Pinball Problems

Pinball Problems - We Can Help

Problems with your pinball machine? Don’t worry, we can help. Have a browse of our technical articles listed below, if that doesn’t work to solve your pinball problems, we can offer you…

FREE Technical support – Use the contact us form to tell us your problem, please state the name of the machine plus apparent fault and any previously known history of same fault. In some cases its best to email us a video of the fault happening. We can diagnose most problems quite easily, how you solve it is upto you, but we can assist every step of the way if required.

We can talk you through repairing the fault yourself if required over the phone or arrange for a service engineer to call at your house to repair the machine.

It could be you have a faulty PCB, for information on our board repair service click here

Onsite pinball repairs – If you need in home pinball repair….visit our repairs page!

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