Cleaning your machine

This is a quick guide on how to renovate your pinball machine playfield.

This is not necessary on a game purchased from us, as it will be cleaned to the highest standard before you take delivery.

How many cleaning solutions you will need depends on how much effort/money you want to put into restoring your game. At least you will need – foam cleaner, Novus #2 and Millwax, but for a thorough job, you will need foam cleaner, Novus 1, 2 and 3 and Millwax. All these are available from our parts page!


Start by removing as much of the playfield parts as you feel you can confidently remember to put back in the correct place. Start by spraying all the exposed playfield with foam cleaner and leave 30-60 seconds for it to loosen the dirt, wipe off with either a cloth or kitchen roll and already you will notice a huge difference.

If you have chosen the thorough method, start by using Novus #3 follow the instructions on the bottle! Then go on to Novus #2 (this is the best by far) the more you rub, the better your playfield will be! Don’t put too much Novus #2 on the playfield at one, keep putting more on your cloth as you will find that after much rubbing Novus #2 feels like it is drying, that’s when you need to add more, but that’s when its also doing its best work.

Polish off the Novus #2 and apply Novus #1, using much the same as Novus #2, except Novus #1 comes in a spray. Polish off Novus #1 and then if you feel the playfield needs it, use Millwax (sometimes the machine will look great without Millwax, sometimes it does need it).

Obviously if you decided not to go for the thorough method then go straight from foam cleaner to Novus #2 to Millwax using the above method.

After all this, your machine should be looking fantastic and also play a lot faster!

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