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Pinball Heaven At PLAY Expo in Manchester!

October has been a busy month for Pinball Heaven, kicking off with our display at the north’s biggest video gaming event: PLAY Expo at Manchester’s EventCity. The award-nominated show, which is now in its fifth year running, played host to hundreds of major exhibitors showcasing everything from virtual reality and next-gen gaming to indie developers and arcade games. EventCity was transformed not only into a fantastic meeting place for gamers, but also into a serious battleground complete with competitions, tournaments and even the chance to beat the developers at their own games!


Although the event was a celebration of all things gaming and pop culture, the beating heart of PLAY Expo Manchester was undoubtedly the retro zone which featured a record-breaking display, including 13 of Pinball Heaven’s own machines. Visitors to PLAY Expo were given the chance not only to play, but also to connect with other collectors and fellow fanatics, buy new machines and mostly enjoy a great experience alongside other members of the UK pinball community.
It is this community who helped to ensure that there was a range of over 100 pinball machines on display at the show. Spanning over 55 years from 1958 (Gottlieb’s Roto Pool) right up to 2016 (Stern’s Ghostbusters) both game supplied by Pinball Heaven, the wildly varying collection of old and new machines alike was enough to excite almost every pinball fan and allowed many attendees to relive their all-time favourite pinball moments once again. 
With over 300 playable consoles, computers and pinball machines, the show really did come alive with the retro gaming spirit and our corner of the Northern Lights Pinball Show had queues all weekend! Thanks to almost 20,000 visitors, Northern Lights is now the largest pinball show in the UK and we loved being a part of it, showcasing some of our classic pinball machines and brand new games.
Throughout both days, we saw a wide range of players from pinball collectors and seasoned pros to new and curious members of the general public who played pinball for the very first time at the show. All proceeds generated were donated directly to the Teenage Cancer Trust, who Northern Lights have been supporting since the show started back in 2011. Over the last five years, the show has managed to raise £15,000 in donations for the highly worthwhile charity and this year we were proud to help that total rise.
Pinball aside, the retro zone at PLAY Expo was home to a gaming library of over 100 arcade machines for the weekend, as well as over 250 games from the last 25 years, including family favourites like Donkey Kong, Pacman and Super Mario Bros, as well as vintages classics such as Mortal Kombat, Asteroids and Space Invaders. Throw over 100 classic PC games into that mix and you’re looking at the biggest collection of retro games at any gaming show in Europe. There really was something for everyone, evidenced by the colourful variety of visitors. We saw members of Team Nintendo, Sega, Sony, EA and even Xbox!
As if all of that weren’t enough, the event also played host to Tomb Raider’s 20th Anniversary celebration and a Sonic Super Sunday special in honour of Sonic the Hedgehog’s 25th birthday. Alongside seminars, interviews, live music and the official Northern UK qualifier of the Red Bull 5G eSports Tournament, a walk around the huge exhibition centre also showed us tabletop gaming, a dedicated Minecraft area, drawing masterclasses and even a cosplay masquerade!

Dialed In Pinball Machine from Jersey Jack Pinball!

NEW Dialed In Pinball Machine from Jersey Jack Pinball!
There’s been talk of a collaboration between Jersey Jack Pinball and legendary pinball designer, Pat Lawlor, for a while now but the details have been kept top secret. Other than the fact that it would be based on an original concept, everything else has remained a mystery—until now. At the 32nd Annual Pinball Expo 2016 in Chicago, the brand new pinball machine, Dialed In, was finally revealed and it really does look like it was worth the wait.
For anyone unfamiliar with Pat Lawlor, he is responsible for designing some of the best-selling pinball machines of all time: Addams Family, Twilight Zone, FunHouse and EarthShaker to name a few. Dialed In is his first offering in almost ten years and is something of a departure from the pinball industry’s recent trend of licensing popular themes; Jersey Jack himself stuck with a movie theme for his first two Wizard of Oz and The Hobbit pinball machines. The use of an original theme may be relatively risky but it is a refreshing revisit to some of the more memorable pinball machines from the ‘80s and ‘90s, though this time with a unique modern twist…
Dialed In is the first pinball machine ever to feature Bluetooth connectivity, a camera and the ability to unlock additional player capabilities through a smartphone. Is this the next generation of pinball? The fans seems to think so. Lawlor’s modern masterpiece, expertly crafted by Jersey Jack Pinball, has already received an influx of orders and managed to crash the JJP website within 24 hours of being announced! Intrigued?
According to some of the lucky first players, the game is a sort of SimCity Disaster idea, jam-packed with toys and unique characters created by Mr. Lawlor himself. Further adding to the experience, the gameplay is ‘broadcast’ by an action news channel on the backbox and features a spacial multiball mode which players can activate simply by placing their smartphone down on the glass. For spectators, it’s almost like watching someone play a video game, with the added opportunity of jumping in a selfie when the camera goes off! The first reviews are in and they are raving: Dialed In really is a game changer.
The machine comes in three versions: Standard, Limited and Collector’s Edition, each including the groundbreaking new Bluetooth and smartphone connectivity and camera that everyone’s talking about. Housed in Quantum body armour and decorated with original artwork by illustrator John Youssi, the game also features 5 magnets, 3 flying drones, a 3D interactive projected image, an animated robot and a hidden trap door, all of which can be fully taken advantage of thanks to a variety of different gameplay options. Like other Jersey Jack Pinball machines, Dialed In has a 27″ HD monitor, a headphone jack, a 2.1 stereo surround system and RGD LEDs throughout the playfield. 
With only 2500 Limited Edition machines available, you can bet they’re going to sell out fast; lighted ramps, a signed game certificate and glare-reducing InvisiGlass are just a few of the additional features on top of the Standard. And for those of you wanting to go all the way, the Collector’s Edition also comes complete with mirrored back panels, a signed comic book and a special collector’s plaque signed by none other than Pat Lawlor, Jack Guarnieri and John Youssi themselves. You can see the full list of differences between the Dialed In Collector’s, Limited and Standard editions here.
Feeling tempted yet? If you’re ready to buy, you’re absolutely in the right place. As the only company to offer Jersey Jack pinball machines for sale in the UK, Dialed In Pinball Machine from Jersey Jack Pinball!, Pinball Heaven will be the exclusive distributor of Dialed In across the country. Yep, you won’t find this revolutionary new pinball machine for sale anywhere else in the UK. To celebrate, we are giving customers the chance to preorder Dialed In today for just £250 deposit for the Standard and Limited Editions or £1000 deposit for the Collector’s Edition. We will be shipping machines as soon as they are available in summer 2017. Preorder yours here.
If you just can’t wait until summer to play, you can check out our full range of pinball machines for sale here, and if you don’t already, follow us on Twitter to keep up-to-date with all of the latest pinball news.