James Bond Pinball Machine Teaser

James Bond Pinball Machine 007

James Bond Pinball Machine teaser released by Stern Pinball

Further to last month’s Pinball Rumour Mill, Stern announced yesterday that in 007 days there would be a very limited number of James Bond LE pinball machines available to purchase.

This may coincide with the upcoming IAAPA Expo Europe Trade Show being held in London from 13th – 15th September.

IAAPA Expo London is where thousands of leisure professionals gather to learn what’s new and trending, with hundreds of exhibitors set to showcase their innovations. So, what better place for Stern to launch their latest pinball machine based on one of the most famous British fictional figures ever created.

To date Stern hasn’t released any details about their new James Bond pinball machine, beyond saying that a full preview is “shaking soon.”

Shaking soon…

Thunderball starring Sean Connery

Furthermore, the teaser soundtrack gives credence to the rumour that Stern’s latest offering will be based on one of the earlier Bond films. It has been suggested that the game will be themed around the 1965 movie Thunderball starring Sean Connery in the title role. Another rumour suggests Stern’s new pinball machine could be based on all six Sean Connery 007 movies, however that would surely be far too big an ask for any pinball designer.

Thunderball (1965) official trailer

George Gomez Design

It appears that legendary George Gomez is the designer of this 007 table, which bodes well for the future. Stern apparently had an initial design from Steve Ritchie, but when he left the company to join Jersey Jack it is understood that design was shelved and Gomez created a whole new 007 design from scratch.

The latest James Bond Pinball Machine news

We will announce the latest James Bond Pinball Machine news as we get it, so make sure to come back and visit Pinball Heaven again soon.

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