Retro pinball machine hire in Newcastle event

Pinball Machine Hire for Retro Event in Newcastle.

When throwing a 1950’s American style party you really need some vintage pinball machines oh, and some larger than life popcorn displays!

As part of our pinball machine hire we were asked if we could supply some vintage pinball machines for a 1950’s themed party, normally we only supply our vintage pinball machines for TV or promotional use as older pinball machines aren’t quite as hardy as modern games but as we had a couple of solid games which we have used for pinball shows without any problems so we agreed and this was the result… a night of fun for the lucky guests.


We used our vintage 1958 Roto Pool, 1976 Target Alpha (a really good game) and a 1960 Captain Kidd which was the last game by Gottlieb pinball machine to have wooden rails.  The Roto Pool was recently the star of a ITV show with David Dickinson.

This is the biggest popcorn we’ve ever seen!



At Pinball Heaven we love retro pinball machines (well Gottlieb ones), something about the artwork just oozes nostalgia.

We offer pinball machine hire in Lancashire, Manchester, Cheshire, Leeds, Cumbria, Yorkshire and the Midlands, occasionally we go further past Birmingham but please get in touch to discuss your pinball hire requirements.


Stern Star Wars Pinball Machine soon to be released in the UK?

Stern Star Wars pinball machine for sale soon?

If internet rumours are to be believed, then legendary designer Steve Richie (famous for such hit games at Terminator 2, Getaway, Stern Star Trek, ACDC, Game of Thrones etc) has been working on a Stern Star Wars pinball machine for at least 2 years since Game of Thrones and its sure to be another winner for Stern Pinball.

Its been suspected for a few years that Stern or Jersey Jack Pinball would secure the licence for the Star Wars licence and make a new pinball machine but when Stern showed up on the exhibitor list at Star Wars Celebration expo in Orlando the rumours really exploded and it seemed there was no doubt they would release a new Star Wars pinball machine!

Details are vague right now but we understand that as usual there will be a Star Wars Pro, Star Wars Premium and Star Wars Limited Edition pinball machines for sale shortly.

Stern are very hard to get information out and typically only show a pinball machine when its ready to be built so the time of announcement to the time of shipping is typically only 1 month.

We understand its going to be based on the original 1977 movie rather than any sequels and it will feature the new LCD backbox monitor as seen in Stern Aerosmith pinball machine (which we still love!), the addition of the LCD display adds much more visual impact to the game and will attract passers by who are intrigued by what is happening.

We expect to have a Stern Star Wars pinball machine on our stand at the Play Expo show in Manchester in October!

Pinball board repair service part of our daily life!

Pinball machine circuit board repairs at Pinball Heaven.

We love fixing stuff!  Every day we get sent pinball machine pcb’s for repair by customers eager to get their pinball machines up and running again.  Of course we offer an on site pinball machine repair service but some want to do it themselves and just post us parts to repair.

Many customers need help with pinball circuit board problems, we spend the time over the phone to discuss these issues and can advise which circuit board we need to be sent in order for us to repair it, then we test it in our test rig and advise customer if any action needs to be taken before re-installing their circuit board.  Sometimes if there is a shorted solenoid coil or such like it can just damage the newly repaired PCB as soon as the power is switched back on!  We can usually tell if this will happen when we see what is wrong with the board.

The most common pcb we get sent is the Williams WPC Power Driver PCB A-12697 which is a really really reliable circuit board but simply due to the massive numbers of these boards and associated games in circulation we do see them on a daily basis.  Usually its either a reset when pressing the flipper buttons or a shorted solenoid/blown fuse but can be other issues like problems with lamps and of course the melted general illumination connectors J115/J120/J121 which require replacement.

We can repair most pinball machine pcb’s from 1988 to modern games so if you have any pinball machine problems then give us a call or send us an email!

Making Pinball Machines Accept The New £1 Coins?

