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Fully restored and rebuilt Addams Family pinball machine for sale.

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If you are only looking for a top quality restored pinball machine, this is the place to be.  OUR PREMIUM RESTORED ADDAMS FAMILY PINBAL MACHINE – TOTALLY rebuilt with new cabinet decals/playfield/plastics/ramps/targets/LED’s & as good as new (see video below).

Fun with the Gomez, Morticia and the family. This CLASSIC machine features a bookcase (which must be opened before the vault is accessible), other features such as – Mamuska, Seance, Tunnel Hunt and Thing (hurry-up mode), two or three ball multi-ball and a model ‘thing’ that really lends a hand!  (We normally supply Addams Family’s with The Addams Gold Edition Software – for extra features/sounds)

Everyone loves The Addams Family pinball machine, its a game that started a new boom in the arcades and even now, there are still Addams Family pinball machines on location in arcades & bars and are still proving every popular. So do you need one in your home games room? Of course you do and we are proud to offer our superb restored pinball machines for sale with our unique 2 year warranty!

Rules & Objectives

In ‘The Addams Family Pinball’ the player needs to be aware of two key elements one of them being ‘The Mansion’ and the other ‘The Vault’.

The Mansion

The Mansion is made up of rooms (or modes) which are awarded to the player from the electric chair shot in the centre of the player field.  When a room is given to the player the electric chair light goes out until the player conducts a Bear Kick (however some other switches will relight it, but only temporary).  The best practice is for the player to activate multiple mansion rooms in order to gain the best scores.  The mansion is located in the centre of the playfield and has 12 windows, each window represents a mode called a room. The rooms or modes that can be awarded are as follows:

3 Million, 6 Million & 9 Million

These are separate rooms that give the player points based on what room they are awarded (e.g. Player receives 3 Million points if they are awarded the 3 Million Room).  When the player hits either the ‘3 Million’ or ‘6 Million’ room, both rooms will be lit and considered completed.

Graveyard At Max

The award from this room makes it so all the jet bumpers are given their maximum value of points (which is 30,000 added to the Graveyard Value per hit).

The Mamushka

This room adds 250,000 points for every switch that the player hits to their end-of-ball bonus.

Hit Cousin It

This adds 200,000 for every switch that the player hits to their end-of-ball bonus at the start.  The more the player hit the ‘Cousin It’ target, the more the per-switch award increases.

Quick Multiball

‘Quick Multiball’ is lit up enabling the player to start a two-ball multiball.  This opens the vault and shots fired into it are given an increasing award.

Fester’s Tunnel Hunt

5, 10 and 15 Million points are awarded to the player for hitting the swamp, electric chair and vault.


Similar to ‘Fester’s Tunnel Hunt’ except the points are awarded for each bear kick or staircase shot executed.  “The Power” magnets are enabled/activated throughout the duration of this room.

Thing Multiball

This room is known as a “hurry up” room which has a point score of 15 Million decreasing to as little as 3 Million.  If the room is completed before timing out the player is award a two-ball multiball where shots to the vault reactivates the “hurry up” process again.

Raise The Dead

Each set of 4 hits to a bumper in the graveyard for 30 seconds adds 3 Million points to the player’s end-of-ball bonus.  The round ends early if all 5 bumpers are hit a total of 4 times for each bumper.

Lite Extra Ball

The extra ball becomes available at Thing’s saucer.

Special: Wizard Mode! – Tour The Mansion

This special mode is unlocked if the player starts all of the above scoring rooms (regardless whether or not the player manages to complete them), once unlocked the attic room marked with an ‘?’ awards the player with the ‘Wizard Mode’.  The player is awarded with 50 million points, the extra ball mode is lit, the outlanes are lit, granting the “special” free game.  The five jet bumpers are also maximised and each of the six timed rooms are activated one after another.  After the last mode, the player is unable to collect any more Mansion Rooms until the start of the next ball; if the current ball is lost during this mode, then it immediately ends.

The Vault

By hitting the bookcase in front of the vault the player can add letters to the ‘GREED’, once they are all spelt out then the bookcase will open.  When a shot is made into the bookcase a lock is applied which allows the player to hold balls for multiball.  

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