Barry O’s Barbeque Challenge Pinball Machine

Barry O's Barbeque Challenge Pinball Machine

Barry O’s Barbeque Challenge Pinball Machine – available to order now from Pinball Heaven

American Pinball has unveiled its latest creation, “Barry O’s Barbecue Challenge,” in tribute to the esteemed pinball designer Barry Oursler and commemorating his illustrious 46-year career in game design. Oursler, who joined the company shortly before his passing in February 2022, was renowned for his passion for barbecue and outdoor pastimes.

Barry O's Barbeque Challenge Playfield
Barry O's Barbeque Challenge Playfield
Barry O's Barbeque Challenge Playfield

The Essence of Summer Fun

‘Barry O’s BBQ Challenge’ is a pinball adventure that captures the essence of summer fun and embodies the spirit of neighbourhood BBQ Festivals across America. The game is inspired by a playfield design initiated by Oursler during his time at American Pinball.

Story & Setting

Crafted with the durability of the finest smokers and featuring vibrant animations, ‘Barry O’s BBQ Challenge’ promises endless entertainment and joy. This game is a tribute not just to Barry’s legacy in pinball design but also to the rich culture of barbecue, making it an essential addition for both pinball enthusiasts and barbecue aficionados.

Barry O’s Barbeque Challenge: Limited and Classic Editions

Available in two delectable editions – Limited and Classic – each game is seasoned to perfection, ready to become the centrepiece of your collection. Both editions feature:

  • BOSS LANES – Boost your Playfield X, earn Bonus Mutlipliers, and big points.
  • FIX GRILL TARGETS – Use these to repair your equipment if it breaks down.
  • GRILL BUMPERS – They get hotter as you use them to cook BBQ recipes.
  • SCORING POSTS – Find the perfect flavour for your BBQ recipe.
  • RECIPE VALUE RAMP – Increase shot values as you cook récipes for higher scores.
  • BASH LOCKS – Lower saucers start Hot Rod Challenges. Locked balls also become bash targets.
  • B-B-Q P-I-T. TARGETS – Master these targets to collect valuable awards.
  • MINI LCD SCREEN – Helps you cook better with information at a glance.
  • FIRE LANES – Complete to start a hurry-up. Put out that FIRE for bonus points.
  • CHEF LANES – Improve your recipe and bumper values.
  • BARRY’S LOCK – Start Hot Rod Challenges and Pitmaster Multiball.
  • SAUCE SPINNERS – “Spinner Sauce” will help you earn higher ratings.
  • DROP TARGETS – Sweepable targets increase scoring.
  • PLAYFIELD X RAMP – Temporarily increase all scoring.
  • THE STARS OF BBQ – Defeat them to become the next Pitmaster.
  • CHANGE AWARD – Spin up another BBQ PIT award or an Extra Ball.
  • OUTIANE SAVE – Start the FIRE hurry up with either outlane to save your ball.
  • BONUS X GRID – Keep pushing your multipliers higher.
  • CHALLENGE GRID – Take on several Hot Rod Challenges at the Festival.

Limited Edition will feature a production run of just 100 units and include red powder coated side armour, American Pinball’s new Aura Lighting System pre-installed, Magic Glass, a shaker motor, a knocker, a limited ‘BBQ Red’ cooking apron, and a Limited Edition numbered brass plate.

Commemorating Barry’s legacy, the royalties from ‘Barry O’s BBQ Challenge’ will be directed to his estate, supporting his family and continuing his impactful contribution to the world of pinball.

Barry O's Barbeque Challenge Playfield
Barry O's Barbeque Challenge Pinball Machine Cabinet

Development & Production

The development and production of the game were spearheaded by American Pinball’s dedicated team, including Steve Bowden, Dennis Nordman, and Ryan McQuaid who played a vital role in refining the game’s playfield, creating a compelling and immersive experience. The visual and interactive elements of the game were brought to life under the art direction of Jack Haeger, with Dan Hughes providing the artwork, and animations crafted by Jessica Durbala and Bobby Llereza. The mechanical integrity and design, managed by Zofia Ryan and Mitesh Pithva, along with Benjamin Kibler’s project management, ensured the game’s seamless operation.

Soundtrack & Commentary

The game’s soundtrack was crafted by the experienced composer and sound designer, David Thiel, while Matt Kern was in charge of overseeing the voice talent for the game. Pinball player and voice actor Jeff Teolis serves as the announcer in BBQ, infusing the gameplay with dynamic commentary. Through this collective expertise, ‘Barry O’s BBQ Challenge’ not only pays homage to Barry Oursler’s remarkable legacy but also captures the essence of pinball.

Barry O's Barbeque Challenge Playfield
Barry O's Barbeque Challenge Playfield

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