With over £45 million worth of fake £1 coins currently circulating in the UK, forgery can be an expensive business for arcade owners. Enter: the new 12-sided bimetallic coin, based on the old predecimal ‘thruppenny bit’ and supposedly one of the hardest coins in the world to forge thanks to a built-in ‘hidden high security feature’ intended to protect it from counterfeiting in the future. And while a more secure coin is certainly welcome, it comes at a price: all machines using coin mechanisms will need to be taken apart and adapted in order to accept the new coins.
Royal Mint came right out and said it: the switch could potentially cost the country up to £20 million, and the body is urging businesses everywhere to get ready now or risk problems later. It’s not just pinball machine and vintage video game slots that will need changing, every self-service checkout, vending machine and parking ticket meter across the UK will be affected. Does the situation sound familiar? That’s probably because it is! Just five years ago, businesses were faced with exactly the same dilemma following the introduction of the new 5p and 10p coins in 2012.
Those who frequented amusement arcades in the ‘60s and ‘70s may remember that the coins were judged by size rather than weight, so thrifty gamers could use a certain size of washer to dupe the machine and get a free game. It was because of this that game manufacturers started fitting magnets into the mechanisms to catch the fakes—so it’s hardly surprising that the newly magnetic steel coins didn’t go down too well with arcade owners.
It may be a more secure solution in the long run, but it’s small businesses who are likely to suffer initially as they struggle to keep up with the government’s changes; arcades specialising in retro gamester already expecting to take the biggest hit. But is it really worth it? In the long term, absolutely. The new resistance to counterfeit coins will undoubtedly outweigh the cost of changing the slots—and with Pinball Heaven’s own in-house coin mechanism conversion service, bringing your machines up-to-date couldn’t be easier.
We’re here to help make sure you’re prepared for the introduction of the new £1 coin on 28th March. We can convert your C220, C120 and SR3 pinball machine coin mechanisms in just 24 hours after receiving your parts. This covers almost all Stern, Jersey Jack, Bally and Williams machines currently being played in the UK.  Although both the old and new coins will co-circulate for a time, by mid-October this year the old coin will be completely demonetised—so act fast! Select a mechanism type and order your pound conversion mechanism for pinball machines today.
Click here to find details about the rest of the pinball repair services we offer. You can also like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to find out the latest in pinball news and releases.

NEW Attack From Mars pinball machine released!

Chicago Gaming announce Attack from Mars pinball machine for sale into the UK through sole distributors Pinball Heaven Ltd.

After the resounding success of Medieval Madness pinball machine released by Chicago Gaming last year, they follow it up with another Williams classic pinball machine – the 1995 hit Attack from Mars.

All new technology, a HD full colour LCD display and a plethora of added features is sure to make the new AFMr an instant success in the UK market.

Three versions are available, we start with the “Classic” which is a remake of the original Williams pinball machine, without any enhancements added, this entry level Attack from Mars pinball machine is manufactured with operators in mind (people who put pinball machines in commercial venues for pinball hire or revenue split etc), then we have the “Special” edition which features a new larger display amongst numerous extra add-ons.

Then the top of the range model with new animated topper is the Attack from Mars LE  (limited edition – 500 units Worldwide) pinball machine.

We can’t wait to get our hands on them but to secure your limited edition Attack from Mars it is essential that you order early as our allowance is strictly limited.

– Classic Edition: Faithful to the original. Standard sized LCD Green Display, can be upgraded to Color Display for additional fee. All LED lighting throughout machine. Enhanced sound system. Stainless steel cabinet trim.
Shaker motor can be added at additional cost.

– Special Edition: Extra Large LCD Color Display, Metallic Saucers, Tri-color LED on main saucer, stainless steel cabinet trim. Multicolored backbox speakers. Shaker Motor included.

– Limited Edition (500 units)
Extra Large LCD Color Display, Metallic Saucers, Tri-color LEDs on all saucers, Martian Green cabinet trim. Cabinet mirror blades. Multicolored backbox speakers. Shaker Motor included. Custom designed Interactive mechanical Martian topper designed by Doug Watson. Martian moves up and down. His eyes light up and multicolored Leds around topper.

