Munsters Pinball Rule Sheet

Munsters Pinball Rule Sheet

Stern Pinball has just published the rules for its new Munsters Pinball game.

Stern’s The Munsters Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition models feature stunning and distinctive hand-drawn art. Each game features a custom sculpted Herman bash toy with magnetized ball catch, highlighting Herman multiball. In addition, all models include a pop-up Spot bash toy hidden under the left ramp, a custom sculpted Drag-U-La toy car featured near a left shooter lane kicker, as well as a metal turn-around, flip-up ramp.

Munsters Pinball Major Areas

There are 5 major areas of the Munsters Pinball playfield: HERMAN, GRANDPA, SPOT, RAVEN, and LILY.

  • Completing an area will advance you to the next level.
  • Completing an area will start a Mode or Multiball.
  • Completing an area will put you one step closer to starting MUNSTER MADNESS.
  • Players begin the game progressing toward Level I.
  • After playing MUNSTER MADNESS you can begin advancing toward the next level.
  • Level II is very similar to Level I. In addition to some rules being slightly different the scoring is higher, the timers are a bit tighter / more challenging.
  • Level III and beyond is exactly the same as Level II except the scores will be a bit higher.

Munster Madness

After completing the 5 Major areas and after all currently running modes or Multiballs are done, the game will go into Munster Madness ready state.

  • When the game is ready for Munster Madness shoot the Munster Madness arrow to start Munster Madness.
  • At the end of Munster Madness the five major areas all reset allowing the player to begin advancing to the next level of each.
  • Level I is relatively easy to complete.
  • Level II, for the most part is the same as Level I but harder. It’s also worth more points.
  • Level III and beyond is the same as Level II.

Stern Pinball
You can download the full Munsters Pinball Rule Sheet below:

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