Avengers Pinball Machine Pro

Avengers Pinball Machine

Stern Pinball’s new Avengers pinball machine is available in Pro, Premium and Limited Editions and pinball fans are already placing orders for the latest Stern offering.

Stern’s Original Avengers Pro – 2012

As with Batman, Jurassic Park and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Stern Pinball have returned to a previous theme for their new game title’s inspiration.

Stern’s original Avengers Pro, released in 2012 featured a custom-moulded, fully decorated Hulk, a Raging Hulk animated target with magnet and ball Interaction, Tesseract spinner, back-lit laser-cut Avengers logo, multiple ramps, spinning targets, stand-up targets and multiball. Designed by George Gomez, the 2012 Avengers pinball machine was also available in Pro, Premium and Limited Editions, with The Pin home model being released the following year.

Avengers: Infinity Quest Pinball Machine – 2020

Stern’s most recent 2020 offering, Avengers: Infinity Quest pinball machine is an all-new design, based on the Marvel comic book series rather than any of the popular movies. It is a six-ball, three-flipper game with the third flipper half-way up on the left side of the playfield.

Pro Edition Playfield

On the Pro Edition playfield, the Avengers tower grabs the ball and builds virtual locks for Iron Man Multiball. The description also suggests it uses optos to sense the speed of the ball, acting like a vari-target. The Pro Edition also includes drop targets on the left side to light up a bonus feature matrix in front. The Doctor Strange spinning disc acts much like the Tesseract spinner on the original Avengers game, only this one has a single post and no model mounted over the disc.

In addition to distinct hand-drawn artwork, the new Pro Edition also features an Avengers Computer Bingo grid 3-target drop bank, a Thor captive ball, Hulk spinning target and custom intricate wireform ramps.

Avengers: Infinity Quest Pinball – Pro Model Game Features

Reserve Your New Avengers Infinity Quest Pro

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