Star Wars Comic Art Pinball Machine Launched

Stern Pinball Comic Art Pinball Machine

Stern Pinball’s new Star Wars Comic Art Pinball Machine available in both Pro and Premium Editions

Stern Pinball’s Star Wars Pinball machine, originally launched in 2017 is getting a makeover, with the addition of original, hand-drawn “Comic Art” from long time Lucasfilm artist Randy Martinez.

Despite the interesting gameplay, movie clips, and fantastic sound of Stern’s 2017 Star Wars pinball machine, the original art package held Star Wars back from being truly great. Happily, the newly launched Comic Art Star Wars Pinball Machine appears to remedy this.

Stern Pinball Comic Art Pinball Machine

Artwork by Randy Martinez

Stern’s new Star Wars themed pinball machines feature the artwork of one of today’s most popular artists, Randy Martinez.  Randy has been illustrating for over 30 years receiving countless accolades of his work.  Through a broad spectrum of his skills, Randy has been creating cartoons, caricatures, illustrations, paintings, and 3D art for Lucasfilm since 1999.

Randy’s art first appeared in Star Wars Kids Magazine, before he quickly moved on to create cartoons and caricatures for Star Wars Insider.  Randy was chosen to create the official key art for Star Wars Celebration IV, Celebration V and Celebration Europe.

“Fans of both pinball and Star Wars will be impressed by this hand-drawn comic artwork.  It is stunning and captures everything a true Star Wars fan could ever want in their pinball machine,” said Gary Stern, Chairman and CEO of Stern Pinball, Inc.

Stern Pinball Comic Art Pinball Machine

Pro & Premium Editions

The Star Wars Comic Art Pro and premium pinball machines made by Stern are packed with features that provide an irresistible game experience. The game includes select dialogue and footage from the original Star Wars trilogy, color-changing LED-lighted inserts, and a sculpted TIE fighter. All models feature two LCD screens. The Premium model also features art representing an exploding Death Star, a sculpted LED-lit Millennium Falcon and an interactive hyperspace loop that encircles the playfield and can accommodate up to 5 pinballs at once.

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