Queen Live in Concert Pinball Machine Announced

Queen Live in Concert Pinball Machine Announced by Pinball Brothers

Pinball Brothers have just announced their second pinball machine; Queen – Live in Concert, which will be available in two editions; the vibrant Champions Edition and the classy Rhapsody Edition.

Rhapsody Edition is limited to a run of 1,000 numbered games and comes with a certificate of authenticity. The limited Rhapsody Edition will come with a number of unique add-ons and the two editions will be different in appearance.

Game Features

The game features 14 live songs accompanied by call outs by the band, exclusively recorded for the game. Featured also is Brian May’s legendary Red Special guitar, in the shape of an upper playfield where you can lock balls to start the Red Special multiball.  Or you can visit the epic Wembley Stadium to lock balls to start yet another of the game’s many multiballs.

Collect autographs, instruments, band members, tour passes and posters on your way to eventually reaching the final wizard mode »I Want it All!«

The game is presented with a breath-taking full RGB light show and a HiFidelity sound system, including an 8” bass speaker. It is hard to imagine a better way of experiencing Queen live, whether it be at the club or in your own living room. It is truly immersive!

Queen Soundtrack

The hit Queen soundtrack includes: A Kind of Magic, Another One Bites The Dust, Bohemian Rhapsody, Hammer To Fall, I Want To Break Free, Killer Queen, One Vision, Play The Game, Radio Ga Ga, Seven Seas Of Rhye, Somebody To Love, We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions and Who Wants To Live Forever.

Queen Live in Concert Pinball Machine Enquiries

To enquire about the new Queen Live in Concert Pinball Machine, call Pinball Brothers’ official UK Distributor Pinball Heaven on 01772 816 677 or visit our online pinball shop.

Total Nuclear Annihilation Pinball Re-Release – Pinball Rumour Mill

Total Nuclear Annihilation Pinball Re-Release: “Spooky will be re-running TNA again soon.”

Last week, Spooky Pinball’s Total Nuclear Annihilation (TNA) designer, Scott Danesi mentioned on Pinside that while there was no current timetable for an announcement, “Spooky will be re-running TNA again soon.”

Released in September 2017, Spooky’s Total Nuclear Annihilation pinball machine enjoyed a run of just 550 units, and with a raft of positive reviews and a Pinside ranking of 8.115 out of 10, a TNA re-run would be positively received.

Simple to learn, but difficult to master

According to TV Tropes, Danesi’s intent was to create a machine that was simple to learn, but difficult to master – much like pinball in the early-’80s. To that end, TNA is relatively feature-sparse, featuring no toys or fancy decoration, like one would expect from a modern pinball game. The closest it gets is a mini-playfield and an innovative way of locking balls for multiball, by shooting a ball into an enclosed area, and then a gate will pop up and hold it there. With two tiers of gates loaded, shooting a third ball into it will release both of them and properly start multiball. However, the presentation is comparatively elaborate, with retraux ’80s artwork and music creating an implicit war-torn setting.

TNA’s focus is instead on the actual pinball action, which centres around starting, overheating, and destroying nuclear reactors (in that order). Shooting the scoop activates them, hitting the grid drop targets heats them up, and shooting the game’s sole pop bumper will finally explosively overload it. Repeating this process will ultimately result in the titular Total Nuclear Annihilation. This stripped-down approach to pinball results in a rather difficult, but deceptively simple game, that is well-suited for competitive play.

Total Nuclear Annihilation Pinball Gameplay

A whole new lease of life

Featuring 3 flippers, a pop bumper, 5 slingshots, 11 standup targets, 3-in-line drop targets with ball locking capability, 2 scoops, a spinning target, ball save display, LCD and dedicated numeric score displays, 3-in-line drop targets which physically lock up to 2 balls, a 3-ball multiball, plus a Red beacon topper, Spooky Pinball’s Total Nuclear Annihilation could enjoy a whole new lease of life with perhaps some updated code and features, and how about a 2022 cabinet facelift too?

To date there has been no official statement from Spooky Pinball, however Danesi is currently rumoured to be working on new 2.0 code, which is said to be compatible with the first run of the game. So this could be good news all round for all TNA fans.

Watch this space!

Toy Story 4 Pinball Machine Announced by Jersey Jack

Toy Story 4 Pinball Machine Announced by Jersey Jack Pinball: the ultimate toy is now available to purchase for your home game room or arcade!

