Beatles Pinball Machines Available for Christmas Delivery

Beatles Pinball Machine

Pinball Heaven now has two Gold and one Platinum Beatles Pinball Machines available for Christmas delivery.

Pinball Heaven installed the first Stern Pinball Beatles Pinball Machine to arrive in the UK into the Fab4 Cafe at The Beatles Story in Liverpool, giving it true star status, and with only 1,614 Gold Edition and 100 Platinum Edition Beatles Pinball Machines being produced, they are quickly becoming sought-after pieces of Beatles memorabilia.

The Beatles pinball machine immerses players in 1960’s Beatlemania and features nine timeless hit songs from that era: A Hard Day’s Night, Can’t Buy Me Love, Ticket to Ride, All My Loving, Help, Drive My Car, It Won’t Be Long, I Should Have Known Better and Taxman.

The game also features iconic introductions by Ed Sullivan along with custom speech and callouts by Hall of Fame disk jockey, Cousin Brucie, who famously introduced The Beatles at New York’s Shea Stadium in 1965.

The Beatles Pinball Machine Video

Retro-Themed Playfield

The retro-themed playfield features four flippers, eleven drop targets, eight stand-up targets, multiple skill shots, two opto-spinners, a ball-catching magnet and a magnetic spinning record disc in the centre of the playfield. Players, friends and family will enjoy full screen animations as well as simulated reel scoring on the game’s high-definition video screen.


Reserve Your Beatles Pinball Machine

To reserve your Beatles Pinball Machine for Christmas delivery, call Pinball Heaven on 01772 816 677.

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