Want to know more about the new Attack from Mars pinball machine?  Pricing and ordering only starts 24th March 2017

Stern Aerosmith pinball machine released into UK

Stern Pinball’s Official Aerosmith Pinball Machine comes to the UK!
As you may have heard, the ringing in of the new year saw another big announcement from Stern Pinball. Following last year’s January 4th unveiling of the Spider-Man Vault Edition, this year’s offering confirmed a brand new theme that’s only been at the centre of speculation for months now. That’s right: adding a fifth family member to their classic rock band lineup, Stern finally unveiled the long-awaited, widely rumoured, official Aerosmith pinball machine. And while it may not have been a huge surprise, it certainly did not disappoint.
Following the success of other musical machines, talk of an Aerosmith game began a couple of years ago when some concept artwork appeared online—and looking at Stern’s releases over the last few years, it’s not hard to see why so many pinball pros were convinced it was the real deal. With the likes of AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, Metallica and most recently, KISS, boasting pinball machines in their honour, it was really only a matter of time before “America’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band” would take to the playfield. 
Since their formation in 1970, Aerosmith have shredded their way through sellout shows all over the globe to become one of the most iconic stadium rock bands of all time; quickly gaining a reputation not only for their powerful rock-blues fusion sounds but also their uncompromising attitude and high-energy live performances. With a career spanning four decades and worldwide album sales of over 150 million, the band are still going strong and currently preparing for the European leg of their ‘Farewell’ Tour. A tour that, according to Steve Tyler, could potentially last “forever”. No signs of slowing down yet then!
It’s this persistence and passion which is really reflected in Stern’s latest machine, coming together to recreate the unparalleled experience of a live concert without actually having to set foot in an arena. Chairman and CEO, Gary Stern said in a statement: 
“We’re thrilled to have Aerosmith join the ranks of Stern Pinball’s rock and roll line-up. Aerosmith is an iconic band with a devoted fan base. Fans of both the band and pinball will be able to appreciate the extraordinary experience that the Aerosmith pinball machines provide.”
Appearance-wise, the new Aerosmith pinball machine almost echoes the Batman 66 with a large full-colour LCD screen taking pride of place in the lower half of the backbox. And thanks to the new SPIKE-2 electronic system, players can look forward not only to innovative animation, but HD visuals as well. The game also includes custom speech from Brendon Small, creator of the animated TV series, Metalocalypse, which centres around a somewhat flamboyant death metal band. On the outside, each model features its own unique art package hand-drawn by renowned rock artist ‘Dirty Donny’ Gillies—the illustrator’s second pinball project following his work on Stern’s Metallica machine back in 2013.
Designed by Stern’s own John Borg, the game itself sports some familiar features including Jacky’s 3D mechanical ball locking toy box, ramped up to release no less than six balls for a super intense multiball mode. The rest of the playfield is packed with the typical trademarks we’ve come to expect from Stern in recent years, including a full LED light display, illuminating spotlights, an array of targets and 3-channel stereo sound. Components unique to the game include the ‘Sneak In’ skill shot, ‘Crank It Up’ ball scoop, a ‘Rats In The Cellar’ spinner to help you rack up some extra points and even a colour-changing RGB topper which will really stand out in a home games room.
Get a taste for the rock star life as you embark on your very own stadium tour experience, playing as the band and unlocking different features as you progress—all to the soundtrack of some of Aerosmith’s biggest hits. Players and bystanders alike won’t be able to resist rocking out to the nine classic tunes blasting out over the concert arena playfield, scoring points and completing game objectives to raise the audience’s levels of energy, thrill and enjoyment. The higher the energy level, the bigger and louder the show and, ultimately, the more exhilarating the player experience.
Aerosmith Pinball Machine Track Listing
• Toys in the Attic
• Love in an Elevator
• Rats in the Cellar
• Dude Looks Like a Lady
• Back in the Saddle
• Sweet Emotion
• Walk This Way
• Same Old Song & Dance
• Last Child
Like most other machines on the market, the Aerosmith pinball game is available in three different models: Pro (light blue), Premium (purple) and Limited Edition (dark blue). What really makes the latter two stand out from the Pro is that they also feature an upper playfield, complete with orbit lane, five standup targets and a special ‘Love in an Elevator’ moulded toy exit. Along with all of the usual special extras that come with the Limited Edition model, such as the signed authenticity certificate, autographed playfield and serialised number plate, owners of the LE will also have the privilege of knowing that their machine is one of only 500 produced. 
Still struggling to decide which one is for you? You can see the full breakdown of features for all three models here. And if you’re wondering about add-ons, Stern have already confirmed that a whole host of licensed accessories will be available, including toppers, laser cut armour, custom shooter knobs and perhaps most excitingly, a set of inner art blades to brighten up the black sides.
If you’re ready to buy, Pinball Heaven are pleased to offer the official Aerosmith pinball machine for sale in the UK from Feburary/March. Whether it’s the Pro, Premium or Limited Edition model you’re after, you can preorder it right now by clicking here.  Not your thing? You can browse our full range of games here and follow us on Twitter to find out the latest in pinball news and releases.

