Whirlwind Total Chaos Upgrade Kit – Available Now

Whirlwind Total Chaos Upgrade Kit is now in stock and available from Pedretti’s Official UK Distributor – Pinball Heaven

Pedretti Gaming

Founded in 2007 Pedretti Gaming has slowly been making a name for itself, creating quality pinball toppers and more recently producing the remake of Alien for Pinball Brothers. Given their current rate of growth, it is not inconceivable they could soon become Europe’s largest pinball manufacturer.

Following months of speculation, and the release of its debut title, FunHouse 2.0 Rudy’s Nightmare, Pedretti’s eagerly awaited latest release is: Whirlwind 2.0 aka “Whirlwind Total Chaos.”

Whirlwind Total Chaos Upgrade Kit

Whirlwind Total Chaos

The original Whirlwind theme of a storm-blaster attempting to track the whirlwind and subdue its lethal power has been retained and extended, and a whole new Total Chaos storyline has been added which features multiple new modes, including two mini-wizard modes, full wizard mode and a video mode.

The upgrade kit includes a new speaker/display panel featuring a full-colour LCD monitor which will show the all-new custom animations along with scoring and gameplay information as well as new diagnostics screens. Running the new code and driving the LCD requires a whole new set of controller boards which are included. A new back glass is also included in the kit which compliments the all-new interior cabinet decals and completes the upgrade package.

As with the Funhouse upgrade, the player can choose to switch between the 2.0 version’s rules and the classic rules before starting the game by holding in the left flipper button.

Whirlwind Total Chaos – Gameplay Video

A Really Modern Look to Whirlwind

“Pedretti Gaming is a partner of Planetary Pinball for production of Williams/Bally licensed parts. Our company is focused on production of 2.0 Kits and assembly of pinball machines. In association with Planetary Pinball we present our second game KIT:  Whirlwind™ Total Chaos™. Our kit gives new life and a really modern look to Whirlwind™! With Whirlwind 2.0 Kit you can play the original and the new code Total Chaos™

Parts included in the kit:

–        Speaker Panel (wood and artwork)

–        New 14 inch LCD HD Display

–        New high quality Speakers

–        FAST Sys 11 MPU

–        Pinsound XL Audio PCB

–        Custom Side Blades

–        Custom Traslite (printed on 3mm acrylic)

–        Customized Packaging

Whirlwind Total Chaos Upgrade Kit
Whirlwind Total Chaos Upgrade Kit

Purchase your Whirlwind Total Chaos Upgrade Kit

To purchase your Whirlwind Total Chaos Upgrade Kit, call Pedretti’s Official UK Distributor Pinball Heaven on 01772 816 677 or visit our online pinball shop.

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