James Bond Pinball Pro Installed at Sound Leisure

James Bond Pinball Pro Installed at Sound Leisure

James Bond Pinball Pro Edition and BurgerTime Video Game installed at Sound Leisure in Leeds – the World’s leading manufacturer of classic jukeboxes.

Sound Leisure jukeboxes reflect the iconic retro styling of the original 1940s and 50s models, but with a contemporary twist to ensure they fit seamlessly with modern homes and lifestyles. Choose your favourite cabinet style and finish, pick from CD, vinyl or digital technologies, then select add-ons and custom shop options to make your jukebox unique. Sound Leisure’s highly skilled team will then hand-build a dream machine, just for you. Their stunning showroom is open to the public and stocks a wide range of games room products and accessories, so if you’re looking to put some soul in your home, Sound Leisure have got it covered.

James Bond Pinball Pro Edition at Sound Leisure

The Stern Pinball James Bond Pinball Pro installed at Sound Leisure features film footage and iconic music from the films that built the 007 legend: Dr. No, From Russia With Love (1963), Goldfinger (1964), Thunderball (1965), You Only Live Twice (1967), and Diamonds Are Forever (1971).

Players are immersed into the world of espionage in this action-packed pinball experience, tackling assignments, teaming up with key allies, and stopping SPECTRE’s villainous schemes.

Gather gadgets from Q Branch as pinballs get ejected through the roof of a custom sculpted Aston Martin DB5. Break through the Osato Chemicals drop targets to battle SPECTRE at the Bird 1 rocket base. And hold your breath on the gravity defying, magnetic jetpack as it transports pinballs across the playfield.

James Bond Pinball Pro
BurgerTime Video Game at Sound Leisure

BurgerTime Video Game

The BurgerTime Video Game installed alongside the James Bond Pinball Pro Edition, originally released as Hamburger in Japan, is a 1982 arcade video game from Data East released initially for its DECO Cassette System. The player is chef Peter Pepper, who must walk over hamburger ingredients in a maze of platforms and ladders while avoiding anthropomorphic hot dogs, fried eggs, and pickles which are in pursuit.

The object of the game is to build a number of hamburgers while avoiding enemy foods. The player controls the protagonist, chef Peter Pepper, with a four-position joystick and a “pepper” button.

Each level is a maze of platforms and ladders in which giant burger ingredients (bun, meat patty, tomato, lettuce) are arranged. When Peter walks the full length of an ingredient, it falls to the level below, knocking down any ingredient that happens to be there. A burger is completed when all of its vertically aligned ingredients have been dropped out of the maze and onto a waiting plate. The player must complete all burgers to finish the board.

A Retro Feast at Sound Leisure

So next time you call into Sound Leisure to admire their amazing iconic retro styled jukeboxes, you can take your pick between a Data East video classic or a Stern modern pinball classic. It’s the perfect retro feast! You can find Sound Leisure at Sandleas Way, Leeds LS15 8AR. Telephone 0113 232 1700.

Pinball Machine and Video Game Hire

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