Pinball Heaven At PLAY Expo in Manchester!

October has been a busy month for Pinball Heaven, kicking off with our display at the north’s biggest video gaming event: PLAY Expo at Manchester’s EventCity. The award-nominated show, which is now in its fifth year running, played host to hundreds of major exhibitors showcasing everything from virtual reality and next-gen gaming to indie developers and arcade games. EventCity was transformed not only into a fantastic meeting place for gamers, but also into a serious battleground complete with competitions, tournaments and even the chance to beat the developers at their own games!

Although the event was a celebration of all things gaming and pop culture, the beating heart of PLAY Expo Manchester was undoubtedly the retro zone which featured a record-breaking display, including 13 of Pinball Heaven’s own machines. Visitors to PLAY Expo were given the chance not only to play, but also to connect with other collectors and fellow fanatics, buy new machines and mostly enjoy a great experience alongside other members of the UK pinball community.
It is this community who helped to ensure that there was a range of over 100 pinball machines on display at the show. Spanning over 55 years from 1958 (Gottlieb’s Roto Pool) right up to 2016 (Stern’s Ghostbusters) both game supplied by Pinball Heaven, the wildly varying collection of old and new machines alike was enough to excite almost every pinball fan and allowed many attendees to relive their all-time favourite pinball moments once again. 
With over 300 playable consoles, computers and pinball machines, the show really did come alive with the retro gaming spirit and our corner of the Northern Lights Pinball Show had queues all weekend! Thanks to almost 20,000 visitors, Northern Lights is now the largest pinball show in the UK and we loved being a part of it, showcasing some of our classic pinball machines and brand new games.
Throughout both days, we saw a wide range of players from pinball collectors and seasoned pros to new and curious members of the general public who played pinball for the very first time at the show. All proceeds generated were donated directly to the Teenage Cancer Trust, who Northern Lights have been supporting since the show started back in 2011. Over the last five years, the show has managed to raise £15,000 in donations for the highly worthwhile charity and this year we were proud to help that total rise.
Pinball aside, the retro zone at PLAY Expo was home to a gaming library of over 100 arcade machines for the weekend, as well as over 250 games from the last 25 years, including family favourites like Donkey Kong, Pacman and Super Mario Bros, as well as vintages classics such as Mortal Kombat, Asteroids and Space Invaders. Throw over 100 classic PC games into that mix and you’re looking at the biggest collection of retro games at any gaming show in Europe. There really was something for everyone, evidenced by the colourful variety of visitors. We saw members of Team Nintendo, Sega, Sony, EA and even Xbox!
As if all of that weren’t enough, the event also played host to Tomb Raider’s 20th Anniversary celebration and a Sonic Super Sunday special in honour of Sonic the Hedgehog’s 25th birthday. Alongside seminars, interviews, live music and the official Northern UK qualifier of the Red Bull 5G eSports Tournament, a walk around the huge exhibition centre also showed us tabletop gaming, a dedicated Minecraft area, drawing masterclasses and even a cosplay masquerade!

