Toy Story 4 Pinball Machine Announced by Jersey Jack

Toy Story 4 Pinball Machine

Toy Story 4 Pinball Machine Announced by Jersey Jack Pinball: the ultimate toy is now available to purchase for your home game room or arcade!

Further to our recent Toy Story Pinball Machine Rumour Mill blog post, and rather sooner than we anticipated, Jersey Jack Pinball has announced its new Toy Story 4 Pinball Machine.

Experience the Magic of Toy Story 4

Delve into the world of Toy Story, with the voices of Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Bo Peep, Duke Caboom, and more. Buzz Lightyear and Woody call out throughout the game with custom narration. The journey is accompanied by an original soundtrack that includes a special rendition of Randy Newman’s “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”.

Award-Winning Design Team

As anticipated, Jersey Jack’s latest masterpiece is designed by JJP’s award-winning design team, led by Pat Lawlor. And Toy Story 4’s state-of-the-art platform includes proprietary technology that engages players with an immersive experience, featuring mesmerizing light shows alongside animations and scenes from the film.
Players can send the silver-ball flying off the Duke Caboom jump ramp — just don’t let the Bensons block your shot! Blast into the jet bumpers to collect a super jackpot in Buzz Multiball, and aim for the stand-up targets to light Rescue Forky. Hurry up and bash Gabby Gabby into a pinball frenzy on the way to scoring Grand Champion. Take a chance on the spinning wheel to earn different awards like Extra Ball, Tiki Party, Super Loops and more! Start interactive carnival games like Star Adventurer, Dragon Zone, Squirrel Derby, and Flipball on the 10-inch playfield frame display.

Smile for the Camera!

A special feature of this high-tech entertainment system is the digital photo booth that takes pictures while you play. Make memories and ‘tweet’ your high scores! The machine comes fully equipped with Bluetooth audio for wireless listening and Wi-Fi connectivity for seamless over-the-air software updates. Scorbit, a competitive pinball platform and social network, is also included in the package.

Toy Story 4 Pinball Machine by Jersey Jack

Toy Story 4 Collector’s and Limited Editions

Only 1,000 Collector’s Edition and 5,000 Limited Edition machines will be produced.

The Limited Edition includes blue powder-coated armour, exclusive cabinet artwork, an interactive shaker motor that provides haptic feedback, invisiglass, and individually-numbered edition plaques.

The highly sought after Collector’s Edition includes a super-exclusive Pixar Ball shooter, a fiber-optic LED fireworks topper, red chrome armor, sparkly playfield art, RadCal cabinet art package, mirrored backglass art, external lighting, custom callouts by Bo Peep and signatures by the design team and Jersey Jack himself.

Toy Story 4 Pinball Machine Enquiries

To enquire about Jersey Jack Pinball’s Toy Story 4 Pinball Machine, call Jersey Jack’s Official Distributor, Pinball Heaven today on 01772 816677.

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