Led Zeppelin Pro Pinball Machine

Led Zeppelin Pro Pinball Machine

Led Zeppelin Pro Pinball Machine by Stern Pinball – now in stock!

Formed in London in 1968, Led Zeppelin consisted of vocalist Robert Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page, bassist and keyboardist John Paul Jones, and drummer John Bonham.  Together they became one of the best-selling bands with estimated record sales of 300 million units worldwide.  In 1995 Led Zeppelin was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for their innovative and influential impact on the entire music industry.

Pro Cabinet, Sound and Light

The Led Zeppelin Pro pinball machine comes complete with Led Zeppelin III themed full colour translite and unique side cabinet designed by Stephen Jensen. The cabinet also features powder-coated black wrinkle finish side armour, hinges, front lockdown moulding and legs, plastic moulded bottom arch and snap-latch front moulding.

Electronic features include 13 RGB software controlled LEDs and adjustable dimming backbox lighting, live concert footage with custom animations for each song, exclusive Brendon Small character speech, all-new software controlled 10 band graphic equalizer with separate control for backbox and cabinet speakers so you can tune the sound to your liking, fade adjustment to control front and bottom speaker outputs, plus player selectable song choice at the start of every ball, with the song list highlighted on the back panel. The Pro model also features a CPU mounted line-out audio connector for external amplification.

Led Zeppelin Pro Pinball Machine Features

In this high energy rock and roll pinball concert experience, pinball and music are fused together.  Players are transported back to Led Zeppelin’s early days and tour the world from 1968-1980. As if players were members of the band playing its music, their play updates game features at the start of each verse and chorus of ten iconic Led Zeppelin songs including: Good Times Bad Times, Whole Lotta Love, The Song Remains the Same, Rock and Roll, Trampled Under Foot, Ramble On, Kashmir, Immigrant Song, Black Dog, Communication Breakdown.

Led Zeppelin Pro edition features 6 pinballs, 3-bank of drop targets, 3 custom steel ramps, 3 pop bumpers and 3 flippers. A custom Swan Song Records trademark Icarus sculpted leaper toy takes flight when smashed by the chaotic pinball. And a custom-moulded 13 inch Hindenburg Zeppelin toy based on the iconic imagery from the Led Zeppelin I album, when lit scores speed locks on the player’s musical journey to Zeppelin multiball, making for immersive, action packed gameplay.

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