Alien Pinball – Ellen Ripley Version

Alien Pinball – Ellen Ripley Version

Alien Pinball – Ellen Ripley Version – available to order now from Pinball Heaven

Alien Pinball – Ellen Ripley Version by Pinball Brothers is a tribute to the main character of the movies and introduces her in the game in several game modes. Spanning the entire game between a new attract sequence to the wizard modes of Self Destruct and Loader Battle.

Alien Pinball – Ellen Ripley Version

New Unique Artwork

The whole game features new artwork both on the outside as well as the inside. There is a new Loader Battle inspired translite and a multi-faceted atmosphere on the entire cabinet with assets from both Alien and Aliens. The interior is partly new as well with new art for the entire inside of the cabinet.

The new Alien version will also include a few pieces of stunning art from The Art of Pinball:

  • Sculpted- & hand-painted LCD frame for the mini-display
  • Beautifully designed Apron decal with a special metal effect
  • Hand-painted Xeno head for an even more immersive experience

Updated Ripley Version Code for Alien Pinball

According to Knapp Arcade, owners of Pinball Brothers’ Alien pinball machine have been anxiously awaiting the company’s upcoming code update for the game, that now includes the previously missing Sigourney Weaver character Ellen Ripley and a bunch more scenes from the movie. This morning the Company shared the first sneak peek of the new code on its Facebook page.

The new four minute video shows off quite a bit of Alien’s new code, Version 4.0. Pinball Brothers says that it will release the new code in its updated Ripley version machines and for all existing Pinball Brothers’ Aliens owners “very soon.”

Alien Pinball – Ripley Version

Game Features

  • Derelict Ship: Explore the unknown ship on LV-426 and find out what’s below this blue light.
  • Acid Burn: Follow the dripping acid through the decks to check where it goes.
  • Find Jonesy: Find the cat before the Xenomorph finds you!
  • Tunnel Hunt: Descend into the vent tunnel system to find and kill the Alien.
  • Self Destruct: Start the countdown to blow up the Nostromo and that abominable beast with it.
  • Combat Drop: Fly the drop ship to its destination without hitting a mountain.
  • APC: Navigate the APC through the structure on LV-426 and kill some Xenos on the way.
  • Bug Hunt: Find the colonists in the huge structure – and don’t get your team killed!
  • Queens Nest: You found the Alien queen and her nest. Now burn them down!
  • Loader Battle: Use the Power Loader exoskeleton to fight the Alien queen.
  • On top of this, you will get to play these multiballs:
  • Hypersleep: Revive your crew mates from their cryotubes.
  • Sentry Guns: Set up your automatic shooting sentry guns and let them blow Aliens away.
  • Ambush: Keep the attacking Aliens at bay in Ambush multiball.
  • Save Newt: Find Newt and protect her from the roaming Xenomorphs.
  • Ball-Eating Xenomorph Toy with two RGB lit Bash Targets in front
  • Physical 3-ball Hypersleep Chamber Lock
  • 5″ Airlock LCD Screen
  • 3 Colour-Changing 3D Molded Egg Pop Bumpers
  • Jumping Slingshot Facehuggers
  • Revive Ball Saver
  • Weapons Status Display
  • 4 Flippers
  • MU-TH-UR 6000 Saucer
  • 2 Xenomorph Spinners
  • 3 Steel Entrance Ramps
  • Platform Ramps & Plastics made of PET-G
  • Airlock Scoop Assembly with playfield protector
  • Secret Airlock Entrance
  • 2 Playfield Magnets
  • 3 Bank APC Drop Targets
  • 5 RGB lit Weapon Stand-Up Targets
  • Metal Apron
  • Razorback™ Electronic System
  • Après-Ski-System™ for easier playfield handling
  • Full RGB LED Lighting System
  • Lit Star Posts
  • Side Armor with Flipper Button protection
  • 18.5″ LCD Screen
  • Stereo HiFidelity Sound System
  • 8″ bass speaker
  • Shaker Motor Connector
Alien Pinball – Ellen Ripley Version

Reserve Your Ellen Ripley Version

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