Further to our recent Toy Story Pinball Machine Rumour Mill blog post, and rather sooner than we anticipated, Jersey Jack Pinball has announced its new Toy Story 4 Pinball Machine.

Experience the Magic of Toy Story 4

Delve into the world of Toy Story, with the voices of Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Bo Peep, Duke Caboom, and more. Buzz Lightyear and Woody call out throughout the game with custom narration. The journey is accompanied by an original soundtrack that includes a special rendition of Randy Newman’s “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”.

Award-Winning Design Team

As anticipated, Jersey Jack’s latest masterpiece is designed by JJP’s award-winning design team, led by Pat Lawlor. And Toy Story 4’s state-of-the-art platform includes proprietary technology that engages players with an immersive experience, featuring mesmerizing light shows alongside animations and scenes from the film.
Players can send the silver-ball flying off the Duke Caboom jump ramp — just don’t let the Bensons block your shot! Blast into the jet bumpers to collect a super jackpot in Buzz Multiball, and aim for the stand-up targets to light Rescue Forky. Hurry up and bash Gabby Gabby into a pinball frenzy on the way to scoring Grand Champion. Take a chance on the spinning wheel to earn different awards like Extra Ball, Tiki Party, Super Loops and more! Start interactive carnival games like Star Adventurer, Dragon Zone, Squirrel Derby, and Flipball on the 10-inch playfield frame display.

Smile for the Camera!

A special feature of this high-tech entertainment system is the digital photo booth that takes pictures while you play. Make memories and ‘tweet’ your high scores! The machine comes fully equipped with Bluetooth audio for wireless listening and Wi-Fi connectivity for seamless over-the-air software updates. Scorbit, a competitive pinball platform and social network, is also included in the package.

Toy Story 4 Pinball Machine by Jersey Jack

Toy Story 4 Collector’s and Limited Editions

Only 1,000 Collector’s Edition and 5,000 Limited Edition machines will be produced.

The Limited Edition includes blue powder-coated armour, exclusive cabinet artwork, an interactive shaker motor that provides haptic feedback, invisiglass, and individually-numbered edition plaques.

The highly sought after Collector’s Edition includes a super-exclusive Pixar Ball shooter, a fiber-optic LED fireworks topper, red chrome armor, sparkly playfield art, RadCal cabinet art package, mirrored backglass art, external lighting, custom callouts by Bo Peep and signatures by the design team and Jersey Jack himself.

Toy Story 4 Pinball Machine Enquiries

To enquire about Jersey Jack Pinball’s Toy Story 4 Pinball Machine, call Jersey Jack’s Official Distributor, Pinball Heaven today on 01772 816677.

Toy Story Pinball Machine – the Pinball Rumour Mill

Toy Story Pinball Machine – the next release from Jersey Jack Pinball?

Rumours have been circulating for a while that Jersey Jack Pinball is about to release a Toy Story pinball machine, but nothing has been confirmed to date. However, this week Jersey Jack announced their next game will be revealed very soon, along with details of how to put yourself in pole position for a collector’s edition.

It was also rumoured some time ago that ex-Williams engineer and designer Pat Lawlor was working on a new Toy Story pin, and early today a Jersey Jack teaser stated, “Game Designer Pat Lawlor is back with a new masterpiece.  Are you ready?” So, it looks like Jersey Jack could be about to announce its new Toy Story pinball machine anytime soon.

Toy Story – the First Feature Film from Pixar

Toy Story is a 1995 American computer-animated comedy film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. The first instalment in the Toy Story franchise was the first entirely computer-animated feature film, as well as the first feature film from Pixar.

Toy Story’s main characters, Woody and Buzz Lightyear are voiced by Tom Hanks and Tim Allen respectively, with other characters brought to life by Don Rickles, Wallace Shawn, John Ratzenberger, Jim Varney, Annie Potts, R. Lee Ermey, John Morris, Laurie Metcalf, and Erik von Detten. Music for the film was composed, conducted, and performed by legendary singer-songwriter Randy Newman.

Toy Story was so successful that a sequel, Toy Story 2, was released in November 1999. In 2010, Toy Story received a second sequel, Toy Story 3. In 2019 Toy Story 4 was released and this year the spin-off prequel film, Lightyear hit the big screens. So, what better time to extend the franchise with a JJP Pat Lawlor designed pinball machine?