Dialed In Pinball Machine from Jersey Jack Pinball!

NEW Dialed In Pinball Machine from Jersey Jack Pinball!
There’s been talk of a collaboration between Jersey Jack Pinball and legendary pinball designer, Pat Lawlor, for a while now but the details have been kept top secret. Other than the fact that it would be based on an original concept, everything else has remained a mystery—until now. At the 32nd Annual Pinball Expo 2016 in Chicago, the brand new pinball machine, Dialed In, was finally revealed and it really does look like it was worth the wait.
For anyone unfamiliar with Pat Lawlor, he is responsible for designing some of the best-selling pinball machines of all time: Addams Family, Twilight Zone, FunHouse and EarthShaker to name a few. Dialed In is his first offering in almost ten years and is something of a departure from the pinball industry’s recent trend of licensing popular themes; Jersey Jack himself stuck with a movie theme for his first two Wizard of Oz and The Hobbit pinball machines. The use of an original theme may be relatively risky but it is a refreshing revisit to some of the more memorable pinball machines from the ‘80s and ‘90s, though this time with a unique modern twist…


Pinball repair services (onsite and workshop based)

Mobile Pinball Machine Repair Service from Pinball Heaven
As all proud pinball owners will know, regular maintenance is important if you want to keep your classic pinball machines at their best; however, even with consistent cleaning and careful upkeep, there are a few occasions that even the most practised of players may be unprepared for. From broken flipper coils to flickering LEDs, we really have seen it all here at Pinball Heaven over our 26 years of repairing pinball machines—and it’s that experience which has caused us to create what we believe is the best pinball repair service in the UK. 
If your pinball machine isn’t working as it should, you’re in safe hands with Pinball Heaven. Here are some of the most common faults we can help you with…
Faulty coils
A faulty coil (or solenoid) is one of the most common reasons people phone us to ask for technical help and can even be the cause of a pinball machine breaking down.  It can be as simple as a wire off but it can cause a major problem.
Opto issues
Broken wires and faulty resistors aside, dry joints (broken solder) and even dirt can cause the Opto circuit on certain machines to flicker on and off, confusing the machine and making it do strange things.
Blown fuse or loose power lead
It’s easy to panic if you find that all of a sudden your pinball machine won’t even switch on. Often this is down to one of two things: a fuse has blown either in the plug or the internal mains, or the Euro power lead has become loose at the back of the machine.
Faulty PCB board
Usually, we can repair boards for modern games (from 1990 onwards) within 24 hours. We repair almost all Bally, Williams, Data East and Stern circuit boards on the same day—and if we can’t, we are more than happy to send a replacement board for your pinball machine. You can find out more about our pinball board repair service here.
If you find yourself facing one of these problems or any other issue with your pinball machine, you can rest assured that we will be able to assist you. Here’s how…
It all starts with a phone call
Or an email. Or an iMessage! We offer a free technical support service that you can access simply by getting in touch. As the most knowledgable pinball company in the UK, we’re pretty good at finding faults with pinball machines and can usually diagnose the problem remotely in a matter of minutes. 
We’ll give you the tools
Once we’ve worked out what the problem is, how you choose to solve it is completely up to you. If the solution is relatively simple, we can talk you through how to repair your pinball machine yourself over the phone. If it turns out you require replacement parts for your pinball machine, we can order and send these out to you. We have the largest stock of pinball parts in the UK. We are official distributors for many pinball parts manufacturers in the USA.
…or bring them ourselves
If you’d rather have total peace of mind, we can take the worry off your hands completely by arranging for a service engineer to come directly to your home or business as part of our onsite pinball repair service. We are based in Preston, Lancashire but regularly carry out pinball machine repairs in Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham, York and across the whole of the North of England. We’ve even repaired pinball machines as far South as Worcester, Bristol and Rugby—just contact us for availability. 
We really fix the games that no-one else can.  So don’t waste your time elsewhere, we can fix it.
Repairing, restoring and servicing pinball machines is what we do best. If you’d like to take advantage of our free technical support, you can contact us here. Please make sure to state the name of the machine, the apparent problem and any previously known problems. You may also wish to send an accompanying video clip to us and that really does help!
You can find prices for our onsite pinball repair service here. If you bought your machine from Pinball Heaven, you are covered by our 2 year warranty and then lifetime technical warranty and we will always help you to fix any problems with your machine. To keep up-to-date with all of the latest pinball news, follow us on Twitter.

