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Pinball machine services in the UK

QUALITY ASSURED MACHINE SALES – All our machines are FULLY workshopped by professionals, with 25 years experience, we are the #1 pinball dealer in the UK.

When we restore a game we do not just give it a quick wipe and replace the flipper rubbers, we strip down all the parts off the playfield, wash and wax them, clean the surface with our own special cleaner and change every rubber ring and lamp, then after re-assembling the playfield and replacing any defective ramps, posts, targets, mechanisms etc. We start on the underside, cleaning every lamp lens and sub-ramps and servicing every solenoid assy. We then fully re-build the flipper assemblies – for ultra reliability. Then the machine is left switched on for 2-4 days to “get hot”, this brings to light any heat related issues with the game and the testing can then commence. Most machines are tested for at least a week (not solid!) to ensure they play perfectly and will give a long happy trouble free life.

MANUAL LIBRARY – We can supply manuals for every game post 1991 (many earlier too) – Professionally bound with a ring binder, for easy reference.

BOARD REPAIRS – We can repair most boards on a same day basis. Pretty much all Bally/Williams/Data East/Stern games are repaired same day. Often when we cannot repair a board same day, we send out one of our own boards as a replacement. We have a state of the art de-soldering station to ensure the highest quality of work is done to your circuit boards!

GAME REPAIR – We can have our engineers call at your home to fix any pinball problems.

TECHNICAL HELPLINE – Pinball problems? We can often sort out your pinball problems over the telephone – 01772 816677- (quick 5 min chats are FREE, if you need more than this, then we offer a telephone/FaceTime/skype consultation which is available to book online) – NO-ONE in the UK knows more about modern Pinball than WE DO!

EPROM LIBRARY – EPROM library, free testing service for suspect EPROM’s, Replacement EPROM’s for every game post 1991, all within 24hrs. All the latest versions – including sound ROM’s.  We can also supply the latest game code for STERN games on USB stick for the new S.A.M system.

THOUSANDS OF PARTS- EX-STOCK! – We have the largest stock of pinball parts in the UK. We are official distributors for many pinball parts manufacturers in the USA and The Pinball Factory in Australia. All your pinball needs in one place – www.PINBALL.co.uk

PINBALL PARTS MANUFACTURERS – We not only supply hard to find pinball parts, we even make them! Only the highest quality of course! Our Star Trek;TNG cannon looms are supplied WORLD WIDE!! And we’ve supplied many hundreds of them.

PRIZE WINNING COMPANY! – If we attend a pinball show, we win a prize for the best restored machine!

REPUTATION – We have a reputation in the pinball industry that is second to none! Why trust anyone else?!

ATTENTION TO DETAIL – No 20 point check here, every single aspect of the pinball machine is checked/tested/serviced. We feel it more like a 2000 point check from people who know what to look for.

Pinball Machine Service Enquiries

For pinball machine service enquiries, call Pinball Heaven today on 01772 816 677.

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