Hot Wheels Pinball Machine

Hot Wheels Pinball Machine

American Pinball have launched their Hot Wheels Pinball Machine at the Amusement Expo coin-op trade show in New Orleans.

Based on the Mattel die-cast toy car series and the spin-off TV cartoon series, the Hot Wheels Pinball Machine is the third release by American Pinball, following Houdini in 2017 and Oktoberfest in 2018.

Introduced in 1968, Hot Wheels was the primary competitor of Matchbox until 1997, when Mattel bought Tyco Toys, the then-owner of Matchbox. Today the Hot Wheels multi-generational franchise is bigger than it’s ever been and is by far the number 1 selling toy in the world, with Mattel’s Hot Wheels die cast cars being sought after and collected by hundreds of millions of fans. In total, over 5 billion cars have been sold, incorporating more than 20,000 different car designs.

First Officially Licensed Pinball Machine

Designed by American Pinball’s Joe Balcer, who has also worked with Jersey Jack, Stern, Sega and Data East, Hot Wheels is American Pinball’s first officially licensed pinball machine. According to American Pinball, Hot Wheels is pure powerhouse pinball that is a cut above in quality, workmanship, durability and long-term earning strength.

Hot Wheels TV

Players will find themselves propelled into the middle of Hot Wheels TV, a hit YouTube series entertaining millions of viewers with all the adventure and excitement taking place in the teeming metropolis.

Hot Wheels Pinball Machine

Hot Wheels Pinball Gameplay

Gameplay objectives include car collecting and races, track building and crashes, epic challenges, creature battles and much more. And besides high-powered driving and racing, there are the ever-present challenges posed by the villainous Draven and his army of relentless Creatures.

Gameplay Features

  • Collect Hot Wheels cars for heart-thumping Car Chaos Multiball and Super Ultimate Garage
  • Gear up to score with Epic Ramps, Epic Loops, Epic Cars and Epic Pops
  • Collect Classic Hot Wheels Hero Cars in order to become a Hot Wheels Legend
  • Keep the action in high speed around every turn and loop with Track Multiball
  • Save the day when you take on and defeat Draven and the Creatures of Hot Wheels City
  • Rev the Tachometer to deliver increased scoring and the ultimate Redline Mania
  • Accelerate to take the checkered flag and earn Victory Lap Multiball

Hot Wheels Pinball Machine Enquiries

Featuring direct digital print backglass, multiple custom music tracks paced to gameplay, 15.6″ full color LCD with 1366×768 resolution, 4 stereo speakers plus eight inch cabinet subwoofer and powder coated cabinet armour, the first ever officially licenced Hot Wheels pinball machine is going to be in great demand.

To make an enquiry or to reserve your very own Hot Wheels Pinball Machine, call Pinball Heaven today on 01772 816 677 or visit our online shop.

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