Galactic Tank Force Limited Edition

Galactic Tank Force Limited Edition

Galactic Tank Force Limited Edition by American Pinball – available now from Pinball Heaven

Get ready for an out-of-this-world Adventure as American Pinball unleashes “Galactic Tank Force”  With live actors, cutting-edge graphics and gripping gameplay, these cosmic exploits guarantee non-stop laughs, thrills, and excitement for pinball fans everywhere. Built like a TANK, this game guarantees countless hours of family enjoyment!

More Than Just an Arcade Game!

Galactic Tank Force Limited Edition pinball machine is more than just an arcade game. It’s a piece of history, a work of art, and an exciting space adventure rolled into one. It rekindles the heart and soul of the classic arcade era. The responsive flippers, the bumpers, and targets all resonate with the golden age of arcade gaming, creating an experience that’s both authentically retro and exhilaratingly contemporary.

The game itself is a thrilling journey through the stars, where players become part of the esteemed Galactic Tank Force, embarking on a mission to protect the distant moon of Lumina in the far-off Namdron Galaxy. The narrative is compelling, drawing players into a world where they must defend against the nefarious Empress Annoya and her invading legions. This storyline adds layers to the gameplay, making each flip of the ball a battle for lunar sovereignty.

The uniqueness of Galactic Tank Force is exemplified by its live-action character portrayals, realised through the talents of actors Kerri Hoskins, Jeff Hoover, Mitchell Politt, and Clementine Morfoot.

Features & Gameplay

Take control of the formidable Model 375A Battle Tank, diving into the fray to counter Empress Annoya’s dark ambitions. Her arsenal? Huge tanks, intimidating robots, and enigmatic UFOs, all gunning for destruction. The clash vibrates through the earth, each enemy tank’s approach a thunderous warning. Here’s where you stand your ground, face-to-face with the onslaught. Major Duke Moonwalker, your guide from the space station above, backs you in this cosmic duel.

And why not bring friends into the mix? Galactic Tank Force is pulsing with excitement, ready for you and your crew to step in. With continuous updates, the bond with your squad strengthens, driven by a common mission. Captain Kyan, fearless and inspiring, leads you all. Your mission? Protect the lunar base and its quirky cargo of cows from Empress Annoya’s grasp. In unity, there’s strength. In camaraderie, there’s fun. And in this mission, there’s a cosmic blend of serious defence and light-hearted moments with those space cows.

Galactic Tank Force Limited Edition Cabinet

Galactic Tank Force Trailer from American Pinball

Limited Edition Perks

The Limited Edition of Galactic Tank Force is a gateway to a treasure trove of exclusive perks that amp up your pinball experience to new, uncharted territories. As you dive into the cosmic depths, you’re treated to in-game treasures that only Limited Edition members get their hands on. These goodies open up fresh gameplay dimensions, turning every moment into a thrilling journey of discovery. And the cherry on top? You get the VIP pass to sneak peeks at upcoming releases, placing you right at the cutting edge of the cosmic pinball saga.

So, join the Galactic Tank Force and be part of a thrilling epic battle for the future.

Your intergalactic adventure awaits!

Order Your Galactic Tank Force Limited Edition

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