Elton John Collector’s Edition

Elton John Collector’s Edition pinball machine

Elton John Collector’s Edition pinball machine – available to order now from Pinball Heaven

This remarkable pinball machine, designed and manufactured in the United States by JJP in close collaboration with Elton John, ushers in a new era of kinetic entertainment, featuring state-of-the-art technology, innovative design, and a dynamic music experience, including songs such as Rocket Man, Tiny Dancer, Bennie & the Jets, and many more of Elton John’s greatest hits.

** The first Elton John Pinball Machine has now arrived from Jersey Jack **
** See it at the Pinball Heaven stand at the EAG Show in London in Two Week Time **

Elton John Collector’s Edition
Elton John Collector’s Edition
Elton John Collector’s Edition

Steve Ritchie

Hall of Fame game designer Steve Ritchie and his team have created a pinball experience that will delight casual players, collectors, and enthusiasts alike, showcasing Elton John’s legendary career through the inventiveness and quality that are synonymous with Jersey Jack Pinball. Arcades and collectors can now own a cherished piece of musical history and pinball artistry, melded into one exceptional collectible.

Playable Masterpiece

Elton John Pinball machine takes players on a pinball journey, encompassing Elton John’s legendary performances, iconic songs, and dazzling stage presence, all inspired by his illustrious career. The game is a playable masterpiece, merging cutting-edge sound, video, and game design with groundbreaking technology, taking players on an immersive pinball journey inspired by Elton John’s illustrious career.

Players are transported to the front row of his live performances as they groove to 16 full-length studio master tracks delivered through a 120-Watt, 2.1 stereo sound system. The game further comes to life with over 1,000 interactive LED lights and multiple LCD displays. Animations and exclusive footage from Elton John’s remarkable career complete the overall package.

Elton John Pinball by Jersey Jack Pinball

Elton John Collector’s Edition Features

  • ‘SUPERSTAR’ Topper with Dual 10” LCD Screens & Interactive Laser Lightshow
  • Golden Metallic Laser-Cut Armor
  • Sparkle RadCals with Exclusive CE Art Package by John Youssi & JP De Win
  • Sparkle Playfield
  • Mirrored Backglass
  • Interactive Cabinet Light Show with 260+ Individually Controlled RGB LEDs
  • Exclusive Collector’s Edition Art Blades
  • Sparkle Bottom Arch
  • Laser-Cut Action Button Plate
  • Designer Steve Ritchie Signature Card
  • Individually Numbered Golden Plaque
  • Limited to 1,000 units
  • Custom Speech by Elton John
  • 16 Elton John Studio Master Tracks
  • Piano-Playing Interactive Elton John Sculpture
  • Rocket Sculpture with LED Flames
  • ‘Tiny Dancer’ Motorized Sculpture
  • ‘Crocodile Rock’ Physical Lock Sculpture
  • Grand Piano 3-Ball Lock with Diverter
  • 14 Multi-LED Star Inserts
  • Micro LED Piano Marquee
  • ‘Rocket Man’ Ball Launcher and LED Lit Ramp
  • 3 Supercharged Flippers
  • RGB LED Action Button for Selecting Songs
  • ‘Rocka-Box’ 3-Bank Drop Targets
  • ‘Rocket Man’ Drop Target
  • 2 Dynamic Kickbacks
  • 3 Multi-LED ‘Bennie and the Jets’ Bumpers
  • 2 Rapid Spinner Targets
  • E-Ticket Up-Kicker
  • Removable Magnetic Rule & Pricing Cards
  • Heavy Duty Playfield Magnet
  • Wardrobe Up-Post
  • 6-Ball Trough
  • Coil-Driven Knocker
  • RGB LED Hotrails, 27” Backbox LCD Display, Interactive Camera, Shaker Motor, Invisiglass, Wi-Fi Enabled, Bluetooth Audio, Audio Equalizer, Enhanced Backglass Illumination
Elton John Collector’s Edition
Elton John Collector’s Edition

Order Your Elton John Collector’s Edition

To order your Elton John Collector’s Edition pinball machine, visit the Pinball Heaven online pinball shop, or call us on 01772 816 677.

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