Halloween Pinball Machine Launched

Halloween Spooky Pinball

Halloween Pinball Machine Launched

Spooky Pinball LLC has today launched its Halloween Pinball Machine, based on John Carpenter’s 1978 classic film.

“Finally… the iconic horror film that started it all. Spooky Pinball LLC & Compass International Pictures are bringing the 1978 classic, John Carpenter’s Halloween to the PINBALL WORLD! More details coming soon. Pick up a Spooky Pinball Fang Club membership to get early access to what may be the biggest SPOOKY PINBALL GAME EVER!!!”

Spooky Halloween Features

Spooky’s new Halloween Pinball Machine features clips from the original film, plus custom speech from original cast member PJ Soles. The backbox includes a ridiculously cool custom-lit interactive topper of the iconic Halloween artwork that has a working knife, with the awesome backglass artwork designed by Jason Edmiston.

Speaking of knives, the custom handle is a knife and Michael peeks out of the bushes in an awesome triple interactive toy bank. There’s are a flashing pumpkin sculpt, a triple-lighted pumpkin drop bank, a Judith Myers tombstone ball lock, and triple upper playfields to help get you up to the balcony from the big finale.
Halloween Spooky Pinball

Full details of Spooky’s new Halloween Pinball Machine have not yet been released, however Spooky has revealed the three editions:

Halloween Standard Edition

Halloween Standard Edition – no addons and to be built last. Includes, as do all editions: 7 pinballs, dual inlane lifters, triple interactive Michael Hedge, toyfour custom stainless ramps, Judith Meyers tombstone drop target ball lock, lighted jack-o-lantern drop bank, three upper playfields, one playable Smith’s Grove Sanitarium playfield, one playable house playfield, one passive playfield, 360 degree led flashers, sculpted pumpkin with 360 led flasher inside, custom metal ball drop down mech, dual spinner loop (on the house playfield), 150 interactive RGB lighting, upper playfield RGB strip lighting, seven physical ball locks.

Halloween Blood Sucker Edition

Blood Sucker Edition – to be built before the Standard Edition and will include clear plastic protectors, interior graphics, knocker/shaker, interactive RGB speaker kit, standard powder coated speaker grill, target decals on the coin box/lid, powder coated bill accepter door, custom metallic flake powder coat, Blood Sucker Edition plaque and flipper button protective armour.

Halloween Collector’s Edition

Halloween Collector’s Edition – to be built first and will include coloured plastic protectors, interior graphics, knocker/shaker, interactive RGB speaker kit, custom powder coated speaker grill, target decals on the coin box/lid, powder coated bill accepter door, custom vein powdercoat, custom laser cut side rails, Collectors Edition numbered plaque, custom interactive licenced topper, custom sculpted shoot rod and additional licenced decorative toy.

A clear coated butter cabinet add-on will be available for the Blood Sucker and Collector’s Edition machines.

John Carpenter’s Halloween Pinball – Teaser

Limited Number of Halloween Pinball Machines

A limited number of Halloween pinball machines will be built, but the mix of Standard, Blood Sucker and Collectors Editions will be decided by the customers, so if you are quick enough and you would like a particular edition, it should be possible to order one.

Order Your Halloween Pinball Machine

To order you Halloween Pinball Machine, call Spooky Pinball Distributors, Pinball Heaven on 01772 816 677 or visit our online pinball shop.


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