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Pinball Machine servicing and mobile repairs/house visits.

We offer on-site pinball machine repairs throughout the North of England, as far South as Birmingham and occasionally Bristol area.

We also offer board repair services so you can post your faulty pinball circuit board off to us and we can return it once repaired.


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Bought my Star Trek Premium from Pinball Heaven, outstanding service and an amazing game to boot. The premium s really cool with multicolour lights, Enterprise toy, moving vengeance and a super cool laser! great Steve Richie game with lots of flow and a fantastic rules set.


I got one of these, Limited Edition, from Pinball Heaven; (I also have MMr) it arrived just before Christmas as promised. The game is beautifully made with bright green armour and superb build quality. To some this is an old game, to me its new, having not played Attack from Mars much at all. I was pleased to find that CGC had taken a classic and made it a modern classic, a huge fantastic LCD colour screen that has beautifully re-rendered and updated animations, matched with uprated speakers that are also lit up to match the colours on the game. The game play is fast and frenetic; Brian Eddy the designer of the game, made three pinballs and all of the smash hits, on this game he has a fan layout but with some really tough shots, then a set of modes that you have to line up together to get big points. Its fun but tough; huge humour in the call outs of the game especially from the martians, and strobe multi ball is the coolest thing on the planet!. But the to top it, is the wonderful topper that the LE gets, easily the best topper in pinball and makes the LE really stand out. Its animated and is always a cause for discussion when it starts going. Updated lights, neon lit saucers and built in protection for the playfield means this game will last the test of time. The other thing that stands out for me is the music and call outs which are fantastic. No time for tea – blast those martians!


This really is a special machine with hassle-free super smooth supply via Pinball Heaven. The brainchild of Scott Danesi, who not only designed the machine, but did the music and programming of the game’s code also! Spooky Pinball took Scott’s design and put together a pinball that combines the simple raw addictiveness of early solid state games, with contemporary lightning, sound and mechanisms with a totally stomping soundtrack. Fast play and a gameplay style with purpose is the order of the day with Total Nuclear Annihilation. Knock out 9 reactors, sounds easy; its anything but. As a reward you get some fantastic music and a light-show that makes Blackpool look more Black-out! Add in fantastic multiplayer modes, co-op modes and co-op versus modes and you’ve got a game that just keeps giving. The machine has beautiful bright artwork, fantastic build quality and a superb subwoofer design that blows bass out of the back of the machine! TURN IT UP!

Watch out though! This game is addictive and as Arnie say’s “you’ll be back” and back and back again. There is nothing quite like it.


Bought a D.I LE from Pinball Heaven.

About the game, well a lot has been said in the comments above that I 100% agree with.
The game has vibrant colours and the hand drawn artwork is reminiscent of a 90’s pinball. This game is however all 21st century. Colour monitor in the back with great animations and a Camera that the player interacts with during gameplay.
Bluetooth so you can actually play the game with your phone!
The toys on the playfield are cool, with magnets, trapdoors, a “Quantum Theatre” which adds visuals and also acts as other toys that aren’t physically there, kind of like virtual pinball.
Designed by legend Pat Lawlor who designed all time classics Addams Family, Twilight Zone, Earthshaker..

Pinball heavens service and support is legend, They will look after you with phone/email support and great extended warranty


This is the best Pinball machine produced in the last 20 years, and by a big margin. The designer, Pat Lawlor, is the legend behind games like Banzai Run, Whirlwind, Addams Family and Twilight Zone.

This game is in the same class as Pat Lawlor’s very best, but with modern upgrades like a large hdtv in the backglass, interactive playfield mobile phone screen, better quality audio files, better quality speakers, individually adjustable solenoids and awesome multi-colour LEDs.

In contrast to the more basic, cost driven games produced by Data East/ Sega/ Stern – this is a proper fully featured Pinball machine, reminiscent of those produced in the golden period of the industry from the early to mid 1990s.

Great modes, great combo shots, great playfield design and toys. Three flipper layout which is my personal favourite. Three ramps. Two scoops. Numerous magnets. Plenty of forehand and backhand shots from the main flippers and three critical ones from the side flipper. It is an awesome piece of design that actually builds on Lawlor’s last true masterpiece – Twilight Zone from the 1990s.

