Rush Pro Pinball Installed at Tilt, Birmingham

Rush Pro Pinball Installed at Tilt Birmingham

Pinball Heaven has installed a Rush Pro Pinball Machine at Tilt, Birmingham

Tilt is a hangout featuring craft beer, specialty coffee & teas as well as pinball machines. TILT currently boasts 20 pinball machines, located over three floors. All machines are £1 for 1 Game or just £2 for 3 Games. All pinball machines are supplied and expertly maintained by Pinball Heaven.

Rush Pro Pinball Machine

Tilt’s latest pinball addition, Rush Pro features: Six pinballs, 17 RGB software controlled LEDs, Stainless steel Hemispheres right ramp with custom engraved and illuminated Rush logo, High speed plastic side Jackpot ramp, Ramp diverter system transports pinball to either bottom flipper based on its position, The Spirit of Radio optical spinning target, 3 flippers, 3 RGB lit pop bumpers, 4 R-U-S-H stand-up targets, Exclusive live Rush concert footage and custom animations, Main power scoop with kick out, plus a Clear window insert gives visibility to pinball in subway.

Rush Pinball Pro Edition also features:  Custom sculpted electromagnetic Time Machine ball lock with stationary ramp entrance and illuminated floor, Side scoop subway with front main power scoop kick out, ‘Dead End’ stand-up target, Secret stand-up target hidden behind a bank of 3 musical instrument drop targets starts Freewill Multiball, plus Red and white general illumination lighting.

Rush Pro Pinball Installed at Tilt Birmingham

Tilt Pinball Venue Birmingham

Tilt is a multi-functional space that explores and celebrates the concepts of craft beer, specialty coffee and pinball. For those who are not craft beer or specialty coffee drinkers, TILT also offers 10 different loose leaf teas, 5 different hot chocolates, a range of soft drinks, wines and a small selection of high quality spirits.

How to Find Tilt

You can find Tilt at City Arcade, 2 Union St, Birmingham B2 4TX. They are just 5 to 10 minutes walk from Birmingham New Street and Moore Street, while Corporation Street Metro Stop is located less than a minute away. If you wish to call Tilt you can contact them on 0121 643 1048.

Pinball Sales & Hire from Pinball Heaven

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