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Virtual Pinball Machines – Genuine Parts

Since the advent of the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME) in the late 1990s, arcade game emulators have become increasingly popular. The original philosophy behind MAME was to accurately document original arcade game hardware and through a free and open-source emulator, recreate the hardware of the arcade game system in software on modern personal computers.

Not only has this helped to preserve many classic arcade games which without MAME otherwise could have been lost, but it has also facilitated the playing of hundreds of different games on the one interface, which is perfect if you are working with both limited space and limited budget.

Recycling an original arcade games cabinet, or now more commonly, making your own, adds to the gaming experience. With thousands of games available, including many pinball titles, the popularity of MAME can only continue to rise.

Visual to Virtual Pinball Machines

An extension of MAME, Visual Pinball emulates the pinball experience using a computer and monitor. However, by utilising different monitors to display the playfield and backbox and by building your own pinball cabinet, you can immerse yourself in a fully digital, virtual pinball experience.

Virtual Pinball

Approaches to building a Virtual Pinball cabinet can vary and size of the cabinet is dependent largely on the size of screens employed.  But whatever size virtual pinball machine cabinet you are building, the majority of parts used in the build remain the same.

Cabinet Parts for Virtual Pinball Machines

Pinball Heaven regularly supplies parts for virtual pinball machines and many of our parts have now become standard consumption for virtual machine builders.

Buttons & Plunger

Genuine spring loaded flipper buttons, available in clear, red, blue, white and yellow, along with the flipper button nuts to tighten the buttons on to the cabinet, deliver a genuine pinball feel, as does the standard chrome plunger and backing plate.

Side Rails, Runners, Lockbars & Pivots

Our self-adhesive stainless steel side rails and plastic glass runners for under the side rails are a must for any virtual cabinet, as is a quality stainless steel lockbar and lockbar receiver. As is a pair of backbox hinges, complete with male pivot bolt and female head pivot, of which you will need a pair of each.

Chrome Legs & Coin Boxes

Doing the heavy lifting, a chrome let set including levellers, and Bally Williams large leg plates, of which you will need four, gives any cabinet that professional look. And to finish off your cabinet, why not take your pick from a choice of Stern or Williams Bally coin doors.

Genuine Parts for Virtual Pinball Machines

Our genuine pinball parts will give your virtual machine the look and feel of the real thing. Parts quoted and standard stock items and usually available for immediate delivery. So, if you are embarking on a virtual pinball machine build, feel free to order from our Pinball Heaven online shop.

For more information about our parts and accessories for virtual pinball machines, visit our online shop, or call Pinball Heaven on 01772 816 677.

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