Looking After Your Pinball Machine

Like any machinery, pinball machines need regular maintenance. We recommend that –

Every 1,000 games (500 if you desire) you should ;

  • Take the glass out and clean both sides.
  • Clean the steel balls and check for chips or damage and replace if required – balls are much cheaper than new playfields!!!
  • Replace the flipper rubbers and clean the flipper bat with metal polish or Millwax
  • Clean the playfield with wax.

Every 3,500 games you should ;

  • Replace the flipper plunger & link and end stop, even possibly the flipper coil sleeve
  • Replace all the rubber rings – sets available from only £10.95, refer to our Game Specific Parts section for exact pricing
  • Check all bulbs are working correctly.
  • Visually check for loose wires on solenoids
  • Check for correct operation from jet bumpers and clean contacts with strip of card.
  • Inspect CPU board for possible battery corrosion.
  • Inspect Dot Matrix Controller PCB for possible heat related problems to the H.V. circuit which can lead to display damage = expensive!

Every 12 months you should change the memory back up batteries located on the CPU board.  If you change whilst game is turned on you wont loose settings and high scores!

Keep the machines at no less that 60°F, this prevents damage to displays which is caused by the cold, also playfield plastics are brittle when cold and so break easily.

NEVER attempt any servicing whilst machine is turned on, it’s best to leave the machine switched off for five minutes before any servicing. If in doubt – CALL US !

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