Looking ahead at Pinball Expo 2016

Pinball Expo 2016 in Chicago!

It’s time once again for the annual Pinball Expo in Chicago and 2016 looks set to be the best year yet! To mark the 32nd year of the U.S. exposition, the event will be a celebration of all things pinball, featuring classic pinball machines for sale and to play from all eras alongside the latest in new technology. Attendees will be given the chance not only to play rare and brand new pinball machines, but also to meet fellow fanatics, buy pinball machine parts, brochures or even new machines, and really just soak up the atmosphere.

The four day event, which is the world’s largest gathering of pinball industry and hobby celebrities, avid and casual collectors, will run from 12 – 16 October at the Westin North Shore hotel and is sure to offer something special for everyone. Alongside seminars, autograph signings, the ExpoBrawl and a Flip Out tournament, activities on offer also include a pinball art contest and an exclusive tour of the nearby Stern Pinball factory, allowing players to see the production of machines from beginning to end.

While the late-night gaming is bound to be brilliant and the on-site pinball repair service is a very nice touch, it’s the pending announcements from some of the biggest names in pinball that have got us most excited. Taking everything—all exhibits, vendors and entertainment—into consideration, these three (predicted) big reveals are what we here at Pinball Heaven are most looking forward to.

A New Pat Lawlor Pinball Machine from Jersey Jack Pinball

Although as yet unnamed, excitement is already building up for the highly-anticipated third release from Jersey Jack Pinball, designed by legendary 90s game designer Pat Lawlor. Following the major success of the Wizard of Oz pinball machine and The Hobbit pinball machine, it’s no surprise that this killer collaboration is continuing for a third round, with artist John Youssi, programmer Ted Estes and sound master Dave Thiel all on board.

Unlike the first two games based on movies, the new machine will feature an original theme and if Pat’s track record is anything to go by, it’s likely to be something most unusual and unique. We know from this year’s Southern-Fried Game Expo that the game will not be a concept that Pat has done in the past so we are absolutely expecting the unexpected! As the exclusive distributor of Jersey Jack Pinball machines in the UK, we’ll be sharing all of the latest updates about the new game right here on Pinball Heaven.

A New 90s Pinball Machine Remake from Chicago Gaming

We may not know much about this one yet but the team behind the much-loved Medieval Madness Remake are expected to announce another remake at the expo. The 90s favourites Attack From Mars and Cactus Canyon pinball machines are both tipped as frontrunners for getting a new lease of life, but our money is on the highly sought-after 1996 classic Attack From Mars pinball machine being remade next. Whatever Chicago Gaming have up their sleeve, Pinball Heaven will be stocking the pinball machine exclusively as soon as it’s available for sale in the UK.  So if you are looking to buy Attack from Mars pinball machine – start saving!

Stern Pinball’s 30th Anniversary Pinball Machine: Batman 66

As you may have heard already, Stern Pinball have announced a brand new pinball machine based on the classic 1966 Batman TV show as part of their 30th anniversary celebration. Although there’s no image of the Batman 66 pinball machine yet, a flyer detailing some of the features has been doing the rounds online and we have to say it looks pretty fantastic. Check it out below.

Excluding the crane toy which is being lifted from their 2008 game, Batman: The Dark Knight, the machine will feature an all-new design and become the first Stern game to use a full-colour LCD display for both the backbox and the playfield, instead of the traditional single-colour dot-matrix display. Pinball designer George Gomez (known for Lord of the Rings and Monster Bash) and coder Lyman Sheats (known for Metallica and The Walking Dead) were both enlisted to help make the machine the best it could be—and expo attendees will be the first to see the results.

