Alien Pinball Hire at Retroids, Worcester

Alien Pinball Hire at Retroids, Worcester

Pinball Brothers Distributor Pinball Heaven has just installed an Alien pinball hire machine at Retroids Arcade Bar in Worcester.

High Octane Survival Horror

“When the computer on the commercial space tug Nostromo detects a transmission in the middle of its flight home, it wakes its crew to investigate the source of the signal. On the moon LV-426 they discover the wreck of an old spaceship.

Step inside this high octane, survival horror and genre defining action thriller, bringing to life two of the iconic Alien films, both Alien and Aliens in this world under glass.

Packed full of toys, mechs and features, whilst delivering ground up improvements. Alien from Pinball Brothers brings the beast back.”

This is the first and only Alien Pinball Machine from Pinball Brothers on site in the UK and you can see it exclusively at Retroids, 2 New Street, Worcester WR1 2DN

Retroids Open 7 Days a Week

Nostalgic Bar Arcade

Retroids is a nostalgic bar arcade straight out of the 80s in Worcester city centre, serving great beer and classic video arcade games, with regular tournaments and it’s open 7 days a week.

Find out more about Retroids online: Retroids Website | Retroids Facebook | Retroids Instagram

Alien Pinball Machine Gameplay

Pinball Hire For Your Venue

Many venues work well with pinball hire. We have seen success in single sites, a pinball machine and nothing else in a shop or pub, to a few pinball machines in a small retro gaming arcade or multiple pinball machines in a cafe. A broad range of venues can benefit from pinball hire.

The Pinball Hire Specialists: Pinball Heaven

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