Star Trek TNG Cannons

Star Trek TNG Cannons

Star Trek TNG Cannons; replacement cannon loom (P/N H-17067)

Our replacement Star Trek TNG cannon looms are much improved on the old WMS ones, we are confident that we have improved upon the originals, which had a couple of weak points.

1) We have increased the thickness of the wires, to help prevent them from breaking as easily.

2) We suggest a different installation technique (Williams originally fed the wire from the cannon directly into the playfield; this caused all the bending of the wire to take place in one spot and this eventually broke the loom- just above the playfield and beneath the cannon).

Star Trek TNG Cannons Installation

We suggest that when installing the cannons, you do the following; –

LEFT cannon. With the cannon loom fastened to the cannon as the original was, take hold of the cable and wrap it CLOCKWISE around the turret. This stops the twisting action from being all in one place- it has got the whole length of cable around the turret to flex.

RIGHT cannon. Exactly as above but wrap the loom COUNTER-CLOCKWISE.

We have had to make 2 wire colour changes; the purple and yellow wire to the solenoid is now purple and blue, the grey and yellow wire to the opto is now grey and blue. All other wire colours remain unchanged.

Star Trek TNG Cannon problems after installation.  The 2nd most common problem now is that the plunger sticks out and confuses the machine.  To rectify this you need to locate the bracket at the rear of the coil that is secured with 2 nuts.  You will need to remove this bracket and you will notice there is a round mark on it where the coil plunger has beated and beaten and beaten if for 16 years!  This round indentation will need to be removed, this is easily done with an angle grinder and not so easily done with a file or sandpaper, but it needs to be removed completely and the cannon will then no longer stick!

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