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Uk based Pinball Heaven specialise in pinball machine parts, providing pinball machines to buy and rent with thousands of parts available in stock

The Hobbit pinball machine arrives in the UK

After years of development, today we welcome The Hobbit Pinball Machine by Jersey Jack Pinball into the UK.

We got our distributor sample of The Hobbit pinball machine straight out of the Jersey Jack Pinball in factory in New Jersey, USA, by airfreight just in time for the 8 Bit Flip pinball gathering at Arcade Club in Bury for Easter weekend 2016.

But lets have a look at the day that was like Christmas at Pinball Heaven.  The day we take delivery of our distributor sample of The Hobbit pinball machine.  Limited Edition number 247!


Time to open that box. WOW. Look at that artwork!




All we have to do now is unpack the legs and bolts then attach to the cabinet and switch it on.  Wow again, beautiful!



After quickly inserting the balls, its time for a few pre game checks to make sure nothing has come loose during shipping from the Jersey Jack Pinball factory in New Jersey, USA and then its time to have a game.

The first thing we notice is that by using the ring button located on the lockbar you can select 1 of 4 possible skill shots for bonus points.  Personally I liked the second skill shot which was rolling over the L O C K letters in the middle of the playfield, rolling over any one gives you a skill shot award but one shot which rolled over all 4 letters gave me 21,000 skill shot but has never been repeated since!

So spelling LOCK allows the balls to be “locked” for multiball, 3 shots up the right ramp when lit starts multiball. What this quick video for a multiball sequence!

A frantic multiball mode then starts with balls all over the place.

In each of the game modes the miniature screen guides you through your tasks and tells you time remaining in the mode etc.



There is so much to do on this wonderful pinball machine it will keep anyone amused for hours.


Hobbit pinball DWALF drop targets by SMAUG


SMAUG with moving mouth and teeth “like swords”!


Right ball popper and “barrel” jet bumpers


Playfield detail


Full playfield shot

The Hobbit pinball machine is for sale in 3 versions – Standard – Limited Edition – SMAUG special edition and can be ordered here.

Finally, game over looks like this.



Whether you want to look at pinball machines for sale or you simply want to talk to the most knowledgeable pinball machine experts in the UK, just get in touch as we are always happy to talk all things pinball!

Reset problem on Bally Williams Pinball Machines

Is your pinball machine resetting when you hit the flippers?

Its a common problem, you press the flippers together in a mad panic induced by multiball or some other frantic flipper action and boom, the lights go off and the pinball machine will reset itself, just like when you turn it on.  The fault comes and goes but many factors affect it, line voltage, heat, load on your pinball machine but its a sign that the 5v power supply is failing.

Have a look at our short video and see if you have the same problem, this is a very common on some Bally Williams Pinball Machines, games with more flippers suffer the worst, so Addams Family Pinball Machine, Twilight Zone, Indiana Jones but really ANY Bally Williams WPC system game can have this issue.

The cause, the number 1 cause is all the 5v supply on the pinball machine failing, so you need to rebuild this (we sell a kit for this if you are good with a soldering iron) or replace parts.

Your options to resolve this issue are

1) Rebuild the 5v logic supply on you WPC Power Driver board Website Link

2) Fit a 5v reset fix kit Website Link

3) Send us the power driver board to repair!  A-12697-x Website Link

The 5v reset fix pcb (2 above) is a handy quick fix but its only supposed to be a temporary measure, many people leave it and thats fine but the long term solution would be to rebuild the 5v logic side of the PCB.  If you are not a competent with a soldering iron then please send the circuit board to us for repair as we offer a pinball circuit board repair service Pinball Repairs

Pinball Heaven at the Ideal Home Show

Pinball Machines at Olympia London

Taking place between 18th March and 3rd April, the Ideal Home Show is the UK’s premier interior design event showcasing everything from eco builds to smart technology. With over 500 exhibitors at London’s Olympia, Pinball Heaven were thrilled to be asked to take part.

“The organisers approached us to see if we would like to install pinball machines into the Duke’s Head pub for the duration of the exhibition and we were happy to be able to say yes,” said Pinball Heaven’s Managing Director, Phil Palmer.
“A key focus of my business is to promote the pinball culture to a wider audience and what better way to do this than to have our pinball machines showcased at one of the UK’s busiest exhibition venues during the Ideal Home Show.”

Whoa Nellie and Spiderman Vault

After discussions with the organisers, who had decided to go for a retro feel, Pinball Heaven have donated Whoa Nellie and Spiderman Vault, two games which Phil thinks will suit the Duke’s Head location.

