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Following widespread rumours that Stern Pinball are set to launch their new Munsters inball machine, Pinball Heaven is delighted to announce it will have the eagerly awaited Munsters pinball machine for sale in the UK as soon as it becomes available.

Munsters Pinball Release Date

No release date has been announced yet for Stern’s new Munsters table. However, speculation surrounding the Texas Pinball Festival official announcement that Butch Patrick, aka “Eddie Munster” and Pat Priest, aka “Marilyn Munster”, will be appearing at TPF2019 for the entire weekend, suggests the release date will certainly be prior to March 22nd 2019. Indeed, Dennis and Tony from KCGameKon Podcast consider the release will be announced anytime up to the opening few weeks of 2019, depending on Stern’s current orders for their Deadpool and popular back catalogue tables.

Stern Munsters Pinball Machines for Sale

Once released, Pinball Heaven will be offering the Stern Munsters Pinball Machines in Pro, Premium and Limited Edition models for sale throughout the UK.

Two Year Warranty

Pinball Heaven will also be offering our exclusive two-year warranty on all three variants of Stern Munsters Pinball Machines. Please ask us for more details.

Munsters Pinball Game Instructions

  • 5 Major Shoot Areas – Herman, Raven, Lily, Spooked & Grandpa
  • Munster Madness – Complete 1 level of each area to lite Munster Madness
  • Raven Multiball – Completing levels will lite Raven on the left ramp
  • Kitty – Completing levels will lite Kitty
  • Playfield Multipliers – The Kitty Target will advance the playfield Multipliers
  • Extra Ball – Completing levels will eventually lite extra ball
  • Mystery – Starting Munsters Madness will lite Mystery
  • Herman Multiball – Hit Herman to start a hurry-up – complete Hurry-Up to start multiball
  • Super Jackpot – 9 ways to lite Super Jackpot. They stack. The more collected at once the more they are worth. HOLD zap button to CANCEL your award if you want to press your luck.
  • ZAP Button – Mini-targets will blink the button for a short time. Hit button while blinking to charge your ZAP Meter. Collecting jackpots will lite ZAP JACKPOTS if you ZAP Meter is charged.

Munsters Pinball Machine Pro Model

Stern Munsters Pinball Machine - Pro Model

The Munsters Pro Table Will Feature

  • 3 Pop Bumpers
  • Left Orbit Spinner
  • Grandpa’s “Trap Door” Scoop
  • Sculped Herman Torso – Magnetised ball catch
  • Left Metal Ramp (flip up panel with Right Wire Return Ramp
  • Spot Bash Toy under coil driven lift ramp decorated as staircase
  • Turn-around / Flip Up Ramp
  • Drag-U-La sculpted toy
  • Left shooter lane kicker
  • Color changing LED Mode lights
  • Hand-drawn art by Chris Franchi – known for Batman 66 and the Beatles

Updated 8th January – its OFFICIAL!

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If you are interested in being one of the first to purchase the new Stern Munsters Pinball Machine, feel free to call Pinball Heaven on 01772 816677 or email us.

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