Pat Lawlor

Lawlor’s recent designs include The Addams Family, which became the biggest selling pinball machine of all time, and in which the game could automatically take control of one flipper under certain circumstances and attempt to make a particularly difficult shot for the player. He also designed Twilight Zone which became popular among pinball enthusiasts due in part to its complicated ruleset, and Jersey Jack’s Dialed In which Lawlor worked on for nearly two years and features Bluetooth technology to enable linking to a mobile phone in order to control the game’s flippers remotely.

A Lawlor designed Toy Story pin would make total sense. The five Toy Story films would arm him with plenty of ammunition to create one of his typically busy playfields, and it is easy to imagine Woody and Buzz being the target of some tricky signature Lawlor bumper shots, perhaps lending themselves to a third flipper, located to one side of the playfield, delivering an intricate stop and go gameplay.

JJP Toy Story Pinball Machine – Creative Freedom

Whatever the intricacy of the design, it is fair to say that with Pat Lawlor now enjoying the sort of creative freedom he had back in his Williams’ days, the new JJP Toy Story Pinball Machine will see him reaching for the sky and most definitely taking us to infinity and beyond!

Toy Story Pinball Machine Updates

For all the Toy Story pinball machine updates, hear it here first at Pinball Heaven – Jersey Jack Pinball’s official distributor for the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

Specialist Pinball Hire at Manchester United

Specialist Pinball Hire at Manchester United by Pinball Heaven

Pinball Heaven recently installed a pinball machine at Manchester United’s Trafford Training Centre near Carrington, to feature in the new Remington Manchester United online commercial.

Carrington Training Centre

Built in 1999 to replace United’s existing training ground at The Cliff in Salford, the Trafford Training Centre in Carrington includes a large gymnasium, indoor running tracks, rehabilitation training hall, squash and basketball courts, weights room, 25-metre swimming pool, remedial and hydrotherapy pools, spa pool, jacuzzi, underwater treadmills, sauna and steam rooms.

Carrington also features sunbeds for Vitamin D, yoga rooms, administration and executive offices, seven team changing rooms, staff changing rooms, laundry rooms, five kit/boot rooms and of course now boasts a bespoke Remington Pinball Machine on hire from Pinball Heaven.

The impressive medical facility at the site, completed in early 2013, includes a state-of-the-art hospital wing and sports science department for treating player injuries and assisting in recuperation, with treatment rooms and offices for; doctors, physiotherapists, sports scientists, sports psychologists, statisticians and dieticians.

Specialist Pinball Hire
Manchester United Logo
Remington Logo

Manchester United Remington Partnership

In 2019 Manchester United and Remington, a global leader in personal care, announced a multi-year partnership that will see the brand become the club’s first Official Electrical Styling Partner.

Remington, Official Electrical Styling Partner of Manchester United, have developed an exclusive range of grooming and styling products complete with club colours and embossed with the legendary Manchester United crest. Each product also includes a Manchester United branded accessory. See the Remington Manchester United Collection

Part of the Manchester United Remington Partnership is the Remington Pinball Challenge.

Remington Pinball Challenge

Pinball anyone? Highest score wins when the Manchester United players compete in a test of precision, control & confidence in the Remington Pinball Challenge.

The bespoke Remington Pinball Machine supplied on hire by Pinball Heaven is a classic White Water pinball by Williams, which was then graphics wrapped especially to celebrate the Manchester United Remington partnership.

Manchester United players were filmed playing the pinball machine to feature in the Remington Manchester United online commercial. After filming was completed the pinball machine was available for the Manchester United squad to play for the remainder of the hire.

Specialist Pinball Hire Enquiries

Fancy a specialist pinball machine for your venue? To discover more about our specialist pinball hire offering, call Pinball Heaven today on 01772 816 677.

Alien Pinball Hire at Retroids, Worcester

Pinball Brothers Distributor Pinball Heaven has just installed an Alien pinball hire machine at Retroids Arcade Bar in Worcester.

High Octane Survival Horror

“When the computer on the commercial space tug Nostromo detects a transmission in the middle of its flight home, it wakes its crew to investigate the source of the signal. On the moon LV-426 they discover the wreck of an old spaceship.

