Funhouse Pinball Machine 2.0 Upgrade Kit

Funhouse Pinball Machine 2.0 Upgrade Kit

Funhouse Pinball Machine 2.0 Upgrade Kit: Funhouse Rudy’s Nightmare

Pedretti, who worked with Pinball Brothers on Alien Pinball and who also partner Planetary Pinball for producing Williams/Bally licensed parts and mods, has announced an upgrade kit for Williams’ Funhouse.

The upgrade kit is called Funhouse Rudy’s Nightmare and allows Funhouse owners to add a whole new look and game to their Funhouse pinball machine.

According to Pinball Magazine, two years ago Pedretti agreed with Planetary Pinball to produce enhanced “2.0” upgrade kits for several System 11 pinball games. They decided to start with Funhouse, one of the most iconic games from the early ’90s. While it took two years to develop Rudy’s Nightmare, Pedretti hopes to release more System 11 titles in the future, aiming at one title per year.

Funhouse 2.0 Rudys Nightmare Pinball Kit Promo

Funhouse Rudy’s Nightmare – What’s Included

The Funhouse Rudy’s Nightmare upgrade includes switching between the original game code and the Rudy’s Nightmare (and potentially others!).

Funhouse Pinball Machine 2.0 Upgrade Kit

Parts included in the kit:

  1. Speaker Panel (wood and artwork)
  2. New 14 inch LCD HD Display
  3. New high quality Speakers
  4. Playfield Mini Display and artwork
  5. PCBs : Fast CPU and Pinsound XL
  6. Custom Side Blades
  7. Custom Translite (printed on 4mm acrylic)
  8. Customized Packaging
  9. For first 200 kits a custom T-shirt (Size L)
  10. Completely new code

Once installed, which should be easy plug and play – no drilling required, the game will have new graphics, two colour displays, new music, sound effects and voices, and new modes.

The game’s playfield remains mostly the same, although the mini display will replace the mirror above the scoop. The upgrade kit will allow Funhouse owners to choose between playing the game with the original rules, music, and callouts, or the new Rudy’s Nightmare code.

When playing the original rules, the display will show the scores and text. There are no additional animations programmed (yet).

Funhouse Pinball Machine 2.0 Upgrade Kit Enquiries

The Funhouse Pinball Machine 2.0 Upgrade Kit: Funhouse Rudy’s Nightmare is available from Pinball Heaven for just £2095. To order your upgrade kit visit the Pinball Heaven online shop, or call 01772 816 677.

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