I have a dozen Pinball machines and have owned games for 20 years. This is the only new one I have bought.


I wasn’t even considering this machine with it’s original theme and strange name but like almost everyone else I know who has played one I instantly fell in love with it. It’s simply just an enormous amount of fun to play. Rules aren’t too simple or too deep, easy to learn after just a few games. Great sound, display animations and an awesome light show, this machine has managed to monopolise my play for months now, something none of my other machines has achieved.


Simply the best Pinball machine I’ve played.

I’ve had Addams family, Twilight zone, next gen, scared stiff, revenge from mars, judge dredd, road show and have attack from mars remake LE. This table is fun with a capital F, so many features, superb sound and display but above all, it has that Pat Lawlor magic, beautiful shots that feel so good, superb control with the flippers and when you lose the ball you know it’s your fault or the MAGNETS ?

Try it and put a huge smile on your face


A good bit of kit ,it’s a plug and play. Easy step by step instructions , has all the fixings in the kit including the two types of speaker connections for your model of machine. The fader knob I installed in the backbox, plus you can have the base speaker set to high or low base by simply moving a connection on the base speaker.


The Hobbit Smaug Gold edition is packed with features, including InvisiglassTM, shaker motor, a talking dragon and popup monsters.

The build and quality of the components in this machine is excellent. It’s heavy – there’s a lot of steel in it, and the laser cut font on the ramps is a nice touch. The gold paint on the legs is so thick that it looks like glass.

It was very well packaged with unboxing instructions on the outside.

Game pace mirrors that of the films, I played this halfway through the first film for the experience, no VR required.

Family and friends played this over Christmas and they all loved it, this game is suitable for those of all skill levels.


Wow what a game, there is so much to do, on this wide body beast of a machine.

With 4 pop up ‘trolls’ this makes the wide open playfield ‘change’ its feel and alters shot trajectories, adding another dimension to the game.

It also has individually controlled drop targets giving the player a unique moving target of shots, ramps that can fling the ball back down to the flippers, a kickback, a unique ball save feature and the ability to choose the mode you want to play or if indeed you would rather just lock the ball and go for multiball.

There are 30+ modes so this game is really going to keep you coming back for more and has great longevity.

That all said, I am probably just scratching the surface, which is what makes this machine perfect for the home environment and on-site as it really does have that just one more game appeal.


Been using a socket set for years and struggled , these are a dream to use no more dropping and loosing that screw ,which can take hours to find. definitely recommend ..


Two things to say here:

1: I bought the premium version and its absolutely amazing, latest code on it and its a pinball players game. Very challenging and a ruleset that pays over and over again. It has one more go feeling like no other machine.

2: The service from Pinball Heaven is simply outstanding – having sourced a machine from another retailed I can honestly say, don’t do that, the only place to go for a Pinball Machine is Pinball Heaven, Phil and the gang are superb. And trust me I’m a pain in the arse sort of customer! 🙂 Super Double Jackpot!


Well to follow my previous review, with a nice part exchange deal from Phil and a nice deal, I worked out I could afford it, so I ordered the Smaug special edition.
It arrived 19th December.
WOW, what a game! In a home environment it is amazing, the sound and visuals are fantastic, the build quality is superb and it is still as pleasing to look at as it is to play!
It has loads of modes but is surprising how quickly you learn what to do, the light show in some is just mind blowing!
I always leave the game with a smile on my face, amazed how the whole package has been put together.
Yes it is a lot of money but worth every penny. I have some top games in my collection but this one out shines them all!


Top quality board ,nice and easy to install ,just unplug your old one and put this in its place and reconnect up ! Job done ,switch on and enjoy !!


Bought a Metallica Premium from pinball heaven, loving it so far, best modern pinball machine in my opinion!
Thanks again.


