Batman ’66 Premium Pinball Machine

Batman 66 Premium Pinball Machine

Batman ’66 Premium Pinball Machine – available now at Pinball Heaven

Following the success of Stern’s 2008 Batman pinball machine, which was based on the films Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, in 2016 Stern gathered together a Hall of Fame pinball development team to create an all-new Anniversary Edition machine, to celebrate both 30 years of Stern Pinball and 50 years of the Dynamic Duo of Batman and Robin.

Kaminkow, Gomez & Sheats

Based on the Batman television series from 1966, Batman ’66 was inspired by Joe Kaminkow of Ka-Pow Pinball and spearheaded by Stern Pinball product development chief George Gomez, who along with renowned programmer Lyman Sheats, brought the game to life.

Batman ’66 is regarded as one of the best pinball machines Stern Pinball have made, fantastic game play and audio/video from the original classic Batman TV series.

Batman ’66 Premium Trailer

Adam West and Burt Ward

Batman ’66 immerses players in campy fun and heart-pounding action as the crime fighting Dynamic Duo comes to the aid of the Gotham City Police. Throughout the game, Batman and Robin work to deduce clues and discover super villain plots in an effort to thwart evil plans and capture bad guys. Players are guided through the game by the voices of none other than the original Batman and Robin, Adam West and Burt Ward.
Batman 66 Premium Pinball Machine

Batman ’66 Premium Features Include:

  • Batman ’66 trading card by TOPPS presented in a special holder. 500 games get cards signed by Adam West (Batman)
  • “Villain Vision TV Set” target- brings the TV show and Batman’s adversaries to life directly on the playfield
  • Magnet feature linked to “Villain Vision TV Set”
  • Batphone target featuring illuminating Batphone
  • Batcomputer and Bat Analyzer targets with LED illumination
  • Batcave Nuclear Reactor with target and flasher
  • Spinning Batmobile Target with new and improved low friction bearings and centering assist device
  • 3 ball lock on rotating mini playfield enables 8 ball multiball, Diverter device enables locking balls on mini playfield
  • Electric Control Gate enables right orbit shots or forces the ball thru the pop bumpers
  • Vertical up-kicker device feeds the right return wireform
  • Eject hole in upper right corner holds the ball or helps the player lock balls on the mini playfield
  • 2 steel ramps with wireform ball returns
  • Both ramps are chrome finish
  • 3 pop bumpers
  • 20 stand up targets
  • 1 Spinner target
  • Speech calls by Adam West (Batman) and Burt Ward (Robin)
  • Illuminated Bat Signal toy on playfield

Full Colour HD Display

In addition to the fun title and game experience, the machine also features a full colour high definition display replacing the dot matrix display. In conjunction with Stern’s new SPIKE-2 electronic pinball platform, the display enables high definition graphics and innovative animations. This enables the game to feature actual TV footage from the iconic series. The game includes a second high definition display on the playfield as part of an interactive game feature.

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