This collaboration between Stern and KaPow Pinball celebrates not only Stern’s own anniversary but the 50th anniversary of the original Batman TV show as well. In honour of this, anyone who preorders one of the 240 Limited Edition machines will gain entry to a special VIP meet-and-greet with Adam West, a.k.a. the original Batman! The meet-and-greet will take place as part of Stern’s Epic 30th Anniversary Extravaganza party during the expo.

Interestingly, there will be no Pro edition available, only Premium, Limited Edition and Super Limited Edition which can be purchased by invitation only. Ahead of the release in November, both the Premium and Limited Edition Batman 66 pinball machines can be preordered directly from Pinball Heaven with a £2000 deposit. See our full listing of the Stern Batman Pinball Machine here.

The list of sponsors helping to make the Pinball Expo possible includes Stern Pinball, Pinball Mike, Jersey Jack Pinball, Marco Specialities and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which attendees will have the chance to give back to at a charity auction during a banquet on Saturday night.

Itching to buy tickets yet?! Whether you make it to the big event or not, it’s certainly set to be an exciting year for pinball collectors. If you’re looking to add to your own collection, check out our current range of pinball machines for sale in the UK. To keep up-to-date with the latest pinball news, follow us on Twitter.

Pinball Heaven at the Ideal Home Show at Christmas

Pinball Heaven comes to the Ideal Home Show in London and Manchester this Christmas all in aid of the Katie Piper Foundation.

After an initial and very successful run at the Ideal Home Show back in March, we are pleased to announce that Pinball Heaven will also be donating pinball machines for the Ideal Home Show at Christmas this November in both Manchester, Event City and London Olympia.

The Ideal Home Show is the UK’s premier interior design event, showcasing everything from home improvements to smart technology—and the Christmas edition is just as jam-packed, bringing everything you need to prepare your home for the festive season, will that special someone get a Pinball Machine for Christmas this year? The exhibition will not only be setting up in its traditional location at London’s Olympia from 23 – 27 November, but also taking over EventCity in Manchester from 10 – 13 November.

We will be bringing along and will have for sale both our Ghostbusters pinball machine and The Hobbit pinball machine to London and Manchester, giving you the chance to trial two of our bestselling games—a fantastic opportunity if you’ve been thinking if you should buy a pinball machine for Christmas. Read a little more information about them below.

Ghostbusters Pinball Machine by Stern Pinball

Travel back to the ‘80s with this vibrant, retro machine based on the classic film. Featuring the hit theme song by Ray Parker Jr., beautiful hand drawn artwork by renowned illustrator Jeremy Packer a.k.a. Zombie Yeti and custom narration from none other than Ernie Hudson — the original Winston Zeddemore — the game is specifically designed to be easy to play but difficult to master. Available for sale here.

The Hobbit Pinball Machine by Jersey Jack Pinball

A real standout from other pinball machines, The Hobbit features a lively, animated LCD screen playing CGI scenes, animations and movie clips from Peter Jackson’s latest trilogy. While this is certainly the most striking element, there are a whole host of other cool toys, targets, ramps and surprises unique to the game that really do need to be seen to be believed. Available for sale here.

All proceeds from play will go directly to the Ideal Home Show’s charity partner, the Katie Piper Foundation, who work tirelessly to support people with burns and scars. After raising over £200 for the foundation at our first show earlier this year, we’re hoping to bump that total up even more in the run up to Christmas. You can find more information about the Katie Piper Foundation here.

A key focus of Pinball Heaven is to promote pinball culture to a wider audience and we couldn’t think of a better way to do it than to showcase our pinball machines at one of the UK’s busiest exhibition venues.

If you want to get your Christmas shopping done early, you can also see our full range of pinball machines for sale here. To keep up-to-date with the latest pinball news, be sure to follow Pinball Heaven on Twitter.