Legends of Valhalla Pinball Machine

Legends of Valhalla Pinball Machine

 Legends of Valhalla Pinball Machine – now available to order from Pinball Heaven.

American Pinball, Inc. is dedicated to creating pinball machines that truly excite the player and become renowned within the arcade community. the company designs and manufactures pinball machines geared towards both the home and coin-operated amusement markets, headquartered in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.

In the first few hours of its launch, Legends of Valhalla received orders for in excess of 500 games. David Fix, Director of Operations & Marketing at American Pinball stated. “This exceeds any previous quarter’s sales figures since American Pinball opened its doors in 2015.”

Fix continues. “It’s from a new young game designer, Scott Gullicks, and is based on Norse mythology, a theme that resonates with young adults and has a real epic soundtrack. It is reliable, low maintenance and features a new LED lighting system.” Gullicks is a well-known pinball designer from the homebrew community, which incidentally is precisely where Legends of Valhalla originates.

The Legends of Valhalla Pinball Machine is a fast-paced, Riot Pinball designed game. It has a standard body design with three flippers offering a variety of fast and unique shots, including three metal ramps. There are a variety of objectives the player must either start or complete as they work their way through the game, attempting to not only reach the wizard mode Valhalla, the majestic hall of dead Vikings, but also advance to the final epic battle known as Ragnarok, the super wizard mode.

Legends of Valhalla Pinball Machine

Legends of Valhalla Pinball Machine Features

  • Challenge 16 unique battle modes where you can test your might against Viking Legends on your quest to Ragnarok, “The End of the World.”
  • Overcome the Kraken who will grab the ball via a hidden magnet beneath the playfield and throw it in unpredictable directions.
  • Prepare for War by building your army, and board your Viking ship to begin Multiball play. Demonstrate proper Viking values to prove that you are worthy of Valhalla.
  • Prove that you are skilled enough to call upon the power of the Valkyries. They can assist you in your quest to defeat your enemies who stand in the way of reaching Valhalla.
  • Utilize the might of Thor’s Hammer by activating it via the third flipper button. The power of Thor comes crashing down like a lightning strike, by capturing the ball via a magnet over the top lanes, giving you more control and leading to higher scores.

Classic Edition

Legends of Valhalla Classic Edition includes black powder-coated rails, legs, backbox hinges, lockdown bar, over 100 RGB lights, interactive Thor’s Hammer, hundreds of callouts, 22 total game modes including various Multiball modes.

Deluxe Edition

Legends of Valhalla Deluxe Edition is limited to 300 units and includes enhanced features such as a mirrored backglass, topper, upgraded powder coated side rails, backbox hinges, lockdown bar and legs, shaker motor, sculpted and hand-painted figures, and anti-glare “Magic” Playfield Glass.

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