The Getaway

The Getaway

Supercharger Problems.

Firstly it is imperative that at least version 2 of the Getaway program is installed if possible we recommend that version 5 is installed. This can be checked when the game is turned on, the following should be displayed,

Testing . . .

50004 REV L-2 (or L-5)

The version is displayed as either L-1, L-2 or L-5, L-1 (version one) does not work properly, or reliably. L-2 and L-5controlls the supercharger in a different way to that of L-1,

L-1 can get ‘confused’ when two balls get in the supercharger, which can ‘blow-up’ the supercharger controller PCB, when we say blow-up we mean that one (or more) of the TIP36C transistors, will ‘go’ short-circuit thus – blowing up the fuse on the power-driver board, this can lead to other solenoids not working.

Other problems can be that the supercharger is not constantly fast, it will vary in speed, this can be caused by a loose connector on one of the magnets. This can be detected on supercharge test, by enabling one magnet at a time and throwing the ball into the unit.

Firstly take the cover off the supercharger. Then the fault can be rectified by unplugging the connector (with the game turned off), and with a very small screwdriver, making the female connector tighter by bending the metal in, then re-plug the connector and test.

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