Step inside this high octane, survival horror and genre defining action thriller, bringing to life two of the iconic Alien films, both Alien and Aliens in this world under glass.

Packed full of toys, mechs and features, whilst delivering ground up improvements. Alien from Pinball Brothers brings the beast back.”

This is the first and only Alien Pinball Machine from Pinball Brothers on site in the UK and you can see it exclusively at Retroids, 2 New Street, Worcester WR1 2DN

Retroids Open 7 Days a Week

Nostalgic Bar Arcade

Retroids is a nostalgic bar arcade straight out of the 80s in Worcester city centre, serving great beer and classic video arcade games, with regular tournaments and it’s open 7 days a week.

Find out more about Retroids online: Retroids Website | Retroids Facebook | Retroids Instagram

Alien Pinball Machine Gameplay

Pinball Hire For Your Venue

Many venues work well with pinball hire. We have seen success in single sites, a pinball machine and nothing else in a shop or pub, to a few pinball machines in a small retro gaming arcade or multiple pinball machines in a cafe. A broad range of venues can benefit from pinball hire.

The Pinball Hire Specialists: Pinball Heaven

To find out more about pinball hire for your venue, call Pinball Heaven today on 01772 816 677

Rush Pro Pinball Installed at Tilt, Birmingham

Pinball Heaven has installed a Rush Pro Pinball Machine at Tilt, Birmingham

Tilt is a hangout featuring craft beer, specialty coffee & teas as well as pinball machines. TILT currently boasts 20 pinball machines, located over three floors. All machines are £1 for 1 Game or just £2 for 3 Games. All pinball machines are supplied and expertly maintained by Pinball Heaven.

Rush Pro Pinball Machine

Tilt’s latest pinball addition, Rush Pro features: Six pinballs, 17 RGB software controlled LEDs, Stainless steel Hemispheres right ramp with custom engraved and illuminated Rush logo, High speed plastic side Jackpot ramp, Ramp diverter system transports pinball to either bottom flipper based on its position, The Spirit of Radio optical spinning target, 3 flippers, 3 RGB lit pop bumpers, 4 R-U-S-H stand-up targets, Exclusive live Rush concert footage and custom animations, Main power scoop with kick out, plus a Clear window insert gives visibility to pinball in subway.

Rush Pinball Pro Edition also features:  Custom sculpted electromagnetic Time Machine ball lock with stationary ramp entrance and illuminated floor, Side scoop subway with front main power scoop kick out, ‘Dead End’ stand-up target, Secret stand-up target hidden behind a bank of 3 musical instrument drop targets starts Freewill Multiball, plus Red and white general illumination lighting.

Rush Pro Pinball Installed at Tilt Birmingham

Tilt Pinball Venue Birmingham

Tilt is a multi-functional space that explores and celebrates the concepts of craft beer, specialty coffee and pinball. For those who are not craft beer or specialty coffee drinkers, TILT also offers 10 different loose leaf teas, 5 different hot chocolates, a range of soft drinks, wines and a small selection of high quality spirits.

How to Find Tilt

You can find Tilt at City Arcade, 2 Union St, Birmingham B2 4TX. They are just 5 to 10 minutes walk from Birmingham New Street and Moore Street, while Corporation Street Metro Stop is located less than a minute away. If you wish to call Tilt you can contact them on 0121 643 1048.

Pinball Sales & Hire from Pinball Heaven

If you are interested in buying or hiring pinball machines for your venue, call Pinball Heaven on 01772 816677.

Houdini Pinball Machine Deluxe Edition

Houdini Pinball Machine: Master of Mystery Deluxe Edition

Official UK Distributor for American Pinball

Pinball Heaven is delighted to be the official UK distributor for American Pinball and offer pinball machine sales on all new American Pinball titles.

We currently have a limited number of new Houdini Master of Mystery Deluxe Edition pinball machines coming available, which we are now available to reserve on back-order.

American Pinball

Based in Chicago and famous for their Houdini and Oktoberfest pins, American Pinball’s mission is to provide the highest quality pinball machines in the world. Everything American Pinball creates is done with the customer in mind, to produce a product you will fall in love with and enjoy for a lifetime.

