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Big Bang Bar Cabinet

Big Bang Bar Pinball Machine: Rumours are starting to circulate that a remake of the legendary 1990’s pinball machine, Capcom’s Big Bang Bar, is in pre-production and set be released this summer.

“Welcome to the Big Bang Bar, the rowdiest late-night alien dive in the cosmos! Check your carapice at the door, slither up to a table, and the waitress will be with you shortly. Get your groove on with the techno-thumpin’ tunes and strobing neon lights, and feast your eyes on the gorgeous gyrations of the Tube Dancer at centre stage. Or you can Tour the Bar, play some Cosmic Dartz, then try to score a drink award with Ray’s Ball Busters. For more excitement, stuff the Loopy Martians until they get Looped In Space, fire up the Babescanner and the Lunapalooza, or just wait for a Multibrawl Multiball to break out. Complete all fourteen tasks for a shot at the Big Bang, and see how much you can really score.”

1996 Pinball Expo

Capcom revealed Big Bang Bar at the 1996 Pinball Expo in Chicago to critical acclaim. Hailed as Capcom’s best pinball machine to date, Big Bang Bar featured game design by Rob Morrison and superb artwork by Stan Fukuoka, stand-out animations, quality sound, and a well thought-out and flowing playfield enhanced with electro-luminiscent lights on plastic ramps, along with playfield backlighting which complimented Fukuoka’s artwork.

But just weeks after the launch Capcom decided to quit manufacturing pinball machines, and with just 14 prototypes having been produced, Big Bang Bar never made it into full production.

So, Big Bang Bar quickly became a pinball machine that for collectors was an unreachable dream, and it rapidly achieved cult status. This, no doubt enhanced by the game’s quality, plus its adult theme which featured a half-nude tube dancer along with her complimentary soundtrack!

Big Bang Bar
Big Bang Bar
Big Bang Bar

Big Bang Bar: the 2006 Remake

With its cult status still in full flow, in 2000 Gene Cunningham of Illinois Pin Ball bought the remaining stock of parts and rights to create Capcom’s pinball machines and from 2006, ten years after BBB was first shown in Chicago, a limited run of BBB pinball machines were delivered to their eagerly waiting customers.

16 years on from Gene Cunningham’s remake the pinball market has developed at a remarkable rate, along with the technology that supports it. So, a new Big Bang Bar pinball machine with a modern twist could be just the ticket. But who will produce it and what would it look like?

Big Bang Bar: the 2023 Remake

Chicago Gaming Company has been linked with BBB in the recent past, but their current roll-out of machines makes this tie-up unlikely. However, Stern Pinball would be well placed to recreate Capcom’s cult machine and the title would very sit well alongside their current portfolio of Foo Fighters, Elvira, James Bond 007, Rush, The Mandalorian, Godzilla, Avengers, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Deadpool and Iron Maiden.

Keith Elwin who designed James Bond 007 for Stern could perform an excellent job developing Capcom’s original Big Bang Bar design to deliver Pro, Premium and LE versions. And artwork by Zombie Yeti would very much pay homage to Stan Fukuoka’s original, not to mention state of the art toys, lighting and sound – all the things that Garry Stern takes great pride in. Plus, Insider Connected™ would bring it all to life.

So Stern Pinball gets our vote, and we think sometime soon. But what do you think? We’ll bring you the latest BBB news as soon as we have it…



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