This game is one of Sterns Best to date. Everything about it is just stunning and it marks a long awaited return to decent hand drawn artwork. I purchased the Pro model and the playfield is one of the most packed i’ve seen for awhile with loads of features to go for. Being a big fan of the films from back in the day the game really does them justice and you really feel like your part of the team, catching ghosts in New York. The music and sound is top notch from the new Spike system. Its also a hit with my kids who like playing it because of the new film franchise and also me telling them about the classic ones! There’s plenty for novices to go for and plenty to keep old pinheads like me coming back for more. Video of me playing mine here –


Fabulous Pinball – It was worth the time waiting for it. Many thanks Phil for the hand holding during this period.
This pinball is at least as good as the original! Many thanks for a flawless delivery and a very professional handling.
Peter M. – Switzerland


Simply fantastic! My first ever NIB and I wouldn’t ever think about going elsewhere since my buying experience will Phil / Pinball Heaven.

At first I was disappointed as the code was lacklustre. However, since last year the code has simply made this game one of the best out there. It’s brutal. I mean really brutal. Not a game that will let you get away with lazy shots. Lights / call out etc are all first class. It’s extremely addictive. I’ve got nowhere near “last man standing” so can’t imagine completing it.

My only gripe is that it really does need the shaker motor installed. It’s coded for one and it makes a massive difference to the feel of the game but you’ll need to buy it in addition to the machine.

Phil’s aftersales service is great (as always). My machine developed a problems with the lights almost a year after I bought it. Phil sorted it out for me, no questions asked. Which again proves why you should by here rather than try to save a few pounds importing from Europe


Bit slow of the mark here with the review. Phil / Pinball Heaven delivered this beauty in January. Looks fantastic, plays really well. Very happy with it overall. If you know pinball you’ll probably be familiar with the game anyway, it’s #1 on so many list for good reasons. The castle is a great toy. It’s an easy game for novices to play. It’s obvious what to aim for.

Why not 5/5? OK. The DMD screen “tearing” issue still hasn’t be solved by CGC/PPS. I know the software is in the pipeline and the new colour screen shots look fantastic but it still hasn’t come out yet. Fingers crossed it will be out in the very near future.

The price tag is pretty hefty! However, if you are going to buy a machine then buy it from Phil/Pinball Heaven. His aftersales service is 2nd to none.


Saw the Hobbit Pinball you brought to the 8bit flip show, absolutely stunning machine. It looks beautiful with a sound and light show to match, the quality of the whole machine is amazing, Great to play and equally great to look at, just need to work out how to afford it!

Thanks for bringing it along.


Cannot recommend Pinball Heaven enough. I ordered a new Star Trek Pro from Phil and it arrived in a flawless transaction. Easy to set up, I was playing within 10 minutes. Fantastic gameplay with different missions to select that will challenge even the most experienced players along with epic audio quotes from the two Star Trek movies. Great lightshow and effects. Highly recommended pin. – Andy, Warwickshire.


This machine is simply awesome. Playing it reminds me why this is the number 1 rated machine of all time. It’s fun, cheeky, easy to play but at the same time hard to master, has great flow to it, with wonderful toys and satisfying shots, and that ‘just one more game’ factor.

After a quick set-up and levelling we played a number of games and found it to play very well indeed, it’s well-built and heavy (just like other pins) I was a tad concerned in this area due to the reduced amount of components in the new machine but found it feels just like the original certainty not flimsy or inferior in this or any department.

Phil has once again been fantastic at pre-sales and after-sales care, the 2-year warranty that the machine comes with and lifetime technical support he offers really makes Pinball Heaven the only place to purchase new and PH refurbed machines form for lifetime trouble free pinball fun.

Thanks very much Phil, you’re a star.


I have a rather used version of FUNHOUSE, and it is one of the best machines to play. Always a challenge to get a high score for those “in the know” yet easy to play for the first time pin-er. The constant chat from Rudy (the head on the playfield) is great fun as he will call you a new name ever time you play.

If this restored unit is top notch (which I suspect it is) then you will have a fab machine that will keep you trying to put Rudy to sleep for far too many hours than you should. Don’t buy it if you value your sleep as YOU will be up all night until the FUNHOUSE closes.


My TAF isn’t a Gold but these fit into the CPU board and sound board to replace the original EPROMs. There are more samples which improve the machine’s sense of humour and it’s been a very worthwhile upgrade!


Perfect replacement plastics to replace the dull and discoloured original slingshot plastics plus some others. And when I looked, two of the other five were already broken! Machine looks much happier with the new pieces fitted.


