WPC LEDs Explained

WPC LEDs Explained

It has come to our attention that many people do not understand the page in the manual describing what each L.E.D indicates.

The two illustrations to the right detail the LED’s used on both the CPU and Power Driver board.

CPU LED’s Explained

D19 – Blanking,
D20 – Diagnostic
D21 – +5VDC

D19 – At game turn on, this should be on for appx 3 seconds, then should go out AND STAY OUT! This indicates that the blanking circuit is disabled and therefore the machine cannot energise solenoids etc.
D20 – After D19 has gone out, this should stay flashing permanently while the game is on. This indicates (when flashing continuously that the CPU is running)
D21 – This should always be on. This indicates that the 5VDC power is on the CPU board.


LED 1 +12VDC, Switch, opto circuit. Should always be ON
LED 2* High/Low line voltage sensor, Normally ON
LED 3* High/Low line voltage sensor, Normally OFF, (flickers on
with lamps – ie, when current is being drawn.
* = Not always installed.
LED 4 +5VDC, Logic power, Should always be ON
LED 5 +20VDC, Flash lamp power, Normally ON, on newer games
(Judge Dredd onwards) goes off when coin door opened.
LED 6 +18VDC, Controlled (feature) lamp circuit (also associated with
LED 1) Should always be ON.
LED 7 +12VDC, Power circuit, motors etc. Should always be ON.

WPC LEDs video

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