The Hobbit by Jersey Jack Pinball (Black Arrow edition)

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The fantastic The Hobbit  pinball machine by Jersey Jack Pinball. Possibly the most loaded and “deepest” pinball machine ever created.   Lots of different modes, some uber cool features, great graphics on the 27″ HD LCD monitor, interactive SMAUG, 4 pop up monsters, 3 flippers and 11 individually controlled drop targets make this such a fantastic pinball machine.

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The Hobbit arrives in the UK!

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The Hobbit Smaug Gold edition is packed with features, including InvisiglassTM, shaker motor, a talking dragon and popup monsters.

The build and quality of the components in this machine is excellent. It’s heavy – there’s a lot of steel in it, and the laser cut font on the ramps is a nice touch. The gold paint on the legs is so thick that it looks like glass.

It was very well packaged with unboxing instructions on the outside.

Game pace mirrors that of the films, I played this halfway through the first film for the experience, no VR required.

Family and friends played this over Christmas and they all loved it, this game is suitable for those of all skill levels.


Wow what a game, there is so much to do, on this wide body beast of a machine.

With 4 pop up ‘trolls’ this makes the wide open playfield ‘change’ its feel and alters shot trajectories, adding another dimension to the game.

It also has individually controlled drop targets giving the player a unique moving target of shots, ramps that can fling the ball back down to the flippers, a kickback, a unique ball save feature and the ability to choose the mode you want to play or if indeed you would rather just lock the ball and go for multiball.

There are 30+ modes so this game is really going to keep you coming back for more and has great longevity.

That all said, I am probably just scratching the surface, which is what makes this machine perfect for the home environment and on-site as it really does have that just one more game appeal.


Well to follow my previous review, with a nice part exchange deal from Phil and a nice deal, I worked out I could afford it, so I ordered the Smaug special edition.
It arrived 19th December.
WOW, what a game! In a home environment it is amazing, the sound and visuals are fantastic, the build quality is superb and it is still as pleasing to look at as it is to play!
It has loads of modes but is surprising how quickly you learn what to do, the light show in some is just mind blowing!
I always leave the game with a smile on my face, amazed how the whole package has been put together.
Yes it is a lot of money but worth every penny. I have some top games in my collection but this one out shines them all!


Saw the Hobbit Pinball you brought to the 8bit flip show, absolutely stunning machine. It looks beautiful with a sound and light show to match, the quality of the whole machine is amazing, Great to play and equally great to look at, just need to work out how to afford it!

Thanks for bringing it along.

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