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New Alien Pinball – Plus Pinball Brothers Addons

New Alien Pinball New Alien Pinball - Ellen Ripley Version, plus additional add-ons, Interactive Alien Topper and new Queen translite on the way from Pinball Brothers. Pinball Brothers have just announced that they have extended contracts with Disney on the Alien Franchise. So, they are looking forward to a great Alien year 2024, with the new Fede Alvarez... Read more »

Pinball Machine Silicone Rubbers

Pinball Machine Silicone Rubbers Pinball machine silicone rubbers from Pinball Heaven. Upgrade and personalise your pinball machine using state of the art materials, while still retailing that retro look and feel, with replacement silicone rubbers from Pinball Heaven. Original white pinball rubbers were reactive and delivered great bounce, but they tended to become dirty more quickly and could quickly... Read more »

Parts for Virtual Pinball Machines

Virtual Pinball Machines – Genuine Parts Since the advent of the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME) in the late 1990s, arcade game emulators have become increasingly popular. The original philosophy behind MAME was to accurately document original arcade game hardware and through a free and open-source emulator, recreate the hardware of the arcade game system… Read more »

Reset problem on Bally Williams Pinball Machines

Is your pinball machine resetting when you hit the flippers? Its a common problem, you press the flippers together in a mad panic induced by multiball or some other frantic flipper action and boom, the lights go off and the pinball machine will reset itself, just like when you turn it on.  The fault comes… Read more »

Stern LORD OF THE RINGS pinball machine balrog wiring harnesses

Today we are busy making looms to replace the frequently broken BALROG wiring harness.  Easy to install part and available for sale on our UK website now. If you have problems with intermittent operation of your BALROG switch/lamp then this is probably the problem, due to the 1/4 turn motion back and forth, the wires… Read more »

Star Trek pinball cannon looms in production today

Pinball Heaven is the only place in the world that makes these valuable replacement parts, what a pain in the @$$ they are too! From a load of wire…. in the beginning to a wonderful product that all Star Trek pinball machines need if they haven’t already had replacements in the past!