Guarantee & Warranty

All our machines come with a warranty, the type is dependent on the type of user you are.

  • Home Use – The original purchaser is covered for a total of 2 years. The game is covered by our parts (excluding consumables such as bulbs/leds/rubbers) and labour warranty* (see details below) plus FREE LIFETIME technical support.
  • Office Use – Low/medium use games (subject to maximum 400 games being played per month average) are covered by 12 month parts (excluding consumables such as bulbs/leds/rubbers) and labour warranty* (see details below) plus FREE LIFETIME technical support.
  • Operator Use (located on-site earning money) – Games are covered by a 3 month parts and labour warranty (off-site) plus FREE LIFETIME technical support.
  • Technical support – Feel free to send any questions to us at Pinball Heaven Support and we will do our best to help you. We can normally diagnose most problems via email or telephone (UK 01772 816677).
  • Board faults – in the event of PCB problems, the board (we will tell you which one) must be returned to us for repair, in this case we will replace the board or repair it.
  • Playfield defects – Playfields issues will be subject to manufacturer warranty and our warranty is no greater than what the manufacturer intends to do to rectify playfield problems, which is basically nothing.

If a fault cannot be resolved over the telephone/email/Skype/Facetime we can arrange for an engineer to call out to your home and repair the game in situ.  For “critical” events that stop the game functioning this will be free, for “routine pinball maintenence” you are expected to either do this yourself (with our help over the phone/email/skype/facetime) or pay a contribution to the cost of getting an engineer to your home.  We look after our customers, we have a reputation of great service and care, we just cant send an engineer out that costs us £100+ for a stuck ball or something simple that -just happens- to a pinball machine.

You also get the opportunity to exchange the machine if you are not fully satisfied (within 14 days – subject to conditions – Special orders excluded).

Stern pinball software upgrades – if you check Stern pinball’s website and if you find your machine has the wrong software, you can email us via the link below and we’ll arrange a FREE upgrade.

Jersey Jack Pinball software can be found at


Document revised 26 Feb 2022 – Added “playfield defects” limitation to warranty.

Document revised 1 March 2019 – Added “Office user” guarantee details which were previously missing.

Document revised 15 November 2016 – Added “The original purchaser” to the home use warranty to be clear that warranties are not transferrable.  Added link to Jersey Jack Pinball.

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