protect the lunar research base and its precious cargo of cows from the clutches of Empress Annoya.

Built like a TANK

Immerse yourself in the rich, creamy goodness of a Galactic Tank Force adventure as you experience zero-gravity ice cream made from the finest outer space ingredients. Built like a TANK, this game guarantees countless hours of family enjoyment. Get Ready for Galactic Tank Force!

Galactic Tank Force Pinball Machine

Reserve your Galactic Tank Force pinball machine

Reserve your Galactic Tank Force pinball machine and get set for your out-of-this-world adventure by visiting our online shop or by calling 01772 816 677.

Join the Galactic Tank Force and be part of a thrilling epic battle for the future. Your intergalactic adventure awaits!

The Godfather LE Pinball Machine

The Godfather is a trilogy of American crime films directed by Francis Ford Coppola and inspired by the 1969 novel of the same name by Italian American author Mario Puzo. The films follow the trials of the fictional Italian American mafia Corleone family whose patriarch, Vito Corleone, rises to be a major figure in American organized crime. His youngest son, Michael Corleone, becomes his successor.

Maximum run of 5,000 LE games

Designed by Eric Meunier, Jersey Jack‘s The Godfather LE pinball machine is limited to a maximum run of 5,000 games and features artwork by Christopher Franchi and Jesper Abels, animations by Jean-Paul de Win and Mark Molitor, music By Slash and Mark Tremonti, and software by Keith Johnson.

Do you have what it takes to rule New York City?

Build your power by spreading your control to new territories, gaining influence with political notables, recruiting soldiers to run jobs, and taking out your enemies amongst the five families. Build your family, control the boroughs and rule New York City.

Begin your journey by selecting from the Corleone, Tattaglia, Barzini, Cuneo, or Stracci families. Each family offers unique abilities to aid in your progression in ruling New York. The game features full integration of audio and video components of iconic scenes and memorable characters, including Don Vito Corleone, Michael Corleone, Sonny Corleone, and more. Hit certain targets to gain soldiers, which then allows you to perform jobs, with players eventually performing major tasks to reach Kiss The Ring wizard mode.

Jersey Jack Pinball

The Godfather pinball game rules

The Godfather LE Pinball Machine Rules

The Godfather LE pinball features

The Godfather LE pinball machine features includes black powder-coated armour, exclusive cabinet and playfield artwork, an interactive shaker motor providing haptic feedback, Invisiglass, individually numbered edition plaques, a Furious Floyd Caporegime head, musical performances by Slash and Mark Tremonti of Speak Softly Love, a moving, articulated Caporegime sculpted interactive toy, player-controllable spinning disk take-down amplifier toy, 3 ball lock-up mechanism with direct feeds to all 3 flippers, Glory Bumper™ illuminable multi-material fountain sculpture, 3 unique ball-locking playfield features, an active newton-ball compound area, Don Vito Corleone sculpted bust, 29 unique controllable ball paths, 2 regular, 10 super, 1 hidden skill shots, 1 exposed-core playfield magnet, over 450 Individually controllable playfield RGB LEDs, hotrail-integrated Caporegime health meter, JJP RGB LED hotrails, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, interactive high score gameplay camera, and much more!

The Godfather LE Pinball Machine
The Godfather LE Pinball Machine
The Godfather LE Pinball Machine

Industry-leading innovation

Jersey Jack’s interactive gameplay camera is an industry first that truly brings the player into the game. Your photo can be taken and displayed on the industry-leading 27” color LCD monitor during, or at the conclusion of each game. Tweeting your high scores have never been easier with the use of on-screen QR technology. Audiophiles can rejoice with integrated Bluetooth technology, perfect for those wireless headphones or earbuds. And Wi-Fi connectivity allows for effortless software updates.

Reserve your Godfather LE pinball machine

To reserve your Godfather LE pinball machine, visit our online pinball shop or call Pinball Heaven on 01772 816 677.

Galactic Tank Force – Coming Soon

Galactic Tank Force looks set to be American Pinball’s fifth release on Wednesday 22nd March.

American Pinball has announced that the company will officially be unveiling its fifth game, Galactic Tank Force, this Wednesday 22nd March. Said to be “featuring literally a humongous amount of assets” the full game is expected to be presented to the public at the Texas Pinball Festival over the weekend of 24th to 26th March, following American Pinball’s seminar at 5pm on Friday 24th.

American Pinball Teaser 3

Dennis Nordman & Christopher Franchi

Designed by industry legend Dennis Nordman and featuring artwork by Christopher Franchi, when folded down this cool looking space sci-fi themed game is intended to resemble a tank.

Galactic Tank Force:  a Pinball Machine or a Tank!

There are several shots of the cabinet in the teaser video, but no clues about what to expect on the playfield. However Nordman has shared one or two details on social media. According to Dennis, the version of Galactic Tank Force that was shown in the teaser video was the Limited Edition – and the game will also be available in a standard pinball machine cabinet for players who like to have a uniform lineup of pinball machines in their games room.

“Finally!  I can show what I’ve been creating, on and off, for the past few years.  This is the cabinet for my new game, Galactic Tank Force. Of course it didn’t get to this point without the help of many other talented people.  This is the cabinet in its folded up position. It opens to reveal a pinball game inside. This is the Limited Edition for those who have the room and want something cool looking for their game rooms.  It also comes in a standard cabinet for those who like to have a line up of pin games. Will be available for sale by the end of March.”

Galactic Task Force
Galactic Task Force
Galactic Task Force

Galactic Tank Force – Available from UK Distributor Pinball Heaven

Galactic Tank Force will be available from American Pinball’s UK distributor Pinball Heaven this month. To find out more call Pinball Heaven on 01772 816 677.