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Reset problem on Bally Williams Pinball Machines

Is your pinball machine resetting when you hit the flippers?

Its a common problem, you press the flippers together in a mad panic induced by multiball or some other frantic flipper action and boom, the lights go off and the pinball machine will reset itself, just like when you turn it on.  The fault comes and goes but many factors affect it, line voltage, heat, load on your pinball machine but its a sign that the 5v power supply is failing.

Have a look at our short video and see if you have the same problem, this is a very common on some Bally Williams Pinball Machines, games with more flippers suffer the worst, so Addams Family Pinball Machine, Twilight Zone, Indiana Jones but really ANY Bally Williams WPC system game can have this issue.

The cause, the number 1 cause is all the 5v supply on the pinball machine failing, so you need to rebuild this (we sell a kit for this if you are good with a soldering iron) or replace parts.

Your options to resolve this issue are

1) Rebuild the 5v logic supply on you WPC Power Driver board Website Link

2) Fit a 5v reset fix kit Website Link

3) Send us the power driver board to repair!  A-12697-x Website Link

The 5v reset fix pcb (2 above) is a handy quick fix but its only supposed to be a temporary measure, many people leave it and thats fine but the long term solution would be to rebuild the 5v logic side of the PCB.  If you are not a competent with a soldering iron then please send the circuit board to us for repair as we offer a pinball circuit board repair service Pinball Repairs

Stern LORD OF THE RINGS pinball machine balrog wiring harnesses

Today we are busy making looms to replace the frequently broken BALROG wiring harness.  Easy to install part and available for sale on our UK website now.

If you have problems with intermittent operation of your BALROG switch/lamp then this is probably the problem, due to the 1/4 turn motion back and forth, the wires just break in half, this in itself can cause switch problems if the voltage from the flash lamp touches the switch matrix wires.




Star Trek pinball cannon looms in production today

Pinball Heaven is the only place in the world that makes these valuable replacement parts, what a pain in the @$$ they are too!

From a load of wire…. in the beginning to a wonderful product that all Star Trek pinball machines need if they haven’t already had replacements in the past!











Replacement Star Trek pinball cannon looms for sale.  Made in the UK

Replacement Star Trek pinball cannon looms for sale. Made in the UK