Black Knight Sword of Rage Pinball Machine – Premium Edition

Black Knight Sword of Rage Premium Edition Pinball Machine

Stern Pinball’s latest pinball machine, Black Knight Sword of Rage launched last week

The third and arguably the best pinball machine in the franchise, Sword of Rage sees players being able to explore, discover and unlock for the first time, the secrets of the Black Knight universe. Navigating through these dark, mysterious, and twisted realms, players will uncover foes, demons, riches, and secrets in their quest against the Black Knight. Available in Pro, Premium and Limited Edition formats, Stern’s Black Knight is already in great demand.

All three models include the distinct “Magna-Save”, a player-controlled magnet used to prevent a ball from draining, and timed resetting drop targets. In addition, Black Knight Sword of Rage features a legacy sound package composed and performed by Scott Ian of Anthrax with Brendon Small, adrenalizing the audio experience for players on their journey, and custom speech by Ed Robertson of Barenaked Ladies.

Black Knight Sword of Rage Premium Edition Pinball Machine

The Premium model also features:

  • Lexan upper playfield with 1 full sized flipper, orbit lane and 3-ball catapult multi-ball lock mechanism
  • Half pipe shot to upper playfield at the end of the flail lane
  • Castle VUK launches ball from lower playfield to upper playfield flipper
  • Massive stainless-steel flail lane floor protector with 10 laser-cut lightening bolts, each lit with a sequenced red LED
  • Inclined stainless shooter ramp offers players a choice to enter the upper or lower playfield
  • 26 brilliant playfield RGB LEDs signa different features on all main shots based on colour plus RGB floodlighting on upper playfield
  • 1 skeleton spinning target at the left orbit shot
  • Single drop target in castle VUK lane
  • Exclusive “Swordsman” full colour high definition art on translate back-glass and decal cabinet art
  • Power-coated steel bottom arch

To see the features available on all three Black Knight Sword of Rage models, download the Black Knight Sword of Rage Features Matrix.

Black Knight Sword of Rage – Premium Edition Enquiries

To enquire about Stern Pinball’s Black Knight Sword of Rage – Premium Edition pinball machine, call Pinball Heaven on 01772 816677.

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