Wizard of Oz – Yellow Brick Road

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Wizard of Oz Pinball Machine from Jersey Jack Pinball (Yellow Brick Road Limited Edition)

What an amazing machine this is, not to mention JJP’s FIRST machine! Using 5 flippers you have to battle the Wicked Witch, take a trip to Munchkin Land, loop the ball around the Spinning House for big points during a Twister, break down the castle doors for Castle Multiball and watch the action unfold on the 26′ HD LCD monitor which tells you how you are progressing through this very impressive machine whilst listening to the Digital Stereo coming at you from multiple speakers.

  • New playfield art with Yellow Brick Road™ sparkle
  • Yellow sparkle powder coated armor and wireforms
  • Yellow Brick Road™ attract mode screen
  • Exclusive wood apron with yellow brick
  • Beautiful Rad-Cal cabinet and backbox artwork
  • New game topper
  • Version 2.0 lighting system
  • Updated playfield mechanics

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Weight 120000 g


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When i first see the woz pinball machine i thought the would not be able to stand the theme, but having played one at the uk pinball party i changed my opinion, what a great machine this is, i had a williams indiana jones for 5 years which was always one of my favourite machines,which i also purchased from pinball heaven, but i would not swap my woz for it, think it might take a long time before i get to the end modes, if ever, its just a great machine.

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