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Munsters Pinball Rule Sheet

Munsters Pinball Rule Sheet

Stern Pinball has just published the rules for its new Munsters Pinball game. Stern’s The Munsters Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition models feature stunning and distinctive hand-drawn art. Each game features a custom sculpted Herman bash toy with magnetized ball catch, highlighting Herman multiball. In addition, all models include a pop-up Spot bash toy hidden… Read more »

Pinball Hire with a Head of Steam!

Attack From Mars Pinball Machine at The Head of Steam Sheffield

Pinball Heaven is delighted to announce it has installed three pinball machines into The Head of Steam. The Head of Steam, which was acquired by Camerons Brewery in 2013, has developed a reputation for its range of innovative UK and world beers. The Head of Steam features 19 keg lines with a selection of rotating… Read more »

Stern Munsters Pinball Machine – Limited Edition

Munsters Pinball Machine Limited Edition

While availability lasts, Pinball Heaven is taking pre-orders for the Stern Munsters Pinball Machine – Limited Edition. With only 500 Limited Editions being released globally demand is already high, with availability expected to run out soon. So, if you are interested in the Stern Munsters Pinball Machine – Limited Edition, make sure to contact us… Read more »

Munsters Pinball Machine Premium Edition

Munsters Pinball Machine Premium Edition

Pinball Heaven is now taking orders for The Munsters Pinball Machine Premium Edition. To view the Munsters Pinball Machine Premium Edition in our online shop click here. The Munsters Pinball Premium Reveal See The Munsters Pinball Machine Premium Edition reveal by Deal Flip… Premium Edition Features The black-and-white nature of the original TV series is… Read more »

Munsters Pinball Machine

Following widespread rumours that Stern Pinball are set to launch their new Munsters inball machine, Pinball Heaven is delighted to announce it will have the eagerly awaited Munsters pinball machine for sale in the UK as soon as it becomes available. Munsters Pinball Release Date No release date has been announced yet for Stern’s new… Read more »

Thunderbirds pinball machine UK Distributor announced

Thunderbirds pinball machine for sale in the UK! We are pleased to be exclusively distributing in the UK the new Thunderbirds pinball machine by Homepin. Set to arrive late 2018 we have secured exclusive rights to distribute this cool new pinball machine into our ever growing UK customer base. The first sample game will be… Read more »

Converting a USA Stern pinball to 230v 50hz

Stern Pinball

Converting a Stern Pinball machine from USA 110v 60hz to EU 230v 50hz. If you have a USA specification Stern pinball machine (SAM system pre Family Guy) then its quite easy to convert it to UK/EU specification. The first step would be to change the power cord to standard EU/UK colours, when fitting the cord… Read more »

Stern Pinball announce Guardians of the Galaxy machine!

Stern Pinball today announced their latest game – Guardians of the Galaxy pinball machine, which is available in Pro/Premium/Limited Edition versions. The Guardians of the Galaxy are a fictional intergalactic superhero team based on the successful American comic book series published by Marvel Comics. The game will immerse players in a dynamic, challenging, and galactic… Read more »

Retro pinball machine hire in Newcastle event

Pinball Machine Hire for Retro Event in Newcastle. When throwing a 1950’s American style party you really need some vintage pinball machines oh, and some larger than life popcorn displays! As part of our pinball machine hire we were asked if we could supply some vintage pinball machines for a 1950’s themed party, normally we only… Read more »

Stern Star Wars Pinball Machine soon to be released in the UK?

Stern Star Wars pinball machine for sale soon? If internet rumours are to be believed, then legendary designer Steve Richie (famous for such hit games at Terminator 2, Getaway, Stern Star Trek, ACDC, Game of Thrones etc) has been working on a Stern Star Wars pinball machine for at least 2 years since Game of Thrones… Read more »

Pinball board repair service part of our daily life!

Pinball machine circuit board repairs at Pinball Heaven. We love fixing stuff!  Every day we get sent pinball machine pcb’s for repair by customers eager to get their pinball machines up and running again.  Of course we offer an on site pinball machine repair service but some want to do it themselves and just post… Read more »