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Dutch Pinball has captured the movie and turned it into a real world under glass with their The Big Lebowski pinball.

Standard model – as it comes from the factory.

Loaded – adds all 3 options available from DP. Starry lit apron, non reflective playfield glass & mirror blades.

Launch the ball and enter the world of The Dude.

  • More than 200 quotes and clips from the movie
  • Brunswick™ Bowling Alley with 10 controlled pins
  • 3 Flippers and a multi-level playfield
  • Bash Toys (Rug and Dude’s Car)
  • Up to 5-ball multiball
  • Brunswick™ Bowling Alley with 10 controlled pins
  • Deep rule sheet
  • 101 LED lit inserts
  • Covers of some of the best music ever made

The Big Lebowski (TBL) is a pinball made in the style of the Bally William pinballs from the nineties era we all love and stands its ground against the best of them. While it follows the best principles of Bally William pinballs it encorporates modern techniques like fully controlled (RGB) leds, large LCD-display, deeper rulesheet, etc..

The theme integration is considered as one of the best. With covers of the most popular songs, many call-outs and clips from the movie you really enter the movie when playing TBL.

Modern pinballs are all about software and have no toys? Not with TBL. TBL has not one but two bash-toys: the famous rug and car. Also has a second upper playfield. And last but not least, it has a real Brunswick Bowling Alley which is considered as one of the best and most unique toys in pinball. So, true real mechanical action is present in TBL. 

This doesnt mean that there is software-wise nothing to do. It has not only two main multiballs but also three Car-modes, six Rug-modes and a final wizard mode: The Dude Abides. And while playing you hear some of the best music ever made accompagnied with many clips from the movie and like in the movie, the Stranger takes care of the call-outs. 

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