Houdini Pinball Machine: Master of Mystery Deluxe Edition

Houdini is a name known and respected around the world and is one that is associated with greatness. This legendary figure is celebrated with the premier machine from American Pinball. Houdini was more than just the world’s greatest escape artist, he was an illusionist, a movie star a debunker of psychics and some believe he was a government spy. Help Houdini perform his greatest tricks, be part of his movies, participate in a seance, and go on secret missions.

Houdini Pinball Machine Deluxe EditionHelp Houdini Perform His Greatest Tricks

American Pinball’s Houdini Pinball Machine celebrates Houdini’s life as it envelops the player with all things Houdini. Help Houdini perform his greatest tricks, be a part of his movies, participate in a seance and go on secret missions.

Playfield & Cabinet Features

Playfield Features include Three Magnets, Two Catapults, Magic Stage with Multiple Servos, Mechanical Trunk, Vertical Up Kicker & Super Vertical Up Kicker, Up to 7 Ball Multiball Rule Features, 4 Multiballs, 4 Mini-Master Modes, 1 Master Magician Mode,  10 Illusion/Escape Modes, 5 Secret Mission Combos, 5 Houdini Movie Modes, 5 Jail Escape Hurry Ups, 1 Video Mode, plus a Milkcan Playfield Multiplier.

Cabinet features include 15.6″ Full Color LCD, 6 Stereo Speakers and Custom Powder Coated Cabinet Armour.

Reserve Your Houdini Pinball Machine Deluxe Edition

To reserve your Houdini Master of Mystery Deluxe Edition pinball machine, call American Pinball’s Official UK Distributor Pinball Heaven on 01772 816 677, or visit our online pinball shop at www.pinball.co.uk/shop.

Mandalorian Pro Pinball Installed at Sanctuary Gaming

Pinball Heaven has recently installed a Mandalorian Pro pinball machine in the Sanctuary Gaming Centre in Sutton in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire.

Sanctuary Gaming Centre

Sanctuary Gaming Centre and Coffee Shop is located in the heart of Sutton-in-Ashfield town centre, a market town in Nottinghamshire with good links to the M1, A38 and public transport services.

Sanctuary Gaming was established in 2013 and has a vibrant ever-growing tabletop gaming community. They have busy weekly gaming nights for people to arrange pick-up games and host regular gaming events, enabling gamers of all ages are able to play any system of their choice. Light snacks as well as hot and cold beverages are also available on site.

Mandalorian Pro Pinball Machine

In Stern Pinball’s new action-packed pinball quest, players are transported to a galaxy far, far away as they play as the Mandalorian, teaming up with key allies and protecting Grogu, while battling dangerous enemies and forces across their journey.

And you are The Mandalorian! Use the Razor Crest, your weapons, armour, and comrades to go on bounty hunts, avoid ambushes, rescue the child, climate the imperials, and earn you signet!

The Mandalorian Pro Pinball Machine also includes a custom sculpture of Grogu, better known as Baby Yoda, audio and video from the first two seasons of the show, plus an exclusive monologue by actor Carl Weather, who plays Greef Karga. The Mandalorian Pro also showcases hand-drawn artwork by Randy Martinez and the show’s iconic title theme song by Ludwig Göransson.

Mandalorian Pro Features

Immersive Gaming Experience

So, for a full-on, immersive gaming experience, visit Sanctuary Gaming Centre and try out the Mandalorian Pro pinball machine for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

You can find Sanctuary Gaming Centre at its new location of Ashbrook House, Forest Street, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire NG17 1BH.


Guns N Roses Limited Edition Pinball Machine

Pinball Heaven currently has a small number of Not in This Lifetime Guns N Roses Limited Edition Pinball Machines available.

To reserve yours call Pinball Heaven on 01772 816 677 or visit our online pinball shop.

Limited Edition Features

The Not in This Lifetime Limited Edition Pinball Machine features: GNR tour poster cabinet art packages, red brick powder coat, blood red plastic set, individually numbered and limited to 5000, 350+ individually controlled RGB LEDs, Gibson headstock upper playfield with 6 ball lock, 4 flippers, individually controllable RGB LED hotrail lighting, triple-kinetic diverter fender bass head mini playfield, triple path 4-string bass ramp wireform, 2 full motion articulating RGB LED stage spotlights, high hat and cymbal interactive drum kit pop bumper toys, analog and bluetooth headphone connectivity, shaker motor and invisiglass.

