Medieval Madness Pinball NEW (remake)


Medieval Madness Pinball NEW (remake)

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Brand new MEDIEVAL MADNESS pinball machine remake.  Following the sucess of the original Medieval Madness Pinball Machine, this is the 2015 version remanufactured by Planetary Pinball with latest technology, ALL LED lighting, LCD display yet still feels exactly the same as the classic Medieval Madness pinball machine.

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Product Description

Medieval Madness pinball machine, re-engineered, re-vamped, re-released and re-perfected!

One of the all time top 5 pinball machines has been lovingly remanufactured by Planetary Pinball/Chicago Gaming in USA and now you have the chance to own one of the best new pinball machines ever made, for sale exclusively in the UK at Pinball Heaven.

If you have never played the Medieval Madness pinball machine then you are missing out!  This beautiful game has a huge amount of features, you have a castle with a moving drawbridge that “explodes”, 2 troll’s that pop up from the playfield for you to hit, 2 ramps, video modes (played on the screen), a catapult and a great deal of multi-ball modes.  It provides a great deal of entertainment for both inexperienced players plus the more experienced player with its challenging “wizard” modes.

A great sound track plus great humour that Williams were well known for will keep you laughing while you play, defeat the Duke of Burbon, Francois Du Grim, Lord Howard Hurtz, The Earl of Ego and Sir Psycho and attack the King of Payne!

Due to advances in technology gone are the 3 large circuit boards and about 1 mile of wiring out of the game yet the difference to the game play? Absolutely none at all, it plays just like the original Medieval Madness Pinball from Williams in 1997.  The display has been replaced with a LCD which is programmed to look like the traditional dot matrix display yet is ready to accept a full colour upgrade from Chicago Gaming, bringing the game to life more than ever before with redrawn colour animations which are just a ultra improved version of the original faithful orange graphics.  Gone are the old incandescent lamps that need replacing, MMr pinball features all LED technology to increase reliability and reduce down time or maintenance requirements.  Should anything happen to your New Medieval Madness pinball machine then don’t worry – you have our unique 2 year warranty to keep you flipping!

Medieval Madness game play

Additional Information

Weight 120000 g

Planetary Pinball


Add full coloured DMD upgrade, Standard

5 reviews for Medieval Madness Pinball NEW (remake)

  1. 5 out of 5

    This machine is simply awesome. Playing it reminds me why this is the number 1 rated machine of all time. It’s fun, cheeky, easy to play but at the same time hard to master, has great flow to it, with wonderful toys and satisfying shots, and that ‘just one more game’ factor.

    After a quick set-up and levelling we played a number of games and found it to play very well indeed, it’s well-built and heavy (just like other pins) I was a tad concerned in this area due to the reduced amount of components in the new machine but found it feels just like the original certainty not flimsy or inferior in this or any department.

    Phil has once again been fantastic at pre-sales and after-sales care, the 2-year warranty that the machine comes with and lifetime technical support he offers really makes Pinball Heaven the only place to purchase new and PH refurbed machines form for lifetime trouble free pinball fun.

    Thanks very much Phil, you’re a star.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Who’d have thought it would be possible to own a NIB (new in box) MM? Amazing.

    Delivered today safely by Hadfields, no damage, and plays perfectly. One of the best pins to own, of course. Better price than second-hand, too.

    I’ve been buying pinballs from Phil since Shadow in 1998, and can vouch for his complete integrity and efficiency, and long-term after-sales support. He is unsurpassed in the UK and I’d wholeheartedly recommend you consider Phil for all your new pinball requirements :-)


  3. 4 out of 5

    Bit slow of the mark here with the review. Phil / Pinball Heaven delivered this beauty in January. Looks fantastic, plays really well. Very happy with it overall. If you know pinball you’ll probably be familiar with the game anyway, it’s #1 on so many list for good reasons. The castle is a great toy. It’s an easy game for novices to play. It’s obvious what to aim for.
    Why not 5/5? OK. The DMD screen “tearing” issue still hasn’t be solved by CGC/PPS. I know the software is in the pipeline and the new colour screen shots look fantastic but it still hasn’t come out yet. Fingers crossed it will be out in the very near future.
    The price tag is pretty hefty! However, if you are going to buy a machine then buy it from Phil/Pinball Heaven. His aftersales service is 2nd to none.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Fabulous Pinball – It was worth the time waiting for it. Many thanks Phil for the hand holding during this period.
    This pinball is at least as good as the original! Many thanks for a flawless delivery and a very professional handling.
    Peter M. – Switzerland

  5. 5 out of 5

    Hello I am oldgames from Italy. I am interested in this replica. I want to know more info and if I can come directly to buy it. I await info

    • Hi. We have more in stock September

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