Pinball Heaven Supporting the Katie Piper Foundation

In supplying the machines, Pinball Heaven are also helping to support the Katie Piper Foundation, the Ideal Home Show’s charity partner for the second year running, who work tirelessly to make it easier for people to live with burns and scars. Each machine costs just £1 to play, with 100% of the money raised donated to the charity.

Phil said, “I am pleased to be able to work with the event organisers to support such a worthwhile charity and I hope people visiting the show enjoy playing the games we have supplied.”

You can find more information about the Duke’s Head Pub by visiting the Ideal Home Show website and, if you want to support the Katie Piper Foundation, their website is

Whether you want to look at pinball machines for sale or you simply want to talk to the most knowledgeable pinball machine experts in the UK, just get in touch as we are always happy to talk all things pinball!

Uk based Pinball Heaven specialise in pinball machine parts, providing pinball machines to buy and rent with thousands of parts available in stock

The Passion Behind Pinball Heaven

Phil Palmer from Pinball Heaven Ltd has been a pinball fan since he was little but he is one of the lucky few who have been able to turn their passion into a livelihood. With over 25 years’ experience in pinball machine restoration and sales, Phil is already a well known and highly respected figure within the UK pinball community but we wanted to find out a little bit more about what makes him tick.

Phil bought his first pinball machine at the age of 14 and rapidly realised that he loves fixing and restoring pinball machines as much as he likes playing them. The process of taking apart his own machines led Phil to realise that there were a few things he didn’t know about electronics so he started a college course to rectify that. In true entrepreneurial style, however, he simply learned what he needed to know before leaving to concentrate on the already growing business.

“I already knew that fixing and restoring pinball machines was what I wanted to do for a living so with the business taking off rapidly, I made a decision to leave college and concentrate on building Pinball Heaven and, luckily, I haven’t looked back since.”

A big part of the Pinball Heaven Ltd business is restoring pinball machines so we asked Phil to provide a little more detail about this service.

“Our reputation for excellent restoration jobs goes before us and I think that is partly down to the passion I have instilled in the team. We are a small company which has played an important role especially in the restoration process. We don’t, for example, have a quick 20 point checklist that is simply an exercise in going through the motions. We take time on each restoration project checking everything from the top to the bottom. When a restored pinball machine leaves the Pinball Heaven premises we are confident that it is in an “as new” condition.

My favourite restoration to date is Funhouse, partly because it is one of the first machines I played in the arcade just as I was getting into pinball. Dating from 1991, many of the Funhouse machines are quite worn out by now and I find restoring this classic machine really satisfying.”

Whilst Pinball Heaven Ltd was primarily started as a pinball restoration business, Phil’s ever growing customer base began to ask if he could supply the small parts needed to make minor repairs themselves. The website now boasts over 2000 small parts that customers can order online and, if you are looking for a part that isn’t on the website, customers can simply contact Phil who will help source the necessary item.

Pinball Heaven supply and restore pinball machines the length and breadth of the UK and, of course, we asked about celebrity clients however, Phil’s reputation for discretion precluded him from spilling the beans except to say that he has seen some fabulous games’ rooms over the past 25 years.

Speaking of games’ rooms, we asked if Phil has one of his own?

“With so many pinball machines going through the business, it would be easy to have the house full all the time, never mind just a room so what I tend to do is take them home on a rotation basis. Obviously, this does mean I am lucky enough to play different pinball machines on a regular basis but it also means that I increase my knowledge and understanding of each game.

It’s paramount to me as an individual, and also a crucial part of my business, that my customers know I have a deep knowledge of the pinball world; that gives them confidence when, for example, I am asked to restore a machine or even if someone just wants to ask a question.

I do have a favourite pinball machine though and that is The Shadow. It happens to be the first game I ever bought brand new and it’s a very strategic machine which is what I enjoy.”

Finally, what does the future hold for Pinball Heaven Ltd?

“The parts’ side of the business is very busy so I am continuing to expand that. This area is ever-changing as new machines are brought out and new manufacturers come to the market place. I am also excited to announce that, for the first time, we are operating pinball machines on location, in cafes for example, across the country. This ties in with my passion for pinball as it’s crucial for the survival of the game that new people are introduced to it all the time.

We are also distributors for most new pinball companies and products in the UK and will be continuing to build relationships with both the manufacturers and our customers.”

Whether you want to look at pinball machines for sale or you simply want to talk to the most knowledgeable pinball machine experts in the UK, just get in touch as we are always happy to talk all things pinball!

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Uk based Pinball Heaven specialise in pinball machine parts, providing pinball machines to buy and rent with thousands of parts available in stock