Ultraman Collector’s Edition Pinball Machine

Ultraman Collectors Edition

Ultraman Collector’s Edition Pinball Machine – Arriving Soon at Pinball Heaven

The year 2021 marks the 55th anniversary of the Ultraman Series. To mark the occasion Tsuburaya Productions are unveiling new films, series, events, and merchandise for Ultraman fans to enjoy. Amongst the foremost of these is the new Spooky Pinball Ultraman Kaiju Rumble Pinball Machine.

Ultraman Collector’s Edition – Arriving Soon

Ultraman was the world’s third top-selling licensed character of the 1980s and with only 500 of Spooky Pinball’s latest release to be produced, Ultraman Kaiju Rumble is already a complete sell-out. However, with a number of Collector’s Edition machines soon to arrive at Pinball Heaven, we thought we would take a closer look at Spooky Pinball’s latest offering.

Ultraman Collectors Edition

Standard, Blood Sucker and Collector’s Editions

The Ultraman table is a complete feast for the eyes. A comic-style mural of various notorious Kaiju and Ultraman himself wrap around the cabinet and backbox while the Science Patrol, tasked with defending the public from Kaiju attacks, head into battle with Bemular, a ruthless, alien, reptile-like monster on the playfield. The vibrant colours and dynamic imagery have the same energy of the original series and are bound to rile up whoever’s playing enough to make them feel like they’re defending Japan themselves.

Battle against Ultraman’s greatest Kaiju foes, with live action footage and sound effects from the original series, custom speech, incredible Matt Frank artwork, and additional music by Matt “Count D” Montgomery.

Available in Standard, Blood Sucker and Collector’s Editions, all machines feature: 4 flippers, 2 stainless ramps, 2 stainless 180 inverse ramps, 4 levels , 6 RGB lighted drop targets, 150 addressable RGB LED’s, 12 spooky flashers, 2 in-lane ball lift mechs, 7 physical ball locks, 1 tilting magna catch mech, interactive toys, 5 scoops, 6 motors, 9 targets, 2 spinners and 2 subways.

Ultraman Kaiju Rumble & Matt Frank Interview

Ultraman Collector’s Edition

In addition to the above specification, the Collector’s Edition also features: interior graphics, knocker kit installation, shaker kit installation, target decals, custom sculpted shoot rood, coin box and lid, powder coated bill accepter door, custom vein powder coat, custom laser cut side rails, additional licensed decorative toys, interactive RGB speaker kit and custom grills, orange plastic protector, collector’s edition numbered plaque and custom interactive licensed topper. What’s not to like!

With a limited number of machines still available, to reserve your Ultraman Kaiju Rumble Collector’s Edition, call Pinball Heaven on 01772 816 677 or visit our online Pinball Shop.

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