New Alien Pinball – Plus Pinball Brothers Addons

New Alien Pinball

New Alien Pinball – Ellen Ripley Version, plus additional add-ons, Interactive Alien Topper and new Queen translite on the way from Pinball Brothers.

Pinball Brothers have just announced that they have extended contracts with Disney on the Alien Franchise. So, they are looking forward to a great Alien year 2024, with the new Fede Alvarez Movie and a special Series coming out!

Pinball Brothers

New Alien Pinball – Ellen Ripley Version

To celebrate this partnership, Pinball Brothers are presenting a new Alien Pinball – Ellen Ripley Version, which they will showcase at the Chicago Pinball Expo on 18th – 22nd October.

Manufacturing of this new version has already started, with the first games shipping mid-November, and production will be limited as Pinball Brothers have other new products in the pipeline for 2024.

The Art of Pinball

The new Alien version will also include a few pieces of stunning art from The Art of Pinball. This new partnership will have a big impact on Pinball Brothers games onwards, but this game will specifically contain:

  • Sculpted- & hand-painted LCD frame for the mini-display
  • Beautifully designed Apron decal with a special metal effect
  • Hand-painted Xeno head for an even more immersive experience

New unique artwork

The whole game will feature new artwork both on the outside as well as the inside. There is a new Loader Battle inspired translite and a multi-faceted atmosphere on the entire cabinet with assets from both Alien and Aliens. The interior is partly new as well with new art for the entire inside of the cabinet.

Pinball Brothers additional add-ons

As if this would not be enough, Pinball Brothers are also delighted to introduce a whole range of add-ons for all Alien games from Pinball Brothers (SV/LV and the new Ellen Ripley Version). Among the first add-ons released there will be a brand new Mini-beacons and flasher kit, Beacon-kit (for backbox) & a Shaker-kit. SV/LV owners will also be able to equip their games with the all the new sculpted art from The Art of Pinball that is included in the Ellen Ripley Version.

Amazing interactive topper

To crown it all there will also be an interactive topper made available for all Alien owners and Pinball Brothers hope to show case the topper at Pinball Expo. The topper will be ready for pre-order at the time of game announcement, with deliveries starting in the beginning of 2024.

Extended warranty

Pinball Brothers are also pleased to inform that the Ellen Ripley Version will come with an extended warranty, covering 12 months for all mechanical and electronical parts and 24 months for the display.

Queen – alternate translite

Pinball Brothers are also happy to announce that they will showcase a new alternate translite for Queen at Pinball Expo. The idea is to offer this as an extra accessory for all future games (containing both translites for the customer to choose from). Existing customer will be offered this through Pinball Brothers official UK Distributor Pinball Heaven.

Contact Pinball Heaven

To reserve your new Alien Pinball – Ellen Ripley Version, Pinball Brothers additional add-ons, or Interactive Alien Topper, call Pinball Brothers Official UK Distributor Pinball Heaven on 01772 816 677 or visit their online pinball shop.

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