Guns N Roses Limited Edition Gameplay

Guns N Roses Most Successful Tour

Jersey Jack’s new Guns N Roses Not in This Lifetime pinball machine pays tribute to the band’s most successful tour, which took in 158 dates, sold over 5 million tickets and grossed almost $600 million USD.

Limited Edition gameplay incorporates elements of the band’s sound and stage show through multiple LCD screens and customized LED lighting to replicate the “Not In This Lifetime” concert production; the playfield experience is designed around playing through the Guns N’ Roses entire 21-song setlist, complete with a concert stage and interactive spotlights. In addition, Not In This Lifetime boasts five multi-ball modes, concert footage and animations, more than 200 LED lights, spinners shaped like guitar picks, plus sculptures of Axl Rose, Slash’s top hat and a stack of speakers.

All current members of the GNR line up contributed to the game, with Rose, Richard Fortus, Frank Ferrer, Dizzy Reed and MC Bob lending their voices and Duff McKagan and Melissa Reese providing the narration.

Limited Edition Enquiries

Tto reserve your Guns N Roses Limited Edition pinball machine, call Pinball Heaven on 01772 816 677 or visit our online pinball shop.

Batman ’66 Premium Pinball Machine

Batman ’66 Premium Pinball Machine – available now at Pinball Heaven

Following the success of Stern’s 2008 Batman pinball machine, which was based on the films Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, in 2016 Stern gathered together a Hall of Fame pinball development team to create an all-new Anniversary Edition machine, to celebrate both 30 years of Stern Pinball and 50 years of the Dynamic Duo of Batman and Robin.

Kaminkow, Gomez & Sheats

Based on the Batman television series from 1966, Batman ’66 was inspired by Joe Kaminkow of Ka-Pow Pinball and spearheaded by Stern Pinball product development chief George Gomez, who along with renowned programmer Lyman Sheats, brought the game to life.

Batman ’66 is regarded as one of the best pinball machines Stern Pinball have made, fantastic game play and audio/video from the original classic Batman TV series.

Batman ’66 Premium Trailer

Adam West and Burt Ward

Batman ’66 immerses players in campy fun and heart-pounding action as the crime fighting Dynamic Duo comes to the aid of the Gotham City Police. Throughout the game, Batman and Robin work to deduce clues and discover super villain plots in an effort to thwart evil plans and capture bad guys. Players are guided through the game by the voices of none other than the original Batman and Robin, Adam West and Burt Ward.
Batman 66 Premium Pinball Machine

Batman ’66 Premium Features Include:

  • Batman ’66 trading card by TOPPS presented in a special holder. 500 games get cards signed by Adam West (Batman)
  • “Villain Vision TV Set” target- brings the TV show and Batman’s adversaries to life directly on the playfield
  • Magnet feature linked to “Villain Vision TV Set”
  • Batphone target featuring illuminating Batphone
  • Batcomputer and Bat Analyzer targets with LED illumination
  • Batcave Nuclear Reactor with target and flasher
  • Spinning Batmobile Target with new and improved low friction bearings and centering assist device
  • 3 ball lock on rotating mini playfield enables 8 ball multiball, Diverter device enables locking balls on mini playfield
  • Electric Control Gate enables right orbit shots or forces the ball thru the pop bumpers
  • Vertical up-kicker device feeds the right return wireform
  • Eject hole in upper right corner holds the ball or helps the player lock balls on the mini playfield
  • 2 steel ramps with wireform ball returns
  • Both ramps are chrome finish
  • 3 pop bumpers
  • 20 stand up targets
  • 1 Spinner target
  • Speech calls by Adam West (Batman) and Burt Ward (Robin)
  • Illuminated Bat Signal toy on playfield

Full Colour HD Display

In addition to the fun title and game experience, the machine also features a full colour high definition display replacing the dot matrix display. In conjunction with Stern’s new SPIKE-2 electronic pinball platform, the display enables high definition graphics and innovative animations. This enables the game to feature actual TV footage from the iconic series. The game includes a second high definition display on the playfield as part of an interactive game feature.

Order Your Batman ’66 Premium Pinball Machine

To order your Batman ’66 Premium Pinball Machine by Stern Pinball, call Pinball Heaven on 01772 816 677 or visit our online pinball shop.