If you’ve been on the fence about buying Stern’s latest pinball machine, let me tell you this game is a whole new level of fun! The PRO is super fast with the great Steve Ritchie flow you expect from him. There is tons to shoot for and very little to hold the ball up to make a hugely exciting game. The code for a new game is very mature and is already turning into a deep and rewarding rule set. Stern have launched this machine with a “Casual Mode” which allows beginners to jump straight in to one of the easier modes straight from the bat. Those wanting to have the full challenge can turn this option off or select one of the other starting houses to play to their style and tactics. The animated dragon is a great toy to have on the play field and it has a killer kickback feature which fires the ball back fast.

Build quality is very good and I love the simple design to the metal cased back box and security bolts. The single PCB Spike system behind the back glass is low maintenance and its very easy to install game code updates to enhance your game. If like me you get stuck finding the on/off switch you will find it on the right-hand side of the back box underneath, just stick your hand under to flick the switch.

I was really torn about buying the PRO or waiting for the premium version. If you want this game now and want a fast and furious game the PRO is the model to go for. Pinball heaven once again delivered a game to me on time and with their usual top customer service. You cant fault Phil and his team! Thanks

There is no doubt in my mind this will be another Stern classic in the same league as my other favourites from them such as TRON and Lord of the Rings. Grab one whilst you can now, new in box, there is nothing like having a new game for xmas 🙂


Tried these as a replacement for the standard blinkers in my Hook (they go behind Tinker Bell on the translite). They work fine but they weren’t particularly any better or brighter.


i highly recommend to anyone who wants to buy a pinball machine to look no futher than Pinball Heaven ,the experience from start to finish was superb.
Star trek is a fast game with satisying ramp shots ,drop target,spinners,magnet shot to start mutiballs etc,it will keep you going back for more and more !


The Walking Dead (LE) is a good looking machine with great game play. The sounds and lighting on the LE are exceptional and really add to the mood of the theme. Can be quite difficult with the drains but the high scores out there prove that it can be tamed with practice and it definitely has that “one more go” appeal. I’ve only had it a couple of days but can’t wait to really get stuck in to it to find out all it has to offer. Fans of the Walking Dead will love this as will casual fans, but maybe not suited to a household with small children. My first pinball machine and definitely a keeper!


This is a great game to play which brings back the look and nostalga of yesteryear but without the high maintenance issues of those old machines. I’m a big pinball fan with over 10 machines in my collection that feature multiball, ramps, toys, animations and other cool stuff. Whoa Nelly doesnt have any of those bells and whistles but its still a fun game to play and puts a big daft grin across my face.

The artwork is bright and colourful, all hand drawn how they used to be, it is slightly risqué in its theme but its all tongue in cheek and like most historic machines features a good looking lady or two.

Setup at a good angle the ball flies around the table, with lots of clunk clang from the chimes and a modern background soundtrack.. Whoa nelly, whats not to like?


When i first see the woz pinball machine i thought the would not be able to stand the theme, but having played one at the uk pinball party i changed my opinion, what a great machine this is, i had a williams indiana jones for 5 years which was always one of my favourite machines,which i also purchased from pinball heaven, but i would not swap my woz for it, think it might take a long time before i get to the end modes, if ever, its just a great machine.


I’ve just spent part of my MMR dosh on a STTNG, suppose I should add these to the list I’m compiling 🙁

Think I’ll be giving you a shout about led 5 on the driver board first


I played a Wonka over at a friends and immediately I was sold on the idea of getting one from Pinball Heaven.

The layout, shots and clever way the whole game has been put-together and laid-out really is nothing short of genius.

There are so many ways to play the game so many hidden things to find, it really is perfect for the home environment as any JJP games are.
JJP really have got better and better each game.

Just wait until you experience oompa loompa multiball!
It will make you want to play again and again so you can experience it multiple times..

Just love this machine.

Paul Douglass

Hi I’m having issues with my ij tripping when both flippers are pressed together. It looks like the rebuild kit should fix it. Are there some instructions or video that come with the parts?


Absolutely wonderful pin (we hired an EJ Platinum Edition for a month). Superb flow, amazing lighting and snappy flippers too.

Like the greatest hits of Steve Ritchie design meets a home disco, but with crocodiles!! Rock on!

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