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Foo Fighters Pinball Machine

Foo Fighters pinball machine – Stern’s next announcement?

In tune with the increasing popularity of their music, the last few years has seen the emergence of an increasing number of re-branded Foo Fighters pinball machines, with more than one based on Stern’s 2011 Rolling Stones. However, recent rumours have emerged that an official Stern Pinball Foo Fighters machine is about to be announced. So how true might these rumours be, and if a Foo Fighters pinball does emerge, what might it look like?

11 Grammys & 30 million records worldwide

From their formation by ex-Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl in 1994, Foo Fighters have grown to be one of the most popular rock bands in the world. Along the way the band has released nine studio albums, won 11 Grammy Awards and sold more than 30 million records worldwide, making them one of the best-selling rock bands of all time.

Given the success of Stern’s other rock-themed pins including Kiss, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Rush, what are the chances of a Foo Fighters pinball being the next big thing to emerge from Elk Grove Village? Before the sad and untimely passing of drummer Taylor Hawkins, Foo Fighters were at the height of their power, so releasing a pinball machine now would make sense. And Dave Grohl’s close relationship with Paul Stanley of Kiss certainly shortens the odds of a Foo Fighters game being created by Stern. So, what would a Stern Foo Fighters pinball machine look like?

Foo Fighters pinball machine soundtrack

Any self-respecting FF pinball machine would recreate an atmospheric rock concert under glass, featuring the best of their hits including: All My Life, Best of You, Everlong, The Pretender, My Hero, Learn to Fly, Times Like These, Monkey Wrench and Breakout.

The playfield would feature a custom light show, with bespoke designed and dynamically responsive game events for each song.

And how about a 10 band graphic equalizer so you can tune the soundtrack just to your liking?

6 pinballs and 3 flippers, plus a liberal sprinkling of Foo Fighters drop targets, custom steel ramps and pop bumpers, combined with a custom FF logo sculptured bash toy and feature motorised ramp would certainly bring the game to life, as would live playfield concert footage, as employed by Stern on their recent Led Zeppelin, James Bond and Rush pinballs.

So, are we going to see a Stern Foo Fighters pinball machine this year – it certainly is a mouth watering prospect.

Foo Fighters Pinball Machine - Re-Branded Stern Rolling Stones
Foo Fighters Pinball Machine - Re-Branded Stern Rolling Stones

The year’s fastest selling pinball machine

These features combined with a choice of Premium, Pro and LE, all benefitting from Stern’s Insider Connected™ might well prove to be the year’s fastest selling pinball machine. But is this just another random rumour rumbling, or is Stern about to make the pinball announcement of the year?

Hear it here first…

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