Spider-Man Vault Edition Pinball Machine To Hit The UK Soon

Stern Pinball have recently announced the release of its brand new Spiderman Vault Edition pinball machine, an update to the classic pinball machine inspired by the Marvel Universe comics and, of course, Pinball Heaven will be bringing this exciting new pinball machine to the UK. However, before we let you know when you can get your hands on it, let’s hear a bit more about what you can expect.

With the original Spider Man pinball machine being one of the most popular pinball machines around, Stern’s challenge has been to keep the features that everyone loves yet bring a brand new interpretation to pinball fans around the world. Stern Pinball assure us that the new Spider-Man pinball machine retains the same amazing gameplay of the original but has several updates in two major areas.

The first is all about the look and sound of the new pinball machine and includes:

  • New art package, including: cabinet, back glass, decals, and playfield plastics, designed based on images from the actual Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man comics library
  • Custom-moulded toys specifically designed and decorated to capture the Ultimate Spider-Man art style (Doc Ock, Sandman, Venom and Green Goblin)
  • Exciting animation and dot matrix video art designed around the Ultimate Spider-Man comic art
  • All new custom speech and sound effects for all characters
  • New mode event themes based on the Ultimate Spider-Man Universe
  • Webslinger themed laser-cut side armour in black powder coat with contrasting colour inserts
  • Two new music tracks plus the original score

The second set of updates is all about improvements to durability, based on research of the original game’s field experience; these include:

  • Steel plastic protectors at the Sandman and in the pop bumper area
  • VUK opening playfield protectors at Doc Ock and the Sandman
  • Stainless steel playfield protector beneath the webslinger in the pops
  • All stainless steel webslinger ball guides
  • Improved ramp guards
  • Optimisations to the design of anti-ball trap plastics and ramp covers.
  • Improved wire form ramp mounting details
  • Anti-wear Doc Ock playfield magnet assembly
  • All LED playfield lighting

As a result of these brand new changes, the Spider-Man Vault Edition pinball machine looks set to be an exciting edition to the Stern stable.

Of course, as the UK’s largest and most trusted pinball dealer, Pinball Heaven will have the Spider-Man Vault Edition available in the UK from April 2016. If you want to pre-order, just call us on 01772 816 677 or just get in touch via the web. (Yes, alright, we just couldn’t resist getting that in somewhere!)

Whether you want to look at pinball machines for sale or you simply want to talk to the most knowledgeable pinball machine experts in the UK, just get in touch as we are